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R. T. KELLY; farmer and dealer and shipper of stock, section 7, was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, April 22, 1820. In 1832 his father came to Highland County, Ohio, where the family grew up and received their education. R T. learned the tanner's trade of his father, and worked at it until he came to Clinton County in 1856, when he bought his farm, now containing 566 acres. He early commenced feeding and dealing in stock, and has made it his principal business through life. He has a fine farm, well adapted to his avocation, and has one of the best residences in this part of the county. His long experience in buying stock and his extensive acquaintance and honorable dealing have given him the advantage over many others. Mr. K. has some 1,300 head of cattle, which were bought in Washington Territory and driven to Wyoming Territory, where they are being fattened. He married Miss Mellissa Pavey, of Ohio, December 18, 1843. The result of this union was eight children: Lettie (wife of James Y. Whitsitt), Charles T., Henry H., Thomas C, Fannie, Lizzie, Leroy and Emma. Thomas C. married Miss Eva Dillon, of Ohio. Mr. Kelly has taken great interest in giving his children the best advantages for an education. Fannie has received a thorough course in school, and is now one of the teachers of the Central College, at Lexington, Missouri.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

J. T. KIMSEY, M. D.; was born in Platte County, Missouri, in 1852, and received a good education, chiefly by self application. Resolving on the practice of medicine as his profession, he commenced its study at Walden, Missouri, and subsequently learned the drug business thoroughly. He attended lectures at the American Medical College, of St. Louis, in 1877-8, but practiced two years in Platte County before attending lectures. He then located in Holt, where, by his skill and strict attention to business, he has gained an enviable reputation. Several young men who have studied with him have since graduated with high honors, and are becoming successful in their practice. The doctor is a close student and is ever seeking to further qualify himself, by study and practice, to cope with all the diseases of the human family, and become more perfectly skilled in the departments of surgery.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

AUSTIN R. KING; farmer was born in Orange County, North Carolina, May 8th, 1800. In 1835, he came to Clinton County, Missouri, and settled in Jackson Township, on section 25, buying eighty acres of land. He located forty acres, and commenced raising hemp, and was successful in that business. After having received a very thorough education, he had four years experience in a large store in Huntsville, Alabama, where he became a leading salesman. He married Miss Susan McRorry, in Orange County, North Caroling, February 27, 1827. She was a schoolmate of his, and they grew up in the company of each other. Mrs. K. was a devoted Christian worker, the church, the poor and sick, being the first objects of her charities. Mr. King served as justice of the peace for many years, and has been an active Democrat through life. He is a noble gentleman, belonging, as did his wife, to the Christian Church. Uncle King, as he is familiarly called, is one of the earliest and oldest settlers of the county, and has made many friends, and always retained them. His beloved companion died June 9, 1875.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

Theophilus Kirk. The Kirk homestead on section 9 of Atchison Township in Clinton County, comprised of 440 acres, is one of the old and valuable estates in that section: Theophilus Kirk, its proprietor, has spent nearly fifty years in this part of Missouri, having come here when a boy, and has been a valuable citizen and efficient farmer and stockman, and has always lived close to the durable satisfactions of life. His beautiful country residence may be considered one of the model places in Clinton County. It is five miles west of Gower, and the residence contains nine rooms, with modern facilities, and set in the midst of a grove of trees and beautiful lawn and other environment that attracts the eye. There are several barns and other farm buildings, one for stock and grain 40 by 60 feet, another 44 by 60 feet, a hog barn 14 by 16 feet, and ample accommodations for all the crops, stock and implements. Mr. Kirk keeps about sixty head of fat cattle and about two hundred hogs. He also has a couple of tenant houses on his farm.
Theophilus Kirk was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, November 5, 1856. His father, William Kirk, a native of Ohio and a son of John Kirk, of Pennsylvania, and of Scotch-Irish ancestry, grew up in his native state and married Eliza Taylor, born in Ohio, a daughter of William Taylor. In April, 1865, the Kirk family left Ohio for their new home in Northwest Missouri. 'They traveled by steamboat down the Ohio, thence up the Mississippi and Missouri to St. Joseph, and at the latter place took wagons and teams and crossed to Atchison Township, where the father bought 400 acres of land. There were four children in the family, though the oldest, Sophia, died in 1861; the others were Theophilus; William T., a well-known stockman of Atchison Township; and Eva, wife of J. D. Thompson, of Concord Township. The family arrived in St. Joseph April 19, 1865, the day of Lincoln's assassination. William Kirk, the father, died at the age of sixty-four years on his farm near Plattsburg, honored and respected by all who had known him. His wife is now living at the old homestead eighty-seven years of age. The father was a republican, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and one of the principal supporters of his church in Clinton County.
Theophilus Kirk, a boy of nine when the family came to Missouri, has many recollections of that long journey by boat and wagon, and after arriving at the homestead in Atchison Township became proficient in all the arts and crafts of a new country. He continued his education in the public schools, but is a thoroughly practical man and has learned his best lessons by experience. At the age of twenty-four he married Miss Adella Shull, a daughter of William Shull, old and respected residents of Clinton County, now deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk have seven children: Eugenie; Evalina; Camilla; Halkaline; C. M., a young man of twenty-five, who was educated in Kansas City and in Columbia, Missouri, and is his father's capable assistant on the farm and in the cattle business; Robert, seven years of age; and Lyman, aged four. Mr. Kirk and wife have made their home a center of hospitality, have brought to it many of the graces and refinements associated with Ohio people, and the family is one of the most popular in Atchison Township.
[A History of Northwest Missouri, Volume 2; edited by Walter Williams; Publ. 1918; Donated and Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack]

WILLIAM KIRK; farmer and stock raiser, section 5. post office Plattsburg, is one of the largest real estate owners in Northwestern Missouri, and is known as one of the substantial stock men of Clinton County. His home farm embraces 963 acres, a short distance east of which are 200 acres, 50 acres of timber land and 135 acres in DeKalb County—in all, 1,348 acres, which will average with any in Northwestern Missouri. The greater portion of it is under a high state of cultivation. His residence, which is situated on a moderately inclined elevation, is a fine looking one, and is one of the most attractive and desirable homes in the state. A frame barn, which is visible for miles, is a two story and basement structure. 42x60 feet, and well arranged for stock feeding. The ice house, wood house, carpenter shop and other buildings are well arranged, indicating good judgment in their construction and the supervision of a skilled manager. Mr. Kirk is a native of Jefferson County, Ohio, and was born March 26, 1823. His father, John, was a native of Ireland, and came to America when a boy, settling in Pennsylvania and eventually located in Ohio. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. William was raised and educated in Jefferson County, his boyhood days being spent in tilling the soil. After attaining his majority he lived on a rented farm for fifteen years. In 1866 he came to Missouri, locating on his present farm, three-quarters of a mile from his present home site. In 1857 he commenced the building of his present residence. Mr. K. is the founder and builder of his own competency, which he has secured by untiring industry and husbanding his resources. In 1849 he was married to Miss Eliza A. Taylor, of Ohio, a lady whose graces of mind and heart have endeared her to all. By this union they have had five children, three of whom are living: Theophilus, William and Eva; Sophia and Mary, deceased. Himself and family are members of the Methodist Church.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)


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