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Will of John Ainslie
At Edinburgh the first day of August 1844 in presence of the Lord of Council Sepron appeared James Moncreiff , Esq. advocate procater for John Ainslie after desiring and gave Disposition and settlement under written desiring the same might be registered in Their Lordships Books....
I John Ainslie of Maxpoff Esquire Advocate being do resolve to execute a settlement of my affairs to the place after my death and for the love and affection which I have to Mrs. Borron or Ainslie my wife...
to my children...
Written 2 March 1835
Witnesses: William Jennions Tailor, Wavertree Nook , and Thomas Broughton Shoemaker
Recorded: 15 November 1844

Page 86 A
Will of David Allee
to Lucy and Betsey Combs ...
to my childrentoBeuford Allee , Nicholas Allee , John Allee , William Allee , David Allee , Anna Scott , Winey Burdsong , Jarusha Hill , Charity Howard , and the heirs of Betsey Scott : Anna Adams , William Scott , David Scott , John Scott , Kemp Scott , Polly Luster , Charity Scott , and Betsey Scott , children of my daughter Detsey Scott , dec....
Written: 3 January 1835
Witnesses: Moses Martin and C. P. Arbuckle
Recorded: 16 February 1835

Page 207 2A
Will of David M. Allen
to my mother, Mary Allen ...
to my wife, Melinda ...
Written: 9 September 1857
Witnesses: John S. Martin , Washington Martin , and Jefferson C. Martin
Recorded: 17 September 1857

Page 444 2A
Will of Greenberry Allison
to my son, John ...
to my daughter, Lucinda Chany ...
to Susan Allison , widow of my son, Lovet Allison ...
to my grand children: Joseph W. Allison and Henderson A. Allison , sons of James Allison , dec. ...
to my grand daughter, Mary E. DeWitt , sister of said Joseph W. and Henderson A. Allison ...
My son, John Allison , Executor
Written 7 February 1871
Recorded 15 March 1871

Page 167 B
Will of Hugh Allison
to my sons: Jesse Allison , Thomas W. Allison , and Nathaniel T. Allison ...
to my three grandchildren: Skelton Allison , Cincinattus Allison , and Lucinda Allison children of John L. and Mary Allison , dec. ...
to my grandchildren who are the children of James and Lucinda Pearce ...
My sons Thomas W. and Nathaniel T. Allison , Exe.
Written: 22 Oct. 1844
Witnesses: Henry Slotzhour , J. F. Summers , and L. A. Summers
Recorded: 20 August 1846

Page 342 2A
Will of William Allison
to my three daughters: Eliza Jane Stephens , Mary Adaline Allison , and Sarah Catherine Crocket ...
to my sons: Stephen Cole Allison , William Robert Allison , Charles Holbert Allison , John Richard Allison , David Crocket Allison , Samuel Aquillap Allison , Peyton Alexander Allison , and Benjamin Franklin Allison ...
My sons Charles H. and John Richard Allison , Exe.
Written: 28 January 1864
Witnesses: S. C. Stephens , A. M. Crockett , and G. W. Stephens
Recorded: 18 February 1864

Page 282 A2
Will of Jacob Allstadt
to Aaron McVarney ...
to the heirs of William and Elizabeth Rider ...
to Rachel Ann Rider ...
Richard H. Ramsom of Kentucky , Exe.
Written 29 April 1856
Witnesses: George S. Cockrell and Thomas M. Harris
Recorded: 16 July 1860
Page 56 2A
Will of Jesse W. Amick
to my wife, Lucy Ann ...
to Atkinson H. Lee , of Howard Co., Mo. ...
to my children: Mary Pope , Martha Manah , and Jesse Angeline Amick ...
My wife and Atkinson H. Lee , Exe.
Written: 16 August 1851
Witnesses: I. Bobbs , Samuel Roe , and Phillip Amick
Recorded: 18 October 1851

Page 229 2A
Will of Francis Apperson
to my daughters: Mary Jones and Milly York ...
to my sons: Gilbert Apperson and William Apperson ...
Written: 27 March 1857
Witnesses: Thomas Harris , Stanton Harris , and Thomas A. Harris
Recorded: 15 December 1858

