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Crawford County, Missouri
1840 - Index

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Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.

The index below is a all name list of the Head of household in 1840, and the township that they are listed in.

Those shown in the yellow highlight are revolutionary war vets.

When information is ready, clicking on the name below will open the census page showing that individual.

Name                         Page

Andrew Adams            Watkins, Pg 1

Henry Adams               Watkins, Pg 1

William Adams            Watkins, Pg 1

Ambros Agee               Watkins, Pg 5

A T Aliston                  Johnson, Pg 5

John Aliston                 Johnson, Pg 5

William H Aliston         Johnson, Pg 3

Thomas C Allen           Merrimac, Pg 9

Presly Anderson          Courtois, Pg 3

A A Angle                    Merrimac, Pg 11

Barny Arthur                Merrimac, Pg 5

James Arthur               Merrimac, Pg 7

John Arthur                  Watkins, Pg 1

Levi Arthur                   Merrimac, Pg 1

Thornton Ash               Merrimac, Pg 3

Lenard Asher               Courtois, Pg 3

William Atchinson        Liberty, Pg 1

John Avery                   Johnson, Pg 5

Ruben Baily                 Johnson, Pg 3

George Baits               Courtois, Pg 5

Jonathan Bales            Watkins, Pg 5

Elin Ballew                  Courtois, Pg 5

E Banks                      Merrimac, Pg 1

Sterlin Barker               Merrimac, Pg 7

S J k Barkesdale          Watkins, Pg 7

R H Barnwell                Johnson, Pg 5

Edmund Beagles          Johnson, Pg 3

James Beasley            Johnson, Pg 1

Josiah Beasley            Merrimac, Pg 3

Thomas Beasley          Johnson, Pg 5

Bradly Beaven              Watkins, Pg 7

Joshua Beckam           Johnson, Pg 3

Lenard Beckam            Johnson, Pg 3

Sam Bell                    Johnson, Pg 7

Benjamin Bennett        Johnson, Pg 7

J W Bennett                Merrimac, Pg 3

Abram Benton              Johnson, Pg 3

H W Benton                 Merrimac, Pg 1

James Benton              Watkins, Pg 1

Mark Benton                Merrimac, Pg 7

Matthew Benton            Johnson, Pg 7

E F Bessie                  Watkins, Pg 3

J D Blackmore             Watkins, Pg 3

James Blackwell          Merrimac, Pg 5

Lewis Blackwell           Johnson, Pg 5

Nancy Blackwell          Johnson, Pg 5

William Blackwell         Merrimac, Pg 1

Zachariah Blackwill       Johnson, Pg 3

Samuel Blain               Merrimac, Pg 7

George Boatman          Merrimac, Pg 5

L D Bowin                    Liberty, Pg 3

Benjamin Branson        Courtois, Pg 3

M Branstrutter              Merrimac, Pg 5

John E Brawly              Liberty, Pg 3

Henry Bray                  Johnson, Pg 5

Thomas Breeze            Johnson, Pg 1

Cornelius Brickey         Courtois, Pg 7

Jarit Brickey                Courtois, Pg 7

Jeramiah Brickey         Courtois, Pg 1

Peter Brickey               Courtois, Pg 7

S B Brickey                 Courtois, Pg 5

William Brickey            Courtois, Pg 1

William Brickey Sr       Courtois, Pg 1

J B Brinker                  Merrimac, Pg 7

B B Britton                  Merrimac, Pg 5

James W Britton          Merrimac, Pg 3

Newman Britton           Merrimac, Pg 5

Richard Britton             Merrimac, Pg 5

William Britton             Merrimac, Pg 9

John Brooks                Watkins, Pg 7

Nancy Brooks              Watkins, Pg 7

