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Clay County, Missouri Cemetery Records, Vol. 1, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Publ. 1962. Transcribed by Kim Mohler

Stephenson Graveyard

Known as the Terry Stephenson, son of John Stephenson, located SE 1/4, Section 17, Township 53, Range 30

Last Name First Name Birth Death Notes
Cites Eliza D.     Infant daughter of B.F. and M.M. Cites
Malott Mary Mar. 4, 1872 Mar. 4, 1872 Daughter of J.H. and P.E. Malott
Malott Mahala Apr. 6, 1875 Apr. 6, 1877 Daughter of J.H. and P.E. Malott
Marley Joseph L. Aug. 14, 1885 Oct., 1904 Son of W.A. and Bettie Marley
Marley William Oct. 12, 1854 1908
Marley Grover C. Nov. 2, 1888 Feb. 21, 1909  
Marley Mattie Sept. 20, 1865 Nov. 6, 1900  
Stephenson John Jan. 19, 1781 Nov. 19, 1864
Stephenson Sina
Jan. 12, 1870 Wife of John Stephenson; age 86 yrs., 4 mos., 3 days
Shirts Margaret Oct. 7, 1826 Jul. 5, 1854 Wife of John Shirts

June 22, 1851 Infant daughter of John and Margaret Shirts

Have known this cemetery for more than 50 years. There were two old maid daughters of John and Sina Stephenson buried there. Twenty years have elapsed since I was there, now the marble slabs have fallen down, covered with soil and are not readable. Also one grave with a heavy stone "Pruett" the names and dates are not now able for anyone to read. Information and records by John N. Shouse Recorded August 6, 1945

Clay County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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