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William Jackson Francis

Fully aware of the great interest felt by our subscribers to hear anything of moment from this far off country we shall lay before them everything of a reliable nature. Many rumors are afloat, that cannot be relied on, either greatly exaggerating the gold region, or depreciating far below what is true. Most of our readers have relatives and friends who have gone there and are desirous of knowing the truth, in reference to prospects of gold, etc.
We make the following extract of a letter from a friend who we are well acquainted, and know his statement can be relied upon, written to his father in the county. He went the overland route across the plains last spring. An extract of a letter from William Jackson Francis to his father Pearl Francis, dated Sacramento City, Sept 18, 1849, and postmarked San Francisco, Oct 1st:

We arrived in the Valley of Sacramento on the 12th inst., with very good luck in crossing the plains, with plenty of provisions, all of our ---, etc. I shall in a few days go up on the American Fork, prospecting, and also to hunt winter quarters. Brother Grandville is on Bear River, working in the mines with some hands. [Ri]ggins had some very bad luck; they lost all their -----, mules, wagons, provisions, and with difficulty made out to get in. Mr Stone and Mallory Tooms, have arrived, and are well; also John Morris, E. Ring, and L.E. Criner are here and well. Gordons have not got in yet, but they are close at hand, and are expected here in a few days.
Sacramento City is a beautiful place, improving very fast. Provision are plenty in the country. Pork is worth 10 cents per lb., and beef 20 cents; sugar 16 and 20 cents; coffee 19 cents. Everything else is in proportion to the abundance of money. Groceries are considered very cheap here. Horses and mules are high; they sell from $100 to $200 , ever $400 a head.

The gold is here, but not as abundant as some expected to find it. But there is much more in the country than I expected. Working men such as we are, can make money very fast --- from $10 to $16 per day is very common business; many are making much more than that. The gold is here and no dispute. Money is plenty that here in Sacramento City it is no object. Source: Jefferson Inquierer, Jefferson City MO, Saturday December 1, 1849contributed by: Mary Wilson - 2008.


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