John Brown                  Watkins, Pg 1

Martin Brown               Liberty, Pg 3

Thomas Brown             Johnson, Pg 5

William Brown              Courtois, Pg 5

William A Bryant          Courtois, Pg 1

Samuel Bungard          Courtois, Pg 7

Thomas W Burkitt        Watkins, Pg 1

Thomas Burton            Watkins, Pg 3

James Busby               Johnson, Pg 5

George W Butt             Merrimac, Pg 7

John Butts                   Merrimac, Pg 11

David Calahan              Merrimac, Pg 11

John L Calahan            Watkins, Pg 5

Robert Calahan            Watkins, Pg 5

R S D Caldwell             Merrimac, Pg 1

Joseph Campbell          Courtois, Pg 3

Winsom Campbell        Johnson, Pg 1

Edmund Canady          Courtois, Pg 1

William Carroll             Courtois, Pg 3

Willis G Carroll             Courtois, Pg 3

John Carroll                 Courtois, Pg 3

Greenvil J Carter           Merrimac, Pg 3

Harden Carter              Liberty, Pg 3

John Carter                  Merrimac, Pg 7

R A Carter                   Merrimac, Pg 7

Rhoda Carter               Watkins, Pg 7

Washington Carter       Merrimac, Pg 9

Joseph Carver              Watkins, Pg 3

Zimri Centers               Courtois, Pg 5

Elijah Chambers           Watkins, Pg 1

John Chandler              Courtois, Pg 1

Sam Chandler              Courtois, Pg 1

John Chapman             Courtois, Pg 1

Austin Clark                 Merrimac, Pg 5

Jonathan Clark             Watkins, Pg 7

John H Clark                Merrimac, Pg 3

Charles Clay                Liberty, Pg 1

Hiram Clay                  Liberty, Pg 1

Edwin Clayton              Merrimac, Pg 3

Joseph Clemons          Watkins, Pg 7

Robert Click                 Watkins, Pg 5

Jenkins Clinton            Merrimac, Pg 3

Jonathan Clinton          Merrimac, Pg 1

William Clinton             Merrimac, Pg 9

Thomas L Cofer            Merrimac, Pg 5

Matthias Coffman         Merrimac, Pg 3

John Cole                   Merrimac, Pg 11

William F Cole             Merrimac, Pg 1

John R Coleman           Merrimac, Pg 1

Sam Coleman              Courtois, Pg 1

Thomas Coleman         Courtois, Pg 1

James Collins              Johnson, Pg 5

Joseph Collins             Merrimac, Pg 11

William Collins             Merrimac, Pg 5

Benjamin Cooksey       Watkins, Pg 3

John Copland               Johnson, Pg 1

G W Coppege              Johnson, Pg 1

Marry Coppage            Watkins, Pg 1

Moses Coppage           Johnson, Pg 5

George W Cox             Watkins, Pg 5

Isaiah Cox                   Johnson, Pg 1

John Craddock             Watkins, Pg 3

Ramson Craddock        Watkins, Pg 5

Willis Craddock            Watkins, Pg 3

Andrew Craig               Johnson, Pg 1

A C Cropp                   Watkins, Pg 3

William Crow               Liberty, Pg 3

James Cumins             Merrimac, Pg 9

William Dallas              Merrimac, Pg 5

Coleman Daniels          Johnson, Pg 1

John M Daniels            Johnson, Pg 5

H E Davis                    Merrimac, Pg 11

H J Davis                     Merrimac, Pg 3

Harry C Davis               Courtois, Pg 1

James Davis                Merrimac, Pg 5

James Davis                Johnson, Pg 7

John E Davis                Merrimac, Pg 9

Lewis Davis                 Merrimac, Pg 1

Jacob Davolt                Johnson, Pg 3

John Davolt                  Johnson, Pg 3

Elijah Dawson              Merrimac, Pg 9

Valuntine Day              Johnson, Pg 3

J M Deaver                  Liberty, Pg 3

John Deaver                 Liberty, Pg 3

