Cooper County, Missouri

Marriage Announcements

Brant- O'Neil
MARRIED--On the 9th, by Rev. J. Boyle, Henry B. Brant, of St. Louis, to Miss Matilda O'Neil, of Boonville.
[Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday, October 18, 1849. Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Brant - Widdicombe
Boonville, Mo., June 19. – This morning at Christ’s Episcopal Church of this city, Tyler K. Brant and Miss Gertrude Widdicombe, both of Boonville, were married, Rev. Dr. H. Mackay officiating. Miss Widdocombe, who is the recognized beauty of Boonville, and is a society belle in this and surrounding cities, is a daughter of Captain and Mrs. A. C. Widdicombe, the former a prominent civil attorney of this place. Mr. Brant is a young gentleman who was reared in Boonville, and has had superior advantages of culture and travel as well, and is favorably known throughout Central Missouri. The wedded pair, accompanied by a party of friends, left at 12:30 o’clock on a special train over the M.K. & T., for Moberly, whence they go over the Wabash via Kansas City to Colorado and the West. They will be at home in Boonville after August 1.
Source: St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) Thursday, 20 June 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz

MARRIED.--On the 1st, by Elder Wm. M. Burton, Mr. Thomas B. Gibson, of this county, and Miss Lucy Redd, of Cooper.
Being kindly and properly remembered, we start the happy couple along with thanks and well-wishes.
May their days grow longer
And their love be stronger
As they sail down the river of time;
May the shadows of life's eve
Find a glorious reprieve
In the sunshine of an ever-summered clime?
Boonville papers pleasecopy.
[Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday, December 8, 1859. Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Mr. C.C. Hall, the popular traveling man, who has made for himself such bests of friends in our city, will, in  a few days lead to the altar Miss Machette, the daughter of a Baptist minister of Booneville, Missouri.  Miss Machette is both beautiful and accomplished.  Mis May Dunlop, of our city, will officiate as one of the bridesmaids.  Contrary to the expectations of his friends, Mr. Hall will make Albuquerque his place of residence.
Source: The Las Vegas Gazette, Las Vegas, NV, June 6, 1886

MARRIED.--On the 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Griffith, of the Episcopal Church, Mr. John C. Ronald, of Virginia, to Miss Sarah B., daughter of Col. Wilson Merrill, of this city, late of Lexington, Ky.--Boonville Register.
[Boon's Lick Times (Fayette, Mo.) Saturday, January 28, 1843. Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]



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