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1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Mamre Wilson)

Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Heinmann, Samuel Brunswick wound right thigh $6.00  
Leach, Sarah A. Brunswick widow $8.00  
Mass, Christian Brunswick wd.r. arm, l. shr., and side $4.00  
Curts, Artemus S. Brunswick epilepsy $8.00 June, 1880
Brickell, Mary Brunswick dep. mother  $6.00 Aug., 1880
Benton, Lucy S. Brunswick widow $8.00 May, 1865
Schrades, William H. Brunswick g.s.wds. head, lft. shoulder neck & l. arm, & inj. to ab. $12.00  
Blue, Oscar Brunswick g.s.w. left arm  $2.00 Jan., 1880
Squires, Mary J. Brunswick widow $8.00  
Warden, Emma Brunswick widow $8.00 Sept., 1874
Morgan, Charlotte Brunswick dep. mother  $8.00 Oct., 1880
Kuechler, George Brunswick injury to left hip  $4.00 Dec., 1881
Lester, James M. Brunswick dis. of eyes  $18.00 June, 1872
Long, Robert Brunswick wd. shoulder  $4.00 July, 1866
Lawrence, Russell Brunswick g.s.w. rt. leg  $2.00 June, 1882
White, Thomas II Brunswick bronchitis $2.00 May, 1862
Holland, Martha A. Brunswick widow $8.00 July, 1879
Hermann, Rebecca C. Brunswick widow $8.00 Aug., 1864
Rankin, Aaron Brunswick g.s.w. rt. side & shoulder  $4.00 June, 1880
Gibson, Andrew L. Brunswick g.s.w. left forearm  $2.00 June, 1881
Hanna, Jasper N. Brunswick injury to abdomen  $8.00 Oct., 1880
Hunten, Joseph Brunswick g.s.w. of right thigh  $2.00 Dec., 1882
Fugney, Henry Bynumville injury to abdomen $4.00  
Anderson, Benjamin Bynumville g.s.w.r. knee  $6.00 Jan., 1874
Wilson, Mary J. Bynumville widow $8.00  
Pattison, Welcome L. Bynumville injury to abdomen $6.00 June, 1882
Stutsman, Sarah Cunningham   $8.00  
Bowen, George W. Cunningham wd. skull  $8.00  
Brown, Mary A. Cunningham dep. mother  $8.00 Feb., 1866
Merrill, Albert A. Cunningham g.s.w. left forearm  $4.00 Dec., 1882
Jones, George W. Cunningham dis. of liver & resultg. diar  $6.00 May, 1882
Kaye, Joseph Cunningham g.s.w. left thigh  $2.00 Dec.,. 1879
Robison, James Dalton wd. l. hand  $12.00  
Brizendine, Leroy Dalton g.s.w. rt. leg  $2.00 Aug., 1876
Hane, Pamelia Dalton widow $8.00 May, 1872
Craig, Elvy Dalton widow $8.00 Feb., 1871
Miles, Joseph Dalton injury to abdomen $12.00  
Ashby, Idress E. Forest Green   $8.00 Sept. 1860
Bush, James D. Hamden g.s.w. left knee  $2.00 July, 1881
Smalley, Amos P. Hamden deafness  $1.00 Aug., 1878
Jones, Henry D. Hamden loss right thumb  $4.00 Oct., 1880
Purcell, Benjamin F. Indian Grove anchylosis rt. ankle joint  $4.00 June, 1875
Fox, Samuel Keytesville wound face & nose  $10.00  
Jefferson, James T. Keytesville disease of head & lungs  $12.00  
Hunter, Caroline Keytesville widow $8.00 Sept., 1860
Job, James M. Keytesville ch. diarr  $8.00  
Carothers, Benjamin F. Keytesville g.s.wd. left wrist  $4.00  
Newcomer, Daniel Mendon wd. body  $8.00  
Colvin, Joshua Mendon wd. left arm  $4.00  
Whittlesey, John W. Mendon minor of $10.00 Apr., 1876
Gibbs, Jonathan C. Mendon injury to abdomen $4.00  
Switzer, William Mendon g.s.w. rt. thigh  $4.00  
McClelland, John Mendon wd. r. hand  $12.00  
Pinnell, John H. Mendon dis. of heart  $8.00  
Missick, Charity Mendon   $8.00 Aug., 1880
Mayhugh, John T. Mendon wd. right arm  $4.00 June, 1865
Cowser, Joseph Muscle Fork rheum $18.00  
Wmith, William Muscle Fork g.s.w. through rt. breast  $8.00  
Davis, James W. Muscle Fork g.s.w. left thigh  $4.00 June, 1883
Fanning, Thomas J. Prairie Hill dislocation r.  hip     
Woody, Alpheus Rothville loss r. arm  $24.00  
McWilliams, Joseph Rothville dis. of heart and kidneys  $18.00  
Seely, William R. Rothville chr. diarrhea  $5.00 Aug., 1876
Hinkle, William Rothville g.s.w. left shoulder  $8.00  
Grider, Albert Salisbury disease of eyes  $8.00 Dec., 1882
Bradley, William H. Salisbury g.s.w. left breast   $8.00  
Ellis, Eliza Salisbury widow $8.00 Dec., 1867
Lyons, George Salisbury chr. diarrhea  $4.00 Jan., 1878
Waller, Elizabeth Salisbury   $8.00 Mar., 1879
Medley, Malinda Salisbury   $8.00 June, 1879
Winn, Rebecca J. Salisbury   $8.00 May, 1880
Eiring, Henry Salisbury disease of eyes  $8.00 Nov., 1878
Dobson, James L. Salisbury disease of lungs  $20.00 June, 1872
Buffington, Benjamin Salisbury g.s.w. left hand  $18.00  
Stockwell, William S. Salisbury loss rt. foot   $18.00  
Wheeler, George Salisbury loss left arm  $24.00  
Towns, Edward Salisbury g.s.w. r. thigh  $4.00 Oct., 1880
Gray, Rebecca Triplett widow $8.00 Aug., 1872
Jackson, Carroll Triplett g.s.wds. both arms  $10.00  
Fleetwood, Elizabeth Triplett widow $8.00 May, 1878
Fanner, Sophonia Triplett widow $8.00 Aug., 1872
Harrison, Muckey Triplett loss left eye, &c  $18.00  
Reed, Albert Triplett g.s.wd. r. arm & r. thigh $8.00  
Glines, Benjamin R. Triplett g.s.wd l. arm  $4.00  
Hott, James Westville chr. diarrhea  $8.00  
McClure, Levisa Westville dep. mother  $8.00 Jan., 1869
Noah, Margaret Westville dep. mother  $8.00 May, 1871
Standley, Jasper D. Westville g.s.w. rt. side of head  $8.00  





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