Lewis Dent                  Watkins, Pg 5

William Dicksson         Watkins, Pg 3

Ruben Dixon                Merrimac, Pg 11

Mary Dobkins              Courtois, Pg 7

David Dotson               Merrimac, Pg 7

John Dunlap                 Merrimac, Pg 9

John Earles                 Watkins, Pg 1

Jacob Earney               Courtois, Pg 3

Isaac G Eaton              Courtois, Pg 3

George M Edgar           Courtois, Pg 3

H R Edgar                   Merrimac, Pg 3

William C Edgar           Courtois, Pg 3

William E Edgar           Courtois, Pg 3

Daniel Eggers              Merrimac, Pg 9

James Eggers              Merrimac, Pg 11

Jonathan Eggers          Merrimac, Pg 9

J M A England             Merrimac, Pg 11

Joseph G England        Merrimac, Pg 11

Wily J England             Merrimac, Pg 11

William Evans              Merrimac, Pg 1

George Fahen              Johnson, Pg 5

John B Farrar               Liberty, Pg 3

James Farris                Watkins, Pg 7

Richard Farris              Watkins, Pg 3

Barnett Foley               Johnson, Pg 1

Joseph Foley               Johnson, Pg 1

Larkin Foley                 Johnson, Pg 1

William Fore                Johnson, Pg 1

William B Fore             Watkins, Pg 5

Elias R Fort                 Courtois, Pg 1

James Freeman           Merrimac, Pg 11

Simeon Frost               Merrimac, Pg 9

Elijah Forguson            Johnson, Pg 7

Obadiah Furguson        Merrimac, Pg 11

Christian Furray           Merrimac, Pg 7

Harry Gallop                Courtois, Pg 3

George Gamble            Johnson, Pg 3

William Gardner           Watkins, Pg 1

John M Garman           Merrimac, Pg 11

Elizabeth Gatch           Courtois, Pg 1

Henry R Gatch             Courtois, Pg 5

Joseph C Gatch           Liberty, Pg 1

Eli Giesler                   Johnson, Pg 1

John Giesler Jr             Johnson, Pg 1

John Giesler Sr            Johnson, Pg 1

Noah Giesler                Johnson, Pg 1

Nathan Gilbert              Merrimac, Pg 1

John Givins                  Merrimac, Pg 7

Elizabeth Glen             Johnson, Pg 3

James Glen                 Johnson, Pg 3

Joseph F Glen             Johnson, Pg 3

William Glover            Johnson, Pg 7

John Godby                 Johnson, Pg 5

Matthew Gorman          Merrimac, Pg 7

John Grant                   Watkins, Pg 1

Martin Gray                 Johnson, Pg 1

Silas R Green              Johnson, Pg 3

Abe Greenlee               Liberty, Pg 1

Elijah Greenlee            Liberty, Pg 1

James Greenlee           Liberty, Pg 1

Benjamin Gregory        Merrimac, Pg 11

Jesse Gregory             Merrimac, Pg 11

E N Grise                    Merrimac, Pg 3

Jesse G Hallis             Merrimac, Pg 1

Boby Ham                   Merrimac, Pg 9

E M Hamby                 Watkins, Pg 7

Isaac Hamby               Merrimac, Pg 1

William Hamby            Watkins, Pg 7

Abner Hamlet               Merrimac, Pg 7

Jacob Harmon              Courtois, Pg 5

Jobe Harmon               Courtois, Pg 7

Jonos Harmon              Courtois, Pg 5

Jacob Harper               Courtois, Pg 1

Caleb Harris                 Merrimac, Pg 1

Caleb Harris Sr            Merrimac, Pg 1

Jesse Harris                Johnson, Pg 7

John D Harris               Liberty, Pg 1

Thomas Harris             Courtois, Pg 1

Alexander Harrison       Liberty, Pg 3

Aristidus Harrison         Liberty, Pg 1

Batteal Harrison           Liberty, Pg 1

Benjamin Harrison        Liberty, Pg 1

Lewis Harrison             Johnson, Pg 5

