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Weidey - Klaus Families

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October 20, 1852 - June 5, 1887
Wilhelmine Catherine Louise Wiedey was born in Germany on October 20, 1852. Her parents were Frederick William Wiedey (born approx. 1812) and Mary Catherine Anna (nee Ruwe) Wiedey from Germany (Prussia). Wilhelmine had two brothers, Henry William Wiedey (born December 13, 1842) and Frederick William, Wiedey, Jr. (born December 1, 1845) and one sister, Catherine Charlotte Elizabeth Wiedey. In October, 1859 when her brother, Henry William was 16, he left Germany to avoid the compulsory military service departing from Bremerhaven, Germany on the ship, Carl. Henry William arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on November 10, 1859 and proceeded to St. Charles, Mo. The next year in October, 1860 his father and mother, brother, and two sisters (Frederick William (48) and Mary Catherine Anna (48) Wiedey, Frederick William (14), Catherine Charlotte Elizabeth (7) and Wilhelmine Catherine Louise (6) departed from Bremen, Germany on the ship, Ottilie. They arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Nov. 23, 1860 and proceeded to join Henry William in St. Charles, Missouri.
Henry William Wiedey (Wilhelmine’s oldest brother, December 13, 1842-July 11, 1929) settled in St. Charles , Missouri . He married Fredericka Sophia Ossenbrink (August 4, 1851-May 30, 1925) and they had five children: Frederick (July 3, 1869-Jan. 28, 1937); William, Jr. (July 19, 1871-March 23, 1950); John (March 31, 1875-Feb. 16, 1939); Mary (1881); and Lena (1883).
Frederick William Wiedey (Wilhelmine’s second brother, December 1, 1845 – 1909) lived with his parents for nine years after coming to America in 1860. Then in 1869 Frederick William married Johanna Ossenbrink. In 1872, they came to Chariton County and bought 170 acre farm becoming successful farmers. He and Johanna had six children: Frederick, Jr., Annie, Mary, Katie, John Louis, and Pauline Wilhelmine.

Wilhelmine married Frank Henry Klaus on August 17, 1871 and lived in St. Louis. Their first son, William August Klaus was born on December 6, 1871. In 1875, they moved to Chariton County where her brother Frederick and his family lived. In 1876, they moved back to St. Louis and stayed there for five years. They had three more children only two who lived: Louise Wilhelmina, and Henry Frank, Jr. Wilhelmine’s brother Frederick wrote them about a farm for sale in Chariton County. They moved back to Chariton County in 1882 and bought a farm across the road from her brother, Frederick. Wilhelmine and Frank Henry Klaus had three more children: Louise Johanna Charlotte (1882), Katy A. (1884-1885) and a son in 1886 who died in infancy. Wilhelmina died on June 3, 1887 at the age of 35 and is buried in the Salisbury City Cemetery.


December 3, 1844 – March 10, 1928
Frank Henry Klaus, Sr. was born in Bockhorst, Germany, December 3, 1844 and was christened and confirmed in the Lutheran church in Germany. He was from the state of Lower Saxony or Nordrhein-Westfalen located on the Dutch border. He left Germany September 1, 1865 to seek a location in the United States and on November 9, 1865 he arrived in St. Louis, where he resided the next ten years. He rented land where Lambert Airfield is now. On August 17, 1871 he was united in marriage to Miss Wilhelmina Katie Louise Wiedey. Their first son, William August Klaus was born in St. Louis on December 6, 1871. One other child was born, but died in infancy sometime between 1871 and 1878. In 1875, the family moved to Chariton County and lived where the Coleman School was. A storm blew the roof off their house and in 1876 they moved back to St. Louis where they stayed for five years. On November 3, 1878 twins were born to the family. One twin died at birth, the other was a daughter, Louise Wilhelmina Klaus. On March 5, 1881, another son, Henry Frank, Jr. was born. In 1882, the family moved back to Chariton County, bought a farm and stayed the rest of their lives in Chariton County. In 1882 another daughter, Louise Johanna Charlotte Klaus was born. In 1884, a daughter, Katy A. was born but she died in 1885. In 1886, another son was born but he died in infancy also. Frank Henry’s wife, Wilhelmina died June 3, 1887 at the age of 35. She is buried in the Salisbury City Cemetery.
Frank Henry remained a widower for eighteen years. However, on October 17, 1905 he married Mrs. Catherine (nee Bammann) Rothenhauser from St. Louis. She became ill, went to St. Louis for surgery and died December 2, 1911. Her remains were brought back to Salisbury and she is buried in the Salisbury City Cemetery. They had no children.
In 1913, Frank Henry Klaus married Mrs. Fannie (nee Uhle) Danneman Bertsch . They had no children. She lived until 1939 and is buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Salisbury.
Frank Henry Klaus was a well known citizen of the Chariton County community. He was a kind and loving father, a good neighbor and friend, and one of the hardy pioneers who settled in Chariton County. On March 12, 1928, he hung himself at the age of 84 in the barn behind his house in the city of Salisbury on Alice Street. During the last few years, his health which had always been rugged declined very rapidly. His mental state was very feeble.


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