REV. A. B. JONES, our subject, has spent his life in doing good to his fellow-men, and after years of devoted service in the cause of humanity, none would deny to him the rest he is now taking. Now a retired minister residing at Liberty, he was born January 5, 1832, in Montgomery County Mo., near the village of Middletown. His father, Sandy E. Jones, was born in Kentucky, December 7, 1804, and became a minister of the Christian Church, his death occurring May 29, 1878, aged about seventy-four years. He was a faithful preacher for upwards of fifty years. His father, John Jones, was a minister, and the latter’s father was also a preacher in the Baptist Church. John Jones was a native of Virginia, and is descended from Welsh ancestors. The mother of our subject, Sophia (Crutcher) Jones, was born in Lincoln County, Ky., the daughter of Samuel Crutcher. Shortly before the birth of our subject, his parents removed to Montgomery County, Mo., where his mother died when he was three years old. His father removed to Tennessee, locating at Nashville, where he married Mrs. Catharine Briggs, of Alabama, a native of Tennessee.
            Rev. A. B. Jones his class. He then taught in a county academy, in Sumner County, Tenn., one year after which he became an instructor in an academy in Lincoln County, Ky., where he remained for two years. He was ordained as a minister in 1855, after which he served as an evangelist for six months, and then accepted a call to the Main Street Church, at Lexington, Ky. After serving as pastor of that church for one year, he resigned and visited several points in Missouri, following which he accepted a call to the church at Fulton, Callaway County, Mo., remaining there for two years. While at Fulton in 1857, he married Miss Sarah B. Stewart, a sister of A. P. Stewart, who, subsequent to this date, won decided fame and the stars of a general in the Confederate army.
            In the year 1858, Rev. Mr. Jones received a call to the church at Liberty, where he filled the pulpit for about two years. About six months after coming to this city, his wife died, leaving an infant, Mattie Belle, who is now the wife of William M. Burris, a prominent attorney of Liberty. In 1860, Mr. Jones was united in marriage with Miss Catharine M., daughter of Hon. Thomas C. Gordon, a prominent citizen of Clay County. She was born, reared, and educated in Clay County. Mr. Jones removed to Platte City in 1860, where he took charge of a female seminary and also became pastor of the church, continuing in the dual capacity for four years. Thence he accepted a call to the Presidency of a female college at Richmond, Ky., where he remained in that position, and also as pastor of the Christian Church, for three years.
            The resignation of the last charge was caused by the feeble health of Mrs. Jones, which induced our subject to return to Liberty. After preaching here for four years, he was persuaded by the citizens of Richmond to again become president of their college and minister of the church, which responsible positions he filled with the greatest efficiency and success for three years. For the five ensuing years, he had charge of Clay Seminary, a female school at Liberty, at the end of which time the school building burned and the college closed. He then served as pastor of the Christian Church for six years, when he resigned on account of failing health and retired from active ministerial work, although he still preaches occasionally. For a long time he was connected closely with the missionary operations of the Christian Church in Missouri, and was the Corresponding Secretary of the Missouri Christian Convention for a number of years. By the members of that Church throughout the United States, he is well known, and he possesses great influence, it being universally conceded that he is one of the ablest expounders of their plea, both in the pulpit and through the press.
            In 1887, Mr. Jones removed to Lathrop, Mo., and engaged in the banking business with his sons, remaining in that city until February, 1890, when he returned to Liberty. However, he is still President of the Lathrop Bank, of which his son Gordon is Cashier. Six children were born of the second marriage of Mr. Jones, two of whom are deceased: Doniphan, who died in early childhood; and Charles P., who was Cashier of the Lathrop Bank, and died June 18, 1892, in his thirtieth year. The others are Gordon, Cashier of the above-named bank; K. Allene and May D., who are still at home; and James W., book-keeper in the Lathrop Bank. The family residence is a handsome structure, situated near the Baptist Church.
(PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD of Clay, Ray, Carroll, Chariton and Linn Counties, Missouri 1893. Submitted by Lisa Smalley)