Tiry Harrison                Johnson, Pg 5

William Harrison           Johnson, Pg 5

William Harrison           Liberty, Pg 1

Jacob Hass                 Merrimac, Pg 3

Elijah Hathway            Johnson, Pg 7

Joseph C Hawkins        Merrimac, Pg 1

William E Hawkins       Johnson, Pg 1

Christopher Hedrick      Watkins, Pg 5

Isaac Hendricks           Courtois, Pg 1

Thomas Higganbotham Watkins, Pg 3

Drucilla Hinch              Liberty, Pg 1

Samuel Hinch              Liberty, Pg 1

William Hinch              Liberty, Pg 1

John Hobbs                Johnson, Pg 7

Arthur Hobson              Watkins, Pg 5

John W Hogan             Merrimac, Pg 5

Eli G Holbert                Watkins, Pg 5

James Holbert              Courtois, Pg 5

Joshua Holbert             Courtois, Pg 3

Mel Holbert                  Courtois, Pg 5

Nathan Holbert             Courtois, Pg 5

Elisha Holderman         Courtois, Pg 5

William Holderman       Courtois, Pg 1

John W Hopkins           Liberty, Pg 1

Thomas W Hopkins      Liberty, Pg 3

Walter S Hopkins         Courtois, Pg 5

Alfred Huffman             Watkins, Pg 1

Green Huitt                  Courtois, Pg 5

James Huitt                 Courtois, Pg 5

James Hutchison         Johnson, Pg 5

Elizabeth Hyde            Liberty, Pg 3

Alexander Hyden          Johnson, Pg 3

James G Hyden           Johnson, Pg 5

Samuel Hyers              Watkins, Pg 1

Alvy Inman                   Merrimac, Pg 1

Hezikia Inman              Merrimac, Pg 9

John Inman                  Merrimac, Pg 1

Joseph Inman              Merrimac, Pg 11

Henry Isbell                 Merrimac, Pg 1

William Isgriggs           Liberty, Pg 3

Doriah Jaco                 Liberty, Pg 1

Jesse Jacobs               Merrimac, Pg 3

Henry James               Watkins, Pg 3

G M Jamison               Courtois, Pg 3

Samuel Jamison          Watkins, Pg 5

Thomas Jamison          Courtois, Pg 3

Anderson Johns           Watkins, Pg 5

Elijah Johns                 Watkins, Pg 7

William Johnson              Liberty, Pg 3

Archibald Jones           Johnson, Pg 1

Jesse Jones                Merrimac, Pg 9

William H Keepers       Merrimac, Pg 3

Thomas Kelly               Courtois, Pg 3

Elijah Key                    Merrimac, Pg 1

John Key                     Merrimac, Pg 7

Lewis Key                   Merrimac, Pg 5

Obadiah Key                Merrimac, Pg 5

William Key                 Merrimac, Pg 9

John Kincaid                Johnson, Pg 1

Joseph H King               Merrimac, Pg 1

James L King               Merrimac, Pg 1

Mikel King                   Merrimac, Pg 9

Willis King                   Merrimac, Pg 9

Thomas Kinsey            Johnson, Pg 1

Joshua Kinworthy         Courtois, Pg 7

Joseph Knight              Courtois, Pg 1

James Kiser                Johnson, Pg 7

John Lamb                   Merrimac, Pg 5

C C Lane                     Watkins, Pg 1

William Lane                Merrimac, Pg 11

Peter Lany                   Merrimac, Pg 5

John Large                   Merrimac, Pg 5

Anthony Larue             Watkins, Pg 3

Isom Larue                  Watkins, Pg 7

Thomas Lee                 Watkins, Pg 1

John Leek                    Watkins, Pg 3

John Lemons               Watkins, Pg 7

Joseph Lenard             Watkins, Pg 7

Robert Lenard              Watkins, Pg 5

Charles Lenox              Watkins, Pg 7

David Lenox                 Watkins, Pg 1

Hamilton Lenox            Watkins, Pg 1

John Lenox                  Watkins, Pg 7

Wilson Lenox               Watkins, Pg 1

