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Bible pages for Patrick Henry McKee & Anna Lela (Shannon) McKee
Contributed by Patricia Irvin SRC#092

Patrick Henry McKee March 15, 1889
Lela Shannon McKee June 5, 1892
Ruth Augusta McKee March 13, 1910
Maude Alma McKee August 18, 1911
Ralph Patrick McKee July 5, 1913
Paul Shannon McKee May 20, 1916
Marjorie Mae McKee Oct. 4, 1920
Joyce Elaine McKee Jan. 13, 1923
James Lee McKee April 19, 1925
Wanda Winnonah McKee Oct. 8, 1931
Ronald Dwayne McKee March 27, 1934

McKee Marriages

Missouri Sartain departed this life Sept. 1st the year 1864
A. J. Sartain departed this life March 23 the year 1871

Sartain Birth Page

Contributed by: Mary Wilson, src#081, 2008

Journal of a Trip Across the Plains, From Independence Missouri to California May 11 1850 to October 11 1850. by Micajah Littleton.

Page 27 "We have passed today 27 graves as followes (including the graves at the fort which are fresh) Elizabeth Seet June 29th age one year and 9 months; P Francis June 21 Cole Co. MO; H Francis June 21 Cole Co. MO" and it continues with the names. This entry was on Saturday, July 6 as they were leaving the Laramie River. Pearl and Henry must have been on a wagon train just before. On several entries in mentions Cholera.
Bible of Pearl Francis son of Henry Francis and Elizabeth Pearl
Pearl Francis Family
Pearl Francis was born November 2, 1799
Hariett Francis was born Sept 16, 1801
Lumsford Francis was born Aug. 6, 1820
Granville Francis was born Dec 18, 1822
Henry Francis was born Oct 21, 1823
Minervia Francis was born Oct 22, 1827
Ebinezer Francis was born May 4, 1829
Timothy M Francis was born May 12 1831
Amanda Francis was born May 2, 1833
Sophia May 10, 1835
Robert Napoleon Francis was born March 10, 1838
Adeline Francis was born 22 Apr 1840
Pearl Francis Jr was born Nov 10, 1842
Mary Campbell Francis was born Oct 27, 1845
Deaths [two families together in the same Bible]
WJ Francis and family
Martha Ann Francis died April 26, 1873
William Jackson Francis died June 30, 1907
Sarah Elizabeth Francis died Dec. 5-1895 [Boggess]
Leona Armabda Francis Braly died Sept. 17-1910
Louisa Virginia Francis Collier died Nov. 1-1918
Emmett Lee Francis died Jan. 5-1914
William Walller Francis died July 11, 1933
Mary Adeline Francis Boggess died Nov, 14, 1933
Pearl Francis and family
Pearl Francis Sr. died Jan 21, 1850
Harriet Burns Francis died Jan 10, 1863
Henry Francis died June 12, 1850
Amanda Wallace died March 18, 1865
Pearl Francis Jr. died Nov 16, 1860
Lumsford Francis died November 4, 1867
Ebon Napolean October 1883 died

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