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Crawford County, Missouri
Part of Genealogy Trails

Volunteers Dedicated to Free Genealogy!

The goal of this page is to find and record everyone interred in the various cemeteries around Crawford County.
If you know of a cemetery not listed, or someone who is missing from the list in a particular cemetery,
please let us know so that we may add them to our database.

When information is ready, clicking on the cemeteries name below will open a page showing those interred there.


Avery Family Cemetery
Bacon Cemetery
Bailey Family Cemetery
Barnes Family Cemetery
Barnical Chapel Cemetery
Bourbon Cemetery
Bourbon City Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Burley Cemetery
Carr Cemetery, Oak Hill
Civil War Cemetery
Czar Cemetery
Davisville Cemetery
Delhi Cemetery
Eldridge Cemetery
Enloe Cemetery
Ferris Cemetery, Oak Hill Twp.
Frederickson Family Cemetery
Freeman Cemetery
Gerth Cemetery
Gibson Cemetery
Gregory Cemetery
Haack Family Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Hardy Cemetery
Hill Cemetery
Hodge Cemetery
Jacobs Cemetery
Keysville Cemetery
Lea Cemetery
Leasburg Catholic Cemetery
Leezy Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery, Steeleville
Lick Creek Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Martin Cemetery  
Martin Family Cemetery
Mitchell Family Cemetery
New Dillard Cemetery
New Home Cemetery
New Rock Cemetery
Old Dillard Cemetery
Shoal Creek Cemetery , aka Center Post Cemetery
Steele-Higgins Cemetery
Steelville City Cemetery
Towe Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery
WEST surname burials
Wright's Mill Cemetery
Zenser Family Cemetery

We'll be adding data to this site as we can.
You can help us to get this site growing by sending in your family's data.

You are welcome, encouraged even, to browse the information on these pages and at the many links provided to garner the data needed to continue your research into your family history. However, Please remember that this information, in many cases, represents years of painstaking research on the part of myself, or the many generous volunteers who have donated their information to this site. You can show your respect for these efforts by not taking things to use on other websites and/or to claim as your own.

Last up-dated 05/28/2009