Albert Lewis                 Courtois, Pg 5

Obadiah Light              Merrimac, Pg 7

James M Lockridge      Watkins, Pg 1

James Lofton               Merrimac, Pg 1

Samuel Lofton              Merrimac, Pg 1

Moses Loid                  Johnson, Pg 5

Harvey C Love              Johnson, Pg 3

Burros Lunsford            Courtois, Pg 5

Issom Lunsford            Courtois, Pg 5

Joel Lunsford               Courtois, Pg 5

William Lunsford          Courtois, Pg 5

James Luster               Merrimac, Pg 7

John Luster                  Merrimac, Pg 3

Thomas Malone           Merrimac, Pg 11

Thomas Maples           Courtois, Pg 5

William Marcie            Johnson, Pg 7

Broce Martin                Watkins, Pg 3

Dabney Martin             Courtois, Pg 3

David Martin                Johnson, Pg 7

J W Martin                   Courtois, Pg 3

Matison Martin             Johnson, Pg 3

Thomas T Martin          Courtois, Pg 3

Simon J Martin             Courtois, Pg 3

William Martin              Courtois, Pg 7

Samuel Massy             Merrimac, Pg 11

Barbary Matlock           Merrimac, Pg 11

Elias Matlock               Merrimac, Pg 1

Isom Matlock               Johnson, Pg 1

Isom Matlock                Johnson, Pg 7

Ison Matlock                Watkins, Pg 3

James H Matlock         Merrimac, Pg 9

John Matlock               Merrimac, Pg 11

John Matlock               Merrimac, Pg 7

Martin Matlock             Johnson, Pg 1

Robert Matlock            Watkins, Pg 5

Thomas Matlock            Johnson, Pg 7

William Matlock           Merrimac, Pg 3

William H Matthews       Courtois, Pg 3

James McDaniels         Johnson, Pg 3

John McDuffee             Merrimac, Pg 7

N E McKean                Merrimac, Pg 11

A G McKean                Merrimac, Pg 5

Petton McMurry           Courtois, Pg 3

T Q McNeal                 Watkins, Pg 5

A M McPherson           Merrimac, Pg 5

John Mitchel                Liberty, Pg 1

Spencer Mitchel           Watkins, Pg 5

William Mitchel            Liberty, Pg 1

William Mitchel            Liberty, Pg 1

Sarah Montgomary        Johnson, Pg 7

W B Montgomery         Johnson, Pg 1

Ezekiel More               Watkins, Pg 5

James Y More             Watkins, Pg 3

Sam More                    Johnson, Pg 7

Andrew Moreland         Johnson, Pg 5

Elias Moreland             Johnson, Pg 5

George Moreland          Johnson, Pg 5

Thomas Moreland         Johnson, Pg 5

William Moreland         Johnson, Pg 5

Caleb Morris                Courtois, Pg 1

Evan Morris                 Watkins, Pg 1

Joseph Morris              Watkins, Pg 1

Micajah Morris             Watkins, Pg 3

Thomas Morris             Watkins, Pg 1

Sarah Ann Morrison      Merrimac, Pg 3

William Morrison          Watkins, Pg 3

James H Moutray         Courtois, Pg 5

John F Mudd                Liberty, Pg 1

John A Murchison        Merrimac, Pg 5

B G Murray                  Courtois, Pg 1

Elisha Nelson              Watkins, Pg 3

James Nelson              Watkins, Pg 3

Newman Pounds        Johnson, Pg 7

S M Nichols                 Merrimac, Pg 3

Stanmore Nobles         Watkins, Pg 7

James Norris               Watkins, Pg 7

Francis Oharra             Merrimac, Pg 9

Joseph Parmer             Merrimac, Pg 9

Hartwell Parsons           Johnson, Pg 7

Lucy Paterson            Johnson, Pg 7

J R Peck                     Watkins, Pg 1

Victor Pennell              Courtois, Pg 1

Matthew Perry             Johnson, Pg 1

Richard Peters             Courtois, Pg 5

