Clay County, Missouri
Death Certificates

Name: Burris, Della
Missouri State Board of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics - Certificate of Death
Registration District No: 199, File No: 22304, Primary Registration District: 5279A,
Place of Death: Clay County, Kearney Township
Sex: Female
Race: White
Date of Birth: October 3, 1894
Age: 57 years 8 months 3 days
Place of Birth: Kentucky
Father Name: ________ Wilson      - Father Place of Birth: Kentucky
Mother Name: Sarah Wilson        -Mother Place of Birth: Kentucky
Informant: Charles Burris                    Address: Holt, Mo.
Date of Death: July 6, 1932
Cause of death: Carcinoma of Breast
Dr. and Address: H.L. Tadlock, Holt, Mo.
Burial location and date: Antioch, July 7, 1932
Undertaker and location: Leonard Fry, Kearney
Filed: July 6, 1932
Registrar: C.W. Hessel
(Transcribed from copy of original death certificate by Linda Irvin)