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Established: Dec.17, 1818, effective Feb. 1, 1819
Parent County: Howard
County Seat: Boonville
Named After: Sarshel (Benjamin) Cooper, pioneer settler

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July 2013
    Boonville Township-Booneville As It Is Today- Blackwater Township- Clear Creek Township- Pilot Grove Township- Kelly Township Lamine Township—
    North And South Moniteau Townships— Palestine Township—Prairie Home Township—Clarks Fork Township— Saline—Lebanon Township—Otterville Township.
War of 1812 and Indian Troubles
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May 2013
Obits: Wells

March 2013
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Is situated on the south side of the Missouri river, in the central part of the State. The face of the country gently undulating, and advantageously diversified with timber and prairie-there are very few counties possessing a more equal division of what is so desirable to farmers-prairie and timber land. The alluvial ? occupies a large area in the bottoms of the Missouri, the Lamine and the Little Saline, and is generally covered with a heavy growth of cottonwood, sycamore, elm, black elder, sugar-tree, white maple, red birch, white, black, and blue ash, coffee tree, honey locust, the various kinds of oaks and hickories, red-bud, hackberry, willows, and grape. The soil of the county at large, is very fertile and well adapted to all the purposes of agriculture. Springs, both fresh and mineral, are abundant-several of which are classed as "brine" and "sulphur". Ch**teau Spring, about ten miles from Boonville, has a wide reputation as a pleasant and healthy watering place. Water bursts from the earth in four places, within a short distance from each other. The amount of water discharged is ten gallons per minute, or 14,000 gallons per day, and the gas that escapes at least two gallons per minute. The most extensive manufactory in the county is that of the "Booneville Wine Company", about one mile about Boonville. Their vineyard and orchard embraces upwards of 100 acres. The lands are admirably suited to grape culture. Haas' Catawba has a wide reputation. An extensive woolen factory, and an agricultural implement manufactory are much needed, and would prove profitable investments.
[The Source is: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs. - Transcribed by Donna Walton]


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Surrounding Counties

Howard County (north)
Boone County (northeast)
Moniteau County (southeast)
Morgan County (south)
Pettis County (west)
Saline County (northwest)

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