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Welcome to Crawford County.

We hope you will enjoy your stay while learning more about your family, their neighbors, and the area they called home.


Established: Jan. 23, 1829
Parent County:  Gasconade
County Seat: Steelville
Named After: William H. Crawford, Georgia senator







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Is situated southeast of the center of the State. This has been called the "Mother of Counties", from the fact that for many years her borders extended to the western part of the State. County after county has, from time to time, been cut from her western and southern borders, and the finale was accomplished in the formation of Phelps county, in 1857. The county embraces a great variety of soil-bottom, valley, table land, prairie and sandy soils. It is well adapted to corn, wheat, oats, grasses, fruit and vegetables. Stock growing would pay well here. The valleys of the large streams are frequently heavily timbered. Iron, lead and copper are abundant in the county, and coal has been found in two or three places. The localities of these minerals are shown upon the new geological map of Missouri, just issued by the author of the Hand-book. The Southwest Branch of the Pacific Railroad traverses the northwest portion of the county.
[The Source is: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs. - Transcribed by Donna Walton ]

This County is Hosted by Dave McCormick.

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