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Denominational Life and Work - Force and Field
Thursday May 29, 1919 - The World and Way Pg 11
Contributed by Christine Walters

Cole County, Mo-
Sunday was a great day in the church at Jefferson City. The attendance was good at both the Sunday School hour and the church services. The pastor had returned from the Southern Baptist Convention and brought us the message of the Convention. He had for the theme of the morning service the great work of the Convention and the magnificence of the work planned by the greatest body of Christian workers in the Western Hemisphere. The message was a great treat, and enjoyed by all who listened. ]

The day was saddened, however, at the close of the service when the resignation of the pastor was presented to take effect one month from today and in answer to a call from Independence MO. This was followed by the resignation of Miss Kesterson who for two years has been the pastor's assistant in the work here. She, too, had accepted another call and will join her husband, Rev. Hammond at Springfield, South Carolina, where he goes to accept a pastorate. This was somewhat of a surprise to the church, and to Miss Kesterson herself, as the Rev. Mr. Hammond had called to pay her a visit and other arrangements were made after his arrival and the rest of the story is the culmination of a college courtship, that is all.

Well to take it all in all, we are a congregation without anyone to lead us. Seems like everything is gone and we know not where to look. Some how the Lord will provide. Brother Proctor is beloved by his people and many regrets are heard on all sides. How we can fill his place only time and the direction of a divine hand can tell. When he goes to his new field our prayers and benedictions will follow him. Sister Hammond will prove a blessing among the people where she goes. A committee will draft resolutions which will follow later and we can only bow to the will of the Master in placing these people where they can do the greatest good in the kingdom work, and our loss as a church will be the great gain of some field that has a harvest waiting these workers. May God bless and keep them for many years more of useful service in his vineyard. -- W. A. L.



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