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William RAMSEY Branches
Submitted by Bill Ramsey source #3

1. William RAMSEY (b. early 1804-GA.;d.10 Sep 1842-Macon Co. Mo.)
    sp: Elizabeth SUMMERS (b.8 Mar 1807-Wayne Co. Ky.;m.22 May 1825;d.6 Jan 1877-Chariton Co. Mo.)
2. Elizabeth RAMSEY (b.1826-Wayne Co. Ky.;d.1839-Macon Co. Mo.)
2. John P. RAMSEY (b.Feb 1827-Wayne Co. Ky.;d.1905-Lagonda Chariton Co. Mo.)
    sp: Rebecca (Elizabeth) SPARROW (b.Jul 1826-**Kentucky;m.Abt 1847;d.Bef 1860-Macon Co. Mo.)
3. Cassandra RAMSEY (b.7 Apr 1849-Mo.) sp: James C. WHITE (b.13 Aug 1844-Macon Co.,Mo.;m.Unknown)
4. William P. WHITE (b.30 Jul 1867)
4. John WHITE (b.25 Jul 1869)
4. Louisa Josephine WHITE (b.29 Nov 1875)
3. William Henry RAMSEY (b.10 May 1851-Chariton,Co. Mo.;d.8 Feb 1934-Madras,Jefferson Co. Oregon)
    sp: Ann Eliza BILLITER (b.1854-McDonungh Co. ILL.;m.29 Dec 1872;d.Between 1884 and 1887-Chariton Co.,MO.)
4. Lillian RAMSEY (b.1875-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri)
4. Mildred RAMSEY (b.1878-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri)
4. Claude RAMSEY (b.Abt 1880-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri)
4. Anna Keturah RAMSEY (b.24 Feb 1884-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri)
    sp: Clara Henrietta YOCUM (b.13 May 1859-Chariton,Co. Mo.;m.Dec 1887;d.9 Sep 1948-Portland,OR.)
4. Beryl A. RAMSEY (b.24 Dec 1890-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri;d.Died)
4. Earl H. RAMSEY (d.Died)
4. Leslie Dane RAMSEY (b.9 Jun 1892-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri;d.13 Mar 1974-Crook,Oregon,USA)
    sp: Lela Sybil GARD (b.2 Jun 1895-OREGON CITY,CLACKAMAS,Oregon;d.7 Apr 1981-Madras,Jefferson,Oregon)
5. Leslie Dane JR. RAMSEY (b.29 Nov 1926-The Dalles,Wasco,Oregon;d.16 Sep 2004-Madras,Jefferson,Oregon)
4. Bernard Henry RAMSEY (b.24 Feb 1895-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri;d.16 Oct 1973-Beacon Hill,K,W,King, Washington)
    sp: Agnes L. UNKNOWN (b.1902)
5. Patricia L RAMSEY (b.1929)
4. Bernice Henrietta RAMSEY (d.Died)
4. Verl Malinda RAMSEY (b.14 Jan 1898-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri;d.Died)
4. Ethyl Rebecca RAMSEY (b.17 Jul 1900-Bynumville,Chariton,Missouri;d.Died)
4. Leda Farrell RAMSEY (b.10 Aug 1902-Madras,Oregon;d.Died)
4. Augustus Socrates RAMSEY (b.21 Jun 1905-Madras,Oregon;d.9 Jul 1973-Madras,Jefferson,Oregon)
    sp: Wilma E. UNKNOWN (b.1907-Oregon)
4. Beatrice Margaret RAMSEY (b.11 May 1907-Madras,Oregon;d.Died)
3. Sarah M. RAMSEY (b.1852-Mo.)
3. James Granville RAMSEY (b.31 Jan 1854-Chariton,Co. Mo.;d.10 Oct 1929-Marceline,Linn Co. Mo.)
    sp: Margaret Manda WHITE (b.20 Dec 1856-Chariton Co.,Mo.;m.14 Jan 1877;d.1 Oct 1938-Marceline,LC,Missouri)
4. Forest G RAMSEY (b.1 Sep 1887-Bucklin,Linn,Missouri)
4. William J. RAMSEY (b.1891-Bucklin,Linn,Missouri)
3. Rebecca S. RAMSEY (b.1855-Mo.)
3. Levi Perkins RAMSEY (b.1857-Chariton County,Missouri,USA;d.22 Mar 1932-Jefferson County,Oregon,USA)
3. Elizabeth F. RAMSEY (b.1859-Chariton Co.,Mo.)
    sp: Elizabeth HOLEMAN - SHELTON (b.Jul 1827-Kentucky;m.Bef. 1860;d.unknown)
3. Martha Susan RAMSEY (b.29 Nov 1861-Mo.;d.3 Feb 1935)
    sp: Sammuel Lowry WHITE

Descendants of William RAMSEY (cont.)
    sp: UNKNOWN
3. Thomas RAMSEY (b.Abt 1864-Mo.)
3. Amelia RAMSEY (b.Abt 1868-Mo.)
2. Julia Ann RAMSEY (b.1830-Randolph Co.,Mo.;d.Died)
    sp: Charles WHITAKER (b.Abt. 1822-KY.;m.Abt 1866;d.8 Feb 1868-Macon Co. Mo.)
3. Eliza Jane WHITAKER (b.1867-Macon Co.,Mo.;d.Died)


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