Page 152 A2
Will of Martha Ashley , County of Powhatan , state of Virginia
I desire all my property in the state of Missouri be sold to pay my just debts after which I desire the remainder to be divided among: Leroy Hopkins , William Hopkins , Martha A. Hopkins , Samuel B. Hopkins , and Elizabeth B. Hopkins ...
to Joanna Jackson ...
Leroy Hopkins , Exe.
Written: 9 February 1854
Witnesses: Wiley Jackson , Thomas Forsee , and D. Saprode
Recorded: 24 July 1850

Page 207 A2
Will of Jaron Babbitt
to my father, Loren Babbitt of Utah Territory ...
Arvin Allen Avery , Exe.
Written: to June 1857
Witnesses: Harrison Avery and Mitchell Zimmerman
Recorded: 29 July 1857

Page 257 A2
Will of Henry Bausfield , Jr.
to my mother, Polly ...
to my father, Henry ...
to my sisters: Elizabeth O'Brien and Fannie Bausfield
James F. Conner and John L. O'Brien , Exe.
Written: 17 January 1860
Witnesses: Joseph Chambers and John Crawford
Recorded: 30 January 1860

Page 305 A2
Will of John Jeffrey Beck , County of Santa Fe Territory of N.Mex.
to my bethrothed wife Ellen Lea Shoemaker of Ft. Union, N. Mex. County of toas ...
Written: 11 August 1858
Witnesses: Abraham Rencher , George H. Estes , and Joab Houghton
Recorded: 2 October 1861
Page 286 A2
Will of Preston Beck , Jr., a resident of the County of Santa Fe and Territory of New Mexico
to my brother Simpson Beck , dec. ...
to my nephew, James P. Beck and my niece Elizabeth C. Beck , children of my brother, Lewis Beck ...
to my nephew, William P. Beck and my nieces Anna D. Beck and Elizabeth Beck , children of my brother, Simpson Beck , dec.
to my brother John Jeffrey Beck ...
to my cousin, Preston H. Lee ...
to my nieces Mary Ann Cracroft and Elizabeth Cracroft children of my sister Mary Beck ...
John Jeffrey Beck , Exe.
Written 1 April 1854
Witnesses: R. H. tompkins , J. M. Giddings , and H. N. Smith
Recorded: 30 October 1860

Page 375 A2
Will of Adam Bell
to my wife Catharine Sophie ...
to my daughters: Mina , wife of Casper Minges and Catherine Bell ...
to my sons: Phillip Bell , August Bell , Hiram Bell , Charles Bell , and William Bell ...
My wife Catherine , Exe.
Written 8 Dec. 1865
Witnesses: William Sombart and A. Hosp
Recorded: 28 September 1866

Page 43 B
Will of James Berry
to the children of my daughter Eliza L. Weeden , dec. whose names are: Sally Ann Weeden , Artimesa Rebecca Weeden , Henry James Weeden , and Eliza Ellen Weeden ...
to my sons: Young E. W. Berry , Charles R. Berry , James Smith Berry , William M. Berry , and Finis E. Berry ...
William M. and Finis E. , Exe.
Written: 28 December 1837
Witnesses: P. R. Hayden , C. H. Smith , A. Porter , and Alex Hanna
Recorded 25 Nov. 1842

Page 121 B
Will of William M. Berry
to my wife, Malecy Eveline ...
to my three children: James Clifton Statiann and Ibez Ann Beverly Hampton ...
to my brother, Finis E. Berry ...
My brother in law Beverly T. Hampton , Exe.
Written 24 October 1844
Witnesses: Thomas J. Shanklin and James L. Wear
Recorded: 15 November 1844

Page 219 A2
Will of William E. Bidstrup
to my sons: Herman Bidstrup , Jesse Bidstrup , and William T. Bidstrup ...
to my daughters: Louisa Harlan , Ellen Bidstrup , Sarah Bidstrup , and Julia Bidstrup ...
Written: 20 March 1858
Witnesses: Jesse Thomas , Polly Ann Thomas , Benjamin B. Brerton ; and Jane Drew Brerton
Recorded: 15 October 1858

Page 30A
Will of John Bigham
to my wife Jane ...
to my children...
to my oldest daughter, Elizabeth
to my oldest son John
to my niece Tiney McGee ...
Written 28 March 1826
Wittnesses: David McGee and Nathaniel T. Allison
Recorded: 2 May 1826

