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Switzer Family Cemetery

The Switzer Family Cemetery is located near the old Switzer Mill Site near Salisbury, Missouri in Chariton County, Missouri.

Name Birth Death Age Notes
Switzer, David

Switzer, Hiram

Switzer, S.C. year 1829 Sept 21, 1839
Switzer, Sarah
wife of L. Switzer
Switzer, Christine Jan 6, 1748 Mar 21, 1831
wife of D. Switzer
Bradford, Frederick A. 1769 1824

Yates, Mary E. Mar 13, 1805 June 19, 1855
wife of Samuel W. Yates
Yates, Samuel W. 1800 1854

Yates, Samuel W. June 13, 1800 Apr 5, 1854

Yates, Mary E. 1805 1855

Cupp, Sary P. Mar 22, 1849 Dec 13, 1860

Cupp, George W. July 12, 1802 Mar 23, 1842

transcribed by Liz Spragg

source: Cemetery Records of Missouri, Volume 1, p. 48

compiled by the Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter of Missouri

(1965) Mrs. Maurice Clyde, Marshall, Missouri State Genealogical Society



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