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LOYD LEACH; farmer and stock raiser, section 4, post office Plattsburg, is a native of Kentucky, having been born in Scott County, January 30, 1818. His father, Burton Leach, was an old citizen of that state. Loyd was raised, educated and resided in Kentucky until 1847, when he came to Missouri, locating in Platte County. Then he removed to Clay County, and in the autumn of 1852 located where he now resides. He purchased 560 acres, there then being about thirty acres under cultivation, on which was situated a small log house, in a dilapidated condition. He soon commenced the erection of his commodious residence, and, being a carpenter by trade, did the greater portion of the work. It is now one of the most attractive and desirable residences in the country. His estate consists of about 600 acres, is divided by fences, and well adapted for stock raising, which business he makes a specialty, and in which he deals largely. Mr. L. has been a man of untiring industry, and his judgment is excellent, his success in life being due to his own exertions. In the home circle he is one of the most genial of men. His wife, formerly Miss Mary Haynes, a native of Kentucky, he married in 1848. She is a lady of refined tastes. They have six children: William W., Susan, Loyd, Jr., Dora A., Elizabeth and Viola. Mr. and Mrs. L. are members of the Southern Methodist Church.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

JOHN LEWIS; farmer and stock raiser, section 25, post office Plattsburg, stands prominent among our progressive and successful farmers. He is a native of Wales, and when seventeen years of age he, with his father, emigrated to America, settling in Ohio, where he remained six years. After this time he removed to Missouri, and settled in this county, where he now resides. He has 390 acres of good land, most of which is under cultivation, and upon it is one of the finest barns in the county, and a nice, comfortable residence. His improvements generally denote him a representative and successful farmer. He was married February 8, 1846, to Miss Mary A. Bumgarner. They have from this marriage twelve children: Sarah A., Mahala, William L., Benjamin F., Mary I., John M., Maggie E., Esther, Rebecca E., Thomas A., Robert J. and Jacob B. They are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. L. was justice of the peace for five years, and during that time faithfully discharged the duties of that office.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

JESSE LONGFIELD, M. D.; The subject of this sketch was born in Pennsylvania, in September, 1838, and came to Missouri, with his father, in 1846. Upon resolving on the practice of medicine as his profession, he commenced reading in Jaynesville, and, at the same time, taught school to pay his way. He graduated from Milton College in 1861, and, after becoming thorough student, he attended the Bennett Medical College, of Chicago, from which institution he was graduated in 1867. After practicing three years, in Illinois, he came to Turney, Clinton County, Missouri, in 1870, and here has built up an excellent practice. He is of the eclectic school, a good student, and keeps pace with the progress of the electrical world, and is a liberal subscriber to the leading journals. He is constantly making himself familiar with new and progressive ideas. He is the oldest physician of the town, and has gained the confidence of a large circle of acquaintances. Dr. L. married Miss Mary Eliza Alloway, of Clinton County, May 18, 1871. They have had three children: Jim Forscutt, John Fred and Alice Lenor. The doctor is a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and a gentleman whom one meets only to wish for a more extended acquaintance.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

NIMROD LORD; farmer, section 24, was born in South Carolina, September 15, 1814, and came to this county in 1866. He married Miss Nancy McCuller, in South Carolina, October 13, 1835. Ten children, the result of this marriage, are now living: Celia, Anne Elizabeth, John T., Benjamin B., Mary Eliza, William J., Nimrod S., Samuel A., Nancy J. and Mattie. Mr. Lord located on his farm when it was almost a prairie. He has worked hard to make the good improvements which it now contains, and now has a beautiful home, his estate embracing 160 acres adjoining the city corporation. Upon it is a fine old orchard of 200 trees, and two living springs Mrs. Lord, his loving Christian companion, died February 16, 1880. Mr. L., now at an advanced age in life, is an active and industrious man, and has long been a faithful and efficient overseer of highways. He is a leading and consistent member of the M. E. Church, and takes an active interest in its meetings, contributing liberally to its support.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

JUDGE W. H. LOTT; section 22, post office Edgerton. The subject of this brief narrative is an old pioneer of this county, and a man who has been closely identified with its interests from an early day. He is a native of Kentucky, having been born August 1, 1816, and was raised and educated in Clark County. He has, from his boyhood, principally followed the occupation of farming. Emigrating to Missouri, in 1839, he settled in Caldwell County, where he remained eighteen months, after which time he removed to Clay County. There he resided four years, and, in 1847, settled where he now resides, owning 500 acres of land. He is one of our most successful farmers; has been school director for his district since 1859, with the exception of three years. He was justice of the peace in his district for a term of three years. Judge Lott has been three times married; first, August 22, 1839, to Miss Sarah Duncan. They had from this union one child, James, now deceased. Mrs. L.’s death occurred in 1842. In 1844, Miss Letitia Duncan became his wife. She died in 1845. Eighteen months afterward, or January 26, 1847, Mr. L. was married to Miss Louisa J. Wilkinson. The result of this marriage was eleven children: Benjamin F., Mary E., Matilda A., Loumira A., Luella (now deceased), John R., Clara K., William, Thomas K., James E. and Nannie D. Mr. Lott is now holding the office of Presiding Judge of Clinton County, having been elected to that responsible position in 1878, the duties of which he has continued to discharge faithfully and to the credit of all concerned.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)

WILLIAM McK. LOWE; was born in York County, Pennsylvania, November 15, 1833. He was reared a farmer, and received his education at the Allegheny College, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. At the age of twenty-two he came west, and spent two years in teaching and traveling. His first school was at Breckenridge, Caldwell County, Missouri. He bought the first lot in that town after it was surveyed, and in 1861, entered the Twelfth Pennsylvania Reserves, under Colonel Taggart. They were assigned to the Army of the Potomac, and participated in many of its battles. Mr. L. received a commission, which he honored, always discharging his duties promptly and to the great satisfaction of his superior officers. At the close of the war he returned home, bought a farm and worked it until 1869, when, having business in California, he went there and remained for six months. He then returned to Pennsylvania, sold his farm, and came to Lathrop, January 1, 1870, here purchasing a drug store, which he continued to conduct until February, 1871. He then received an offer of a position in the railway postal service, which he accepted, and by his faithfulness, honesty and strict attention to its requirements and duties, has performed since. He has had many escapes, having been wrecked, turned over, and smashed up, but has always come out unharmed. Mr. L. is the owner of a fine farm of 200 acres, one mile from town. He also has some excellent city property, a good residence, and business houses. His resources were limited when he came here, but having been judicious in his transactions and economical, has now laid the foundation of a competency. He married Miss Hattie E. Lowe, of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1858. They have five children: Clyde B. and Guy B., (who are mining in Colorado, and doing well), Roy E., Blanche E. and Fred. Mc.
(Source:  The History of Clinton County Missouri; published 1881; O.P. Williams & Co.; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack)


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