Page 312 A2
Will of Martha Boon
to my son in law William T. Heard ...
to my daughter Ann Elizabeth , wife of William T. Heard ...
William T. Heard , Exe.
Written: 11 December 1851
Witnesses: Barton L. Wilson and Andrew Gibson
Recorded: 22 March 1862

Page 21 A2
Will of William S. Boulware
to my daughters: Sally Ann Boulware and Lucinda Frances Roe Boulware ...
to Harriett Gray Boulware my youngest child and daughter..
to my daughters: Lucy Conner Boulware , wife of Robert E. Downing , Matilda Terrell Boulware , to Mildred Elizabeth Boulware , now wife of John Miller , to Emily Muscoe Boulware , to Sally Ann Boulware ...
to my son William Fleming Boulware ...
My son, William F. and my sons in law Robert E. Downing and John Miller , Exe.
Written: 22 March 1848
Witnesses: Enoch Moss and George W. Phillips
Recorded: 8 February 1849

Page 279 2A
Will of Mahlon Bowers
to my wife, Elizabeth
Written: 19 April 1866
Witnesses: J. W. Draffen and J. L. Stephens
Recorded: 1 December 1866

age 99 A
Will of Robert Boyd
to my wife, Nancy ...
to my sons: Simeon A. Boyd , Joshua N. L. Boyd , John N. Boyd , Joseph C. Boyd , William A. Boyd , and Robert B. Boyd ...
to my daughters: Nancy Green , Matilda H. Rains and Sally P. Scritchfield ...
Written: 30 September 1835
Witnesses: Joshua H. Berry and John Clayton
Recorded: 1 December 1835

Page 303 2A
Will of William M. Brand , City of Lexington , State of Kentucky , County of Fayette
to my wife Harriet W. ...
to my father, John Brand ...
to my brother, George W. ...
to my brother in law, Edward Macalester ...
to my sons: William H. Brand , Horace Brand , George C. Brand , and John Brand ...

to my daughters: Elizabeth H. , Mary A. , Harriett W. , Emily A. , and Catherine M.
My wife, Harriet W. , my father, John Brand , my son, William H. Brand , my brother, George W. , and my brother in law, Edward Macalester , Exe.
Written: 10 Feb. 1845
Witnesses: Ben Warfield and E. Warfield
Recorded: 28 August 1861

Page 262 A2
Will of John Brand , city of Lexington State of Kentucky
to my wife Elizabeth ...
to my granddaughter, Elizabeth , dau. of my son, William M. Brand ...
to my sons: George W. Brand and Alexander H. Brand ...
to my daughter, Eliza Macalister
to the children of my deceased son, John Brand towit Elizabeth Mary Brand and John Brand ...
to my grand daughters: Elizabeth , Mary , Harriett , Catharine , and Emily ...
Written 22 December 1845
Witnesses: John Tilford and M. T. Scott
Recorded: 13 March 1860

Page 431 A2
Will of John Brown
to my son, James H. ...
to my daughters: Mary E. Boyce , Louisa M. Browning , and Sarah E. Knight ...
Written: 15 January 1870
Witnesses: Green Steele and David K. Steele
Recorded: 18 April 1870

Page 106 B
Will of James Buchanan , M. D., of the Borough of Allegany in the County of Allegany , Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
to my wife, Mrs. Janet Stark or Buchanan
Written: 16 February 1838
Witnesses: James W. Buchanan and Charles T. Gilliland
Recorded: 11 November 1844

Page 134 A2
Will of James Buchanan , Jr.
to my brother, Robert , a resident of Louisville in the state of Kentucky ..
Andrew Buchanan , a resident of Louisville in the state of Kentucky to be my executor.
Written 14 August 1850
Witnesses: J. Hayes , Charles C. Orr , and John Ferguson , Jr.
Recorded: 7 November 1854

Page 29 A2
Will of Sarah T. Buckner
My friend, Col. James Quarles , my exe.
Written: 16 April 1847
Witnesses: John Calhoun , Charles F. Lewis , and Alfred Harris
Recorded: 10 November 1849

Page 119 A
Will of John Calvert , Senior
to my wife, Dorcas ...
to my sons: Leonard Calvert and William Calvert ...
to my daughters: Ursula Carson , Nancy Dixon , and Elizabeth Taylor
Thomas Plemons , Exe.
Written: 9 Sept. 1839
Witnesses: J. S. Buster , Vincent Cropper , and Alfred Calvert
Recorded: 5 December 1839
Page 162 B

