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World War II Honor List

Source: National Archives, Submitted by Tammy Clark

Meaning of the Abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
ANDERSON Loyal I 17045733 PVT KIA
BROWN Joseph H 37502485 PVT KIA
BURKEY James R 37646513 PVT KIA
CLARK John O 37130169 T SG KIA
CLINTON Ivan A 37372401 S SG FOD
CULEY William H 37205365 PVT KIA
GARRETT Willard G 17023751 T SG FOD
GRAY Paul W 37753403 PFC KIA
HADFIELD George G 17154453 T SG FOD
JAMES Jean R 37636224 PFC DNB
JOHNS Charlie M 37502498 S SG FOD
JOHNS Ray B 37491414 S SG DOW
LEE Rex E 17034931 SGT DNB
LOUCKS Clell C 37502492 PVT DOW
MAINE Harold L 37749758 PFC KIA
MAPLES Donald J 37144878 PFC KIA
MARTIN Lloyd E 37529235 S SG KIA
RAY William L 37537369 S SG KIA
ROUSSELL George L 37743609 PFC KIA
ROY Lyle J 37733235 PVT DOW
SCOTT William A 940728 S SG DNB
SHIPMAN Emmett 37243084 TEC 5 KIA
SIMS Eugene L 37759932 PVT DNB

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