William Petty               Watkins, Pg 7

Amanda Pettyjohn        Liberty, Pg 1

Baker Pidcock             Courtois, Pg 3

Ira B Pidcock               Merrimac, Pg 11

Abel Pierce                  Johnson, Pg 1

Clabourn Pinions          Watkins, Pg 7

Lewis Pinnell               Liberty, Pg 1

Angus Poe                  Watkins, Pg 7

Isaac P Porter              Merrimac, Pg 3

Pleasant Post              Courtois, Pg 7

Benjamin Pratt             Merrimac, Pg 11

John Pratt                    Johnson, Pg 7

Francis Prewitt             Merrimac, Pg 11

George Prewitt             Merrimac, Pg 9

John Propst                 Watkins, Pg 1

William Pucket            Courtois, Pg 1

Jesse Quillin                Merrimac, Pg 5

Delafayett Ramsey       Merrimac, Pg 5

John H Ramsey           Merrimac, Pg 5

William T Ramsey        Merrimac, Pg 5

Thomas Randolph        Merrimac, Pg 11

Larkin Ranfroe              Johnson, Pg 3

Tillman Ray                 Courtois, Pg 7

A H Reaves                 Merrimac, Pg 9

Jesse J Reaves            Merrimac, Pg 9

Josiah Reaves              Liberty, Pg 3

David Reddick              Watkins, Pg 5

William M Reddick       Watkins, Pg 5

A J Reed                     Merrimac, Pg 1

Thomas W Reed          Watkins, Pg 3

Richard Rice                Liberty, Pg 1

Charles Richards          Watkins, Pg 1

Charles Roark              Watkins, Pg 7

John Roberts               Merrimac, Pg 11

Thomas Roberts           Merrimac, Pg 11

David Robertson           Courtois, Pg 1

James A Rolin             Johnson, Pg 3

Susanah Rychart         Johnson, Pg 3

James Sanders            Courtois, Pg 7

John Sanders               Courtois, Pg 1

William Sanders           Merrimac, Pg 5

Isaac Sands                Johnson, Pg 3

John Sappington          Johnson, Pg 3

James Scaggs             Courtois, Pg 5

Catherine Sewel           Johnson, Pg 1

George Shepherd         Merrimac, Pg 7

William Shepherd         Liberty, Pg 3

Elijah Shikle                Johnson, Pg 5

John Shinkle                Johnson, Pg 5

Samuel Shinkle            Johnson, Pg 5

Jacob Shirly                 Watkins, Pg 7

T J Shirly                     Watkins, Pg 7

David Shumate             Watkins, Pg 3

James Shumate           Liberty, Pg 1

Nimrod Shumate          Courtois, Pg 3

Samuel Shumate         Watkins, Pg 3

Stephen Shumate        Watkins, Pg 3

Amanda Shumway        Johnson, Pg 7

Elisha Sims                 Watkins, Pg 7

Jackson Sims              Watkins, Pg 7

William Simpson           Johnson, Pg 7

Parmer Sinclair            Watkins, Pg 1

Samuel Sinclair            Liberty, Pg 1

Richard Singleton         Johnson, Pg 1

William Skiles              Watkins, Pg 5

Charles Smith              Merrimac, Pg 11

James Smith               Merrimac, Pg 5

Martin Smith                Merrimac, Pg 11

William Smith              Merrimac, Pg 7

J T Snelson                 Merrimac, Pg 11

Levi Snelson                Merrimac, Pg 7

Levi L Snelson             Merrimac, Pg 9

Mary Snelson              Merrimac, Pg 11

S T Spears                  Merrimac, Pg 11

Noah Stafford               Merrimac, Pg 9

James Steel                Merrimac, Pg 1

Camuel Stewart           Courtois, Pg 5

Finly Stewart               Watkins, Pg 1

Joshua Stewart            Courtois, Pg 7

John Stinnett               Courtois, Pg 7

James Stricklin            Watkins, Pg 3

Luke Stricklin               Courtois, Pg 1

William Strong             Merrimac, Pg 5

George Sturdivant         Merrimac, Pg 3