Will of John Calvert
to my wife, Emma ...
to my brother, Leonard Calvert ...
to my minor children: Anne , Mary Jane , Nancy , William , and Carson ...
Leonard Calvert Exe.
Written: 20 April 1846
Witnesses: C. A. Carson and Benjamin P. Caldwell

Page 115 A
Will of Joseph Campbell
to my sister, Kissiah ...
to my daughter, Mary Ann ...
My kinsman, William Campbell is to take care of my daughter.
I leave as the persons I desire to share my estate the following persons: Russell Campbell , Kissiah Campbell , Nancy Turner , William Campbell , Bradley Campbell , and Smith Campbell .
Written: 6 January 1838
Witnesses: Jesse Driskell and Thomas Pate
Recorded: 9 August 1839

Page 365 A2
Will of Robert D. Carlos
to my wife, Sarah Elizabeth
Written: 24 Oct. 1865
Witnesses: William N. McClanahan and H. H. Hudson
Recorded: 18 January 1866
Lafayette Carlos to Lucy Ann Loville 13 June 1850 36

Page 324 A2
Will of William H. Carnal
to my wife, Margaret ...
to my children: Eliza , William , Reuben , Edward , Alexander , Kenneth , Betsy , John , and Laura Carnal ...
Written: 3 January 1863
Witnesses: James H. Baker and Robert Seaton
Recorded: 29 January 1863

Page 124 A2
Will of Washington M. Carr , Londoun Co., Virginia
to Isaac Vandventer , $4000.; to Maine Vandventer , brother of Isaac Vandventer , $4000.; to Gabriel Vandventer , brother of Isaac Vandventer $2000.; to Armistead T. Vandventer , brother of Isaac Vandventer , $2000.; to Washington Vandventer , brother of Isaac Vandventer , $2000.
to Mary Clarke , wife of Addison Clarke , $2000.
to Eliza Ann Braden , wife of Rodney Braden , $2000.
to Josephus Carr , son of William Carr , $2000.
to William Carr , son of William Carr , $2000.
to David Carr , $2000.
to his brother, John Henry Carr , $500.
to William Clogett , $1000 and $500 to be kept in trust for his education
to Mary Macpherson , wife of Samuel Macpherson , $500.
My friend, Isaac Vandventer , Exe.
Written: 9 September 1846
Witnesses: John Janney and Charles Miller
Recorded: 2 March 1854

Page 10 A
Will of James Carter
In the name of God Amen I James Carter of Cooper County being in sound and perfect mind but considering the uncertainity of this mortal life due hereby make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say:
Item 1 I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Patience Carter my waggon and gears one sorrel mare, all my household furniture, five head of sheep, as likewise all my farming utensils.
Item 2 I also give and bequeath unto my loving wife Patience all my cattle amounting to 20 head and all increase that spring from them until such time as she and my children shall have crossed the Sabine River at which time they shall all be sold and equally divided between all my children and herself.
Item 3 I give and bequeath unto the above Patience Carter all debts due in demand of every kind that are due to me at my decease.
Item 4 I give and bequeath unto the above named Patience all my hogs and do hereby devise and appoint that within six months after my decease they shall be sold to defray the expense of herself and children to and cross the Sabine River .
Item 5 I give and bequeath to my second son Elijah one black mare to be takentoafter crossing the Sabine River toand lot before.
Item 6 I give and bequeath unto my third son Manuel my black mare sorrel colt to be takentoafter crossing the Sabine River toand not before.
Item 7 I give and bequeath unto my daughter Polly my sorrell mare black horse colt to be taken after crossing the Sabine River toand not before.
Item 8 I give and bequeath unto my daughter Betsey my sorrell horse to be taken after crossing the Sabine River tobut not before.
Item 9 I give and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy my old bay mare and in case of the death of the bay mare her value shall be paid by each one of the within named children and my wife Patience at any ratetoafter crossing the Sabine River . She is to have as good a horse as any of the rest of the children to be contributed to her by them equally.
I do hereby will and appoint and decree that if the above named Patience Carter marries again all the property shall be divided among the children that I have bequeathed her.
I do like wise appoint and decree that if Patience Carter refuses to go and cross the Sabine River with her children and family in such case my daughter Betsey shall in addition to what is bequeathed her have all and everything that is bequeathed to my wife Patience .
I do likewise will and appoint and decree that if my daughter Betsey marries previous and before she crosses the Sabine River , she shall forfeit all and everything that is above given and bequeathed to her.
to my son Elijah in his case of any forfeiture give her one horse to the value of $100.
I do likewise will and appoint that my son Ezekial shall be supported equally by my wife and children.
Edmund J. Carter shall be a guardian for all his brothers and sisters and my children each and severally.
I appoint my wife Patience Carter , Exe.
Written 4 April 1821
Witness F. F. Cleveland and James Carter
Recorded: 19 May 1821

