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Clay County, Missouri Cemetery Records, Vol. 1, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Publ. 1962. Transcribed by Kim Mohler

Wood Graveyard

Located 2 miles from Smithville, Clay County, Missouri

Last Name First Name Birth Death Notes
Wood Col. Lewis Jefferson, Sr. Jul. 12, 1812   Born Gordon Station, Mercer Co., Ky. He was one of five sons born to William Wood and Sarah Thomas Gordon Wood who came to Clay Co., Mo., in 1832.
Wood Gen. Jesse     Settled at Columbia, Mo
Wood Judge William Thomas     Prominent as an early day lawyer
Wood Judge Isaac     Came to Smithville, Mo., in company with Col. Lewis Jefferson Wood.
Wood Dr. Joseph Madison     Began his career as a doctor in Liberty, Mo

The Wood private burial ground is some distance up in the pasture, back of the house, that is, what is left of it. This cemetery has succumbed to the decay of time and man and nothing is left but the base of a large granite monument with the name Wood carved on it.

Clay County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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