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Francis Family
Contributed by Joe Francis

Pearl Francis - b. 11-4-1799, Lincoln County, KY. d. 6-21-1850, west of Ft. Laramie, WY. Pearl owned 200 acres of land on Georgetown Road, north of Jefferson City. He was a farmer and Cole County constable. He married Harriet Taylor Francis - b. 9-16=1801, Lincoln County, KY. d. 1-10-1863 in Springfield, Greene County, MO.
1. Lunsford Francis - b. August 6, 1820 d. unknown. Married to Harriet Lucretia Connell on January 18, 1841 in Cole County, MO. Had five children with Lucretia.
2. Granville Francis - b. 12-18-1822, Lincoln County, KY., d. 12-20-1876 in Clay County, MO. Married Lucy Ann Harrell 4-20-1854. They had seven children.
3. Henry Francis - b. 10-23-1823, Lincoln County, KY. d. 6-21-1850, west of Ft. Laramie, WY. Married Elizabeth Jobe in Cole County, MO. on 8-17-1848. Only child, William Henry, born after Henry left for California.
4. William Jackson Francis - b. 10-25-1825, Lincoln County, KY., d. 6-30-1907 in Clay County, MO. Married Martha Ann Waller who died after having six children. W.J. married a second time to Abbie Ecton. They had one child. W.J. was a prominent farmer and served as a Judge in Clay County.
5. Minerva Francis - b. 10-22-1827 in Lincoln County, KY. d. (apparently at a young age)
6. Ebenezer "Eben" Francis - b. 5-4-1829 in Missouri, d. 10-6-1882 in Hayfork, CA. Never married
7. Timothy Morgan Francis - b. 5-12-1831 in Cole County, MO., d. aft 1910 (in 1910 census in Iowa), never married.
8. Amanda Francis - b. 5-2-1833 in Cole County, MO., d. 3-18-1855 in Miller County, MO. Married Caswell Waller. They had two sons before Amanda died.
9. Sophia Sarah Francis - b. 5-10-1835 in Cole County, MO., d. 1920 in Lansing County, MI. Married Charles Peck. They had two children.
10. Robert Napoleon Francis - b. 3-10-1838 in Cole County, d. Unk. Believed to have married twice and had one son.
11. Adaline Francis Sprague Jackson - b. 4-22-1840 in Cole County, d. 3-12-1923 in Valley Junction, Polk County, IA. Married twice and had 12 children.
12. Pearl Francis Jr. - b. 11-10-1842 in Cole County, MO., d. 11-16-1860 (place and how unknown).
13. Mary C. Francis - b. 10-11-1843 in Cole County, MO., d. 12-20-1930 in Orange County, CA. Married Major Wiliam Jackson, left Missouri following Civil War and settled in San Luis Obispo, CA. NOTE: William Jackson was a state official at the time of the Civil War and was a cousin to the Governor of Missouri at that time. William Jackson was a brother of Robert Jackson, 2nd husband of Adaline Francis.

1. Harriet Taylor Francis remarried following Pearl Francis' death. She married James Burns, apparently a very prosperous individual. They relocated to Springfield, Greene County, MO. They lived on Boonville Street near downtown Springfield. I have an article written about Mary C. Francis Jackson and her husband that talks about activities at the time of the 1st battle of Springfield of the Civil War involving Mary and her mother, Harriet. The second battle of Springfield of the Civil War was on January 8, 1863. It involved the downtown area of Springfield and Harriet's home was within the battle area. Harriet died January 10, 1863. I have been unable to find any record of the death or burial of James Burns, he died in 1860 or Harriet. I do not know if Harriet died from injuries as a result of the 2nd battle of Springfield or that the date of her death was coincidental. Also, I have found no record of the death or burial of Pearl Francis Jr. who may have died/been killed in the Springfield area because I have records of other Francis children living in the Springfield area at the time of the Civil War.
2. Lunsford Francis - it is known that Lunsford Francis was with Pearl and Henry Francis on the trip to California in 1850. Records of William Jackson Francis show that Lunsford Francis died in 1867 (17 years after the California trip). The article about Mary Francis and William Jackson states that Mary's father and two brothers died on the trail. The only possible brother that could have died on the trail besides Henry was Lunsford. Based on other records out of Cole County, I believe Lunsford survived the trip to California and died somewhere in 1867.
3. Timothy Morgan Francis was near 80 years old and living in Garfield, Mahaska, Iowa at the time of the 1910 census. He was living with one of Adaline Francis and Robert Jackson's daughters at the time. I have not found a death record of Morgan, as he was called, in Iowa or Missouri.
(Source: Contributed by Joe Francis



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