Page 16 A
Will of William Cartner
to my wife...
to my eldest son, James ...
to my two sons: William Cartner and Joseph Cartner ...
to my son, Thomas ...
to my daughters: Mary Cartner , Jane Cartner , and Lucy Cartner
Written: 6 August 1823
Witnesses: George Crawford , William George , and Henry Bausfield
Recorded: 4 November 1823

Page 100 A2
Will of William Cartner
to my wife, Kesiah ...
to my children: Mary , Charles , Julian , John , Sarah Frances , and Elizabeth ...
My wife, Kesiah , Exe.
Written: 20 April 1853
Witnesses: William P. Speoduc Mack and Samuel J. Tutt
Recorded: 17 May 1853

Page 97 B
Will of William Chambers
to my sons: William Chambers , John Chambers , and Samuel Chambers ...
to my daughters: Elizabeth Chambers , Hannah Carpenter , widow of Robert Carpenter , dec., Martha George , wife of Lewis George , and Abigail Chambers ...
to my sons: Joseph Chambers and James Chambers ...
to my son in law, Peter Carpenter ...
Written: 19 October 1842 My friend, Jeremiah Rice , Exe.
Witnesses: Ferry Rockwell , William H. Trigg , and Robert Stuart
Recorded: 15 November 1844

Page 373 A2
Will of Sarah Ann Chandler , wife of Leroy Chandler
to my daughter, Mary Lewis Tucker , wife of Oren D. Tucker ..
to my sons: James H. Chandler , Timothy Chandler , and Charles Quarles Chandler ...
to my brother, James Quarles ...
to my sons in law: Dr. Carr who married my daughter, Elvisa ;
George Augustus Goodman who married my daughter, Margaret ;
Henry McPherson , who married my daughter, Maria Louise ;
and Thomas L. Tucker who married my daughter, Sarah Ann .
to my single daughters: Susan Henry Chandler and Florence Matilda Chandler ...
to my sons: John T. Chandler , Robert Leroy Chandler , and Kelly Ragland Chandler ...
My sons, John T. and James H. , Exe.
Written: 22 October 1865
Recorded: 9 August 1866
Witnesses: J. R. Bowman and Lewis Eager

Page 327 A2
Will of Harriett Clark
to my daughter, Marion , wife of R. L. Bradley ...
R. L. Bradley , Exe.
Written 13 October 1862
Witnesses: James L. Bell and John Rootcap
Recorded: 16 March 1863

Page 3 B
Will of Robert P. Clark
to my wife, Susan ...
to my daughters: Melinda D. Clark , Sarah Jane Clark , and Elizabeth T. Wilson ...
to my sons: Robert P. Clark , Stephen T. Clark , and Bennett C. Clark ...
My son, Bennett C. , and my wife, Susan , Exe.
Written: 13 August 1841
Witnesses: Washington Adams and James Thompson
Recorded: 27 August 1841

Page 365 A2
Will of Richard Clawson
to my children: William Clawson , Eliza Jane Clawson , John Clawson , Amanda Clawson , and Ann Clawson ...
Written: 10 October 1865
Witnesses: A. J. Wright , James Douglass , and G. W. Maccubbin
Recorded: 12 December 1865

Page 58 B
Will of Holbert Cole
to my children...
to my son, William L.
My brothers, Samuel Cole and William T. Cole , Exe.
Written: 24 Nov. 1843
Witnesses: A. F. Read , Abraham Woolery , N. Leonard , and Phillip W. Shoemaker
Recorded: 9 February 1844

Page 46 A2
Will of Charles E. Coleman , a native of Fairfax Co., Virginia to my sister, Susan C. Coleman ...
to my four brothers: John T. Coleman , George G. Coleman , James S. Coleman , and Richard Coleman ...
My mother, Sarah Coleman , Exe.
Written: 4 December 1850
Witnesses: Robert Brent , I. K. Lacy , and Samuel Roe
Recorded: 27 January 1851

