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Crawford County, Missouri
1830 - Index

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Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.

The index below is a all name list of the Head of household in the 1830 Census.

When information is ready, clicking on the name below will open the census page showing that individual.

Peter Achurch

John Adams

John Allen

James Alves

Jacob Anderson

James Armstrong

Barney Arthur

James Arthur

Levy Arthur

William Arthur

Frances Atwood

Reuben Bailey

Elias Baker

Mathias Baker Sr.

Jesse Balew

Larkin Bates

Starland Baker

William Bartee

John Bartly

Thomas Baskett

Matthew Bates

Samuel Beard

Daniel Bell

William Bell

Abram Benton

Berry Benton

Elijah Benton

Frances Benton

James Benton

Mark Benton Sr.

Mark Benton Jr.

John Berry

Reuben Berry

Robert Blackwell

Samuel Blain

Ledwell L Blanton

William Bowles

Adam Bradford

Isaac N Bradford

James C Bradford

William Bradford

James Braly

George Brasil

Isaac Brisco

Frances Britton

James Britton

Wilburn Britton

William Britton

Isaac Brown

John Brown

Moses Brown

Polly Brown 

Samuel Brown

Willis E Bryant

Henry Bullinger

Daniel Brunswick

Thomas W Burkett

Jonathan Burlison

John S Burnett

Polly Burnsides

Joel Butler

Joseph Butler

Margaret Butler

John Butt

Jonathan Cain

James Campbell

John Carter

Robert A Carter

Tandy Carter

Washington Carter

Elijah Cherry

Abram Clements

Andrew Clement

Jonathan Clinton

Nancy Clinton

William Clinton Jr.

William Clinton Sr.

Jacob Cob

John Cob

George Cole

Alexander Coppedge

George H Coppedge

George W Coppedge

William Coppedge

George Cornwall

John Coyle

Andrew Craig

Elijah Christesson

Elisha Christesson

John Costly

Hill C Daugherty

Harmon Daval

William Davidson

Harrison Davis

Isaac N Davis

Thomas Davis

John Day

Elizabeth Deer

Lovel Deer

George Dell

William Dennis

Daniel Doty

David Dove

John Duncan Jr

John Duncan Sr.

John Duncan Esqr.

John Dunlap

Eleazer M Dowel

John M Dowel

John Evans

Joseph Evans

John Foswater

LeFlet Fulsome

Jesse Fryer

Daniel Fullbright

Martin Fullbright

George Gamble

Thomas Gibson

Enos Gillard

William Gillespy

William Gillom

Alfred Givens

John Givens

Allen Green

Geenberry Griffeth

Matthew Gorman

Sally Harris

George Hanson

James Hanson

Robin Han

Samuel J Hardester

Thomas Harris

William E Hawkins

Joseph Hayes

Jacob Hearn

Joseph Hedges

Jesse Hendrix

Thomas Hightower

John Hillhouse

Josiah M Hillhouse

Wilson Hillhouse

William Hines

William Harris

John B Harrison

John Hensley

John Hobaugh

Michael Holland

John Honsinger Sr.

John Honsinger Jr.

William Howard

Alfred Hoffman

James A Hughes

Joseph Hughes

John Humphrey

Jonathan Humphrey

Nathan Humphrey

James Ingles

Jesse James

Abraham Johnson

Henry W Johnson

Richard Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Benjamin Jones

John M Jones

William Jourdan

Thomas Journey

Elijah Key

Obediah Key

Anthony Kitchen

George P Kitchens

Aaron Knight

John Lamb

Kenary C Lane

Robert Law

William Laymon

David Lenox

William Lenox

Wilson Lenox

Dennis Lewis

Elijah Lewis

Henry Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis Sr.

Samuel Lewis

Samuel Lewis Jr.

William Lewis

James Link

James Lofton

James Luster

John Marlow

James H Marlow

Samuel Massey

Maston Mathis

John Matlock

Thomas Matlock

William Matlock

Lea Mauldin

Wess Mauldin

Thomas Maxwell

Bryan McClendon

Robert McCuystran

Thomas McCuystran

Daniel McDonald

John McDonald

Polly Mercer

Reuben Milton

John McKlun

Samuel McMilroy

John Montgomery

William Montgomery

Micajah Morris

William Morris

James Mussett

Richard Nobb

Elisha Nelson

Shadrick Nettles

James Newberry

Robert Newberry

Gideons P Norman

Isaac Ogle

William Ogle

Charles O'Neil

Nicholas Owensby

Jesse Patterson

Asa Pennel

Jeremiah Potts

William Petty

William Poque

John B Polland

Newman Pound

Lindsey W Pryor

Aman Pyburn

Edward Pyburn

William Pyburn

Hiram Ready

William Reed

James Reily

George Rice

Richard Rice

William B Rice

Abraham Richardson

Amos Richardson

Joshua Richardson

Thomas Roman

Mitchel Ross

James Ryan

George Sally

Henry Shock

Washington Sides

Parmer Sinkler

Henry Skaggs

John Skaggs

Midian Smith

William Smith

Joel Smither

Polly Sneed

George Snodgrass

James Snodgrass

Abel Spack

Aaron Span

William Spears

Noah Stafford

Thomas W Stark

John Stephens

Josiah Stills

Charles Stuart

Henry Stuart

Jacob Stuart

Samuel Stuart

Mark Sullivant

James G Sweany

William Tansey

Samuel Thompson

Job Throckmorton

Nancy Thurman

Wilson Tilly

John Tucker

James Turner

Josiah Turpin

Reuben Vaughan

Edward Vandaver

James D Wadkins

George Waggoner

Jacob Waggoner

Elijah Wamsley

Daniel Wrap

Smith B Warfield

Walter Watson

John Wayman

Pleasant Wayman

Thomas Wayman

Huldah West

John West

Reuben B West

Richard West

William White

Benjamin Williams

Elias Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Geenberry Williams

Roby Williams Sr.

Roby Williams Jr.

John Williamson

Alexander Wilson

James Wilson

John Wilson

John Wilson

John Wisdom

Pollard Wisdom

Gilbert Wood

Robert Wright

Humphrey Yowel


You are welcome, encouraged even, to browse the information on these pages and at the many links provided to garner the data needed to continue your research into your family history. However, Please remember that this information, in many cases, represents years of painstaking research on the part of myself, or the many generous volunteers who have donated their information to this site. You can show your respect for these efforts by not taking things to use on other websites and/or to claim as your own.

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