Blasingin Sulivant         Johnson, Pg 3

Clabous Sulivant          Courtois, Pg 3

James Sulivant             Watkins, Pg 7

James G Sweney         Johnson, Pg 3

Samuel Swires             Merrimac, Pg 7

James J Swofford         Liberty, Pg 1

George Taff                  Merrimac, Pg 3

Peter Taff                     Merrimac, Pg 3

William Taff                  Merrimac, Pg 3

Evan Taylor                Johnson, Pg 7

Joseph S Tenison         Johnson, Pg 3

Willis Terry                  Courtois, Pg 5

Levi Tharp                    Johnson, Pg 1

William Thornton          Watkins, Pg 7

John Tinker                  Courtois, Pg 1

M W Trask                  Courtois, Pg 7

Putman Trask              Courtois, Pg 3

Daniel Troutman           Watkins, Pg 5

George Turnbough        Courtois, Pg 1

Jerry Turnbough           Courtois, Pg 3

John Turnbough            Courtois, Pg 1

Joseph Turnbough        Courtois, Pg 1

Samuel Turnbough       Courtois, Pg 3

Waren Turner                Johnson, Pg 7

John A Turney              Watkins, Pg 7

Matthew Turney           Merrimac, Pg 7

John Underwood           Johnson, Pg 3

John Vaughan            Johnson, Pg 7

Ruben Vaughan           Merrimac, Pg 7

William Vaughan         Johnson, Pg 7

L B Vest                      Merrimac, Pg 3

James Waggoner         Merrimac, Pg 7

Daniel B Walker           Merrimac, Pg 9

Robert Wallas              Merrimac, Pg 11

John B Ward                Watkins, Pg 3

James D Watkins,        Watkins, Pg 1

Leroy Watkins              Watkins, Pg 5

Philip Watson              Merrimac, Pg 3

Walter Watson             Johnson, Pg 1

William C Watson        Merrimac, Pg 9

H H Webb                   Courtois, Pg 7

Ivy Welch                    Courtois, Pg 5

James Welch               Johnson, Pg 3

John Welch Jr              Watkins, Pg 5

John Welch Sr             Watkins, Pg 5

Thomas Welch             Watkins, Pg 5

George White              Merrimac, Pg 9

James White               Liberty, Pg 3

John H White            Johnson, Pg 7 

Thomas Whitehead      Courtois, Pg 1

Peter Whittenburg        Merrimac, Pg 3

James Whorton            Johnson, Pg 3

William Wickerham      Merrimac, Pg 1

C B M Wilkinson          Merrimac, Pg 5

John Wilkinson            Merrimac, Pg 7

David Williams             Watkins, Pg 7

Theopolas Williams      Liberty, Pg 1


William Williams          Watkins, Pg 5

Joshua Willis               Merrimac, Pg 5

Eli B Wilson                Watkins, Pg 1

Jonathan Wiseman       Johnson, Pg 5

Benjamin Wishon        Johnson, Pg 7

Philip Wishon              Merrimac, Pg 3

Thomas Wisluk            Merrimac, Pg 7

Mikil Wolf                    Merrimac, Pg 11

C T Wood                    Merrimac, Pg 1

Charles Wood              Merrimac, Pg 9

Daniel Wood                Courtois, Pg 5

Eli Wood                     Merrimac, Pg 9

James Wood                Johnson, Pg 7

Samuel W Wood          Merrimac, Pg 3

Solomon Wood            Courtois, Pg 5

Whorton Wood             Courtois, Pg 3

Wade Woodson           Watkins, Pg 3

Daniel Wooliver            Watkins, Pg 5

Cartim Wright              Liberty, Pg 1

E A Wright                  Watkins, Pg 3

Jackson Wright            Liberty, Pg 1

James Wright              Watkins, Pg 3

John Wright                 Merrimac, Pg 1

Isaiah Yeary                Courtois, Pg 5

Elan Young                  Merrimac, Pg 7

J N Young                   Merrimac, Pg 3



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