Page 226 A2
Will of John Combs
to my wife, Mary Bullock Combs ...
to my sons: Christopher Combs and Joseph Combs ...
My wife and sons, Exe.
Written: 25 May 1857
Witness: Robert C. Combs , Linn County, Mo.
Recorded: 27 October 1858

Page 91 A
Will of George Condra
to my wife Rebecca , land granted me by an act of Congress.
to my daughters: Mary , Elizabeth , Nancy , Sarah , Catherine and Rebecca Jane ...
to my sons: John W. and William Jordan ..
Rebecca and my son, Greenberry , Exe.
Written: 7 September 1852
Witnesses: Robert Pogue , Alexander Givens , and J. Bennett
Recorded: 15 February 1853

Page 25 A
Will of Martin Conner
to my children: Dennis Conner , Sally Conner , Martha Conner , and Mary Conner ...
to my wife...
Written: 8 July 1825
Witnesses: Isaac Allen , William Travis , and Frances Travis
Recorded: 12 November 1825

Page 72 A2
Will of Thomas M. Cordry
to my wife, Martha Jane ...
to my son, Prentis Elliott Cordry ...
William S. , guardian of my son, Prentis ...
James Cordry , Senior and my wife, Exe.
Written: 17 July 1852
Witnesses: John B. Cordry , Lewis M. Hutchinson , and William C. Ewing
Recorded: 29 July 1852

Page 73 A
Will of Hebber Corum
to my wife, Sidney S. ...
My brother, Henry , Exe.
Written 16 April 1830
Witnesses: Anthony F. Read and Nancy Woolery
Recorded: 10 June 1833

Page 55 A
Will of George Cramer
to my wife, Polly ...
to my sons: William S. , Thomas J. , Jonathan J. , and George ...
to my daughters: Harriett Amanda Cramer , Susan Martin , Mary Barlow , Agnes A. Corum , and Karmly Cramer ...
My wife, Polly , Exe.
Written: 4 December 1832
Witnesses: Joseph Yarnal , William Yarnal , and John Yarnall
Recorded: 31 December 1832

Page 74 A2
Will of George Crawford
to my sons: John Crawford and William H. Crawford
to my daughter, Mary E.
to my friend, James Baker
Should my son, John die then his wife Eliza Jane will be entitled to his proportion
Written: 28 July 1852
Witnesses: A. S. Shortridge and James H. Baker
Recorded: 12 August 1852

Page 62 A2
Will of Levin Cropper
to my children who may suit themselves in regard to the estates disposal
John Fluke and Joseph Stephens , Exe.
Written: 4 Feb. 1852
Witnesses: Urer Morley , Adam Vivion , Sunard Calvert , and Robert W. Gale
Recorded: 12 February 1852

Page 222 A2
Will of Joseph C. Culp , Senior
to my 3rd son, Thomas H. ...
to my wife, Frances G. ...
to my daughters: Martha J. Culp , Sarah W. Culp , Josiah C. Culp , and Lucy Ann Howard ...
to my sons: Paul S., George , James M. , John M. , Albert S. , and William M. Culp ...
Written: 3 April 1857
Witnesses: E. W. Clark and William H. Bernard
Recorded: 20 September 1858

Page 20 A
Will of Traverse Davis
to my wife, Fanny ...
to my two youngest sons: Traverse Davis and Henry Harrison Davis ; to my son, John Grigsby Davis ; to my eldest son, James Kincheloe Davis ; to my second eldest son, William Gibson Davis ; to my son, Isaac ...
to my eldest daughter, Melinda Wilson ; to my second eldest daughter, Mary Posman ; and to my third eldest daughter, Maria Fort ...
Judgment against Culbert Harrison of Nelson Co. Kentucky I leave to Robert Wycliffe , of Lexington, Ky. and Charles A Wycliffe , of Nelson Co., Ky.
to my fourth daughter, Lorian Davis
Written: 28 April 1824 John C. Rochester , Exe.
Witnesses: John C. Rochester and Jesse K. Davis
Recorded: 22 May 1824

Original data: Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp.. Marriage Records (1819to1850) and Will Records (1820to1870) of Cooper County, Missouri. Chillicothe, MO, USA: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, c1965

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