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Crawford County, Missouri

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Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.


1880 United States Federal Census





Name                        Page

Albert Abram              Meramec40

Charles Abram            Meramec39

Elizabeth Abram         Meramec39

Franklin Abram           Meramec39

Gabriel Abram            Meramec39

Granville Abram          Meramec39

Johnson Abram           Meramec40

Luella Abram              Meramec39

Maria Abram               Meramec39

William Abram            Meramec39

C Nicholas Achison     Union22

Effie Achison              Union22

Florence Achison        Union22

Mary Achison             Union22

William Achison          Union22

Albert Ackerman         OakHill17

Andrew Ackerman       OakHill17

Franty Ackerman        OakHill17

Henry Ackerman         OakHill17

Jacob Ackerman         OakHill17

Mary Ann Ackerman   OakHill17

Ann Adair                   Meramec12

Ardel Adair                 Meramec29

Charles Adair              Meramec12

Effie Adair                  Meramec12

Elizabeth Adair           Boone11

Frances Adair             Meramec29

James Adair               Meramec12

Lavada Adair               Meramec12

Mary Adair                 Meramec12

Olevia Adair                Meramec29

Susan Adair               Meramec12

Eugene E Adam         Benton22

Mary F Adam             Benton22

Addison Adams          Meramec8

Addison Adams          Meramec8

Ann Adams                Meramec8

Benjamin Adams        Liberty20

Comfort Adams           Meramec15

Dellie Adams              Meramec8

Eliza Adams               Meramec8

Emila Adams              OakHill16

Henrietta Adams         Meramec8

Henry Adams             Liberty20

Ida Adams                  Meramec39

John Adams               Liberty20

John Adams               Meramec39

Lula Adams                OakHill16

Mathew Adams           Liberty20

Matthew Adams          Meramec15

Nancy Adams             Liberty20

Rebecca Adams         Meramec8

Robert Adams            OakHill16

Sarah Adams             Meramec8

Thomas Adams          Meramec8

William Adams           Meramec15

A Clara Agle               Union3

A Wesley Agle           Union3

H Calhoon Agle           Union3

I Isabelle Agle             Union3

L Martha Agle             Union3

M Ida Agle                  Union3

Mary Agle                  Union3

S Elis Agle                 Union3

E Anna Ake                Union21

S Edwin Ake              Union21

William Ake                Union21

Harvey Alderson          Meramec23

Margaret Alderson       Meramec23

Newton Alderson         Meramec23

A Robert Ales             Union25

Allice Ales                  Union25

Docie Ales                 Union25

Effie Ales                   Union25

G Mary Ales               Union25

James Ales                Union25

Mary Ales                  Union25

Theodore Ales            Union25

W Browlow Ales         Union25

Clara Alexander          Benton14

John Alexander           Meramec22

John Alexander           Meramec7

Joseph A Alexander    Osage2

Joseph D Alexander    Osage3

Laben Alexander         Osage3

Levi Alexander            Benton14

Martha A Alexander    Osage3

Martha Alexander        Meramec7

Sarah Alexander         Meramec7

Sarah Alexander         Osage2

William N Alexander    Osage3

Christopher C Allen     Courtois30

Clara Allen                 Boone13

Elizabeth Allen           Boone13

Florence Allen            Courtois30

Henry Allen                Boone13

Jenny Allen                Courtois30

John Allen                  Boone11

John Allen                  Boone13

Louisa Allen               Boone13

Ruthy Allen                Boone11

Sidney Allen               Courtois30

William Allen              Boone13

Pinkney Alley             Liberty16

Carrie Alliver               OakHill3

William Alliver             OakHill3

Franklin Allo               Meramec8

Iva Allo                       Meramec8

James Allo                 Meramec8

Martha Allo                 Meramec8

Aaron Allsman            Liberty7

Andrew C Allsman      Liberty7

Elizabeth Allsman       Liberty7

Orville L Allsman         Liberty7

Philena L Allsman       Liberty7

William P Allsman      Liberty7

Winfield S Allsman      Liberty7

Adeline Alter               Knobview4

Daisy Alter                 Knobview4

Ethel Alter                  Knobview4

Flora M Alter              Knobview4

Francis J Alter            Knobview4

John Alter                   Knobview4

May Alter                   Knobview4

Nancy J Alter              Knobview4

Augusta Alverson        Boone2

Clarence Alverson       Boone2

Emery B Alverson       Boone2

Eugene Alverson         Boone2

Harry Alverson            Boone2

John O Alverson          Boone2

May L Alverson           Boone2

Matty Aly                   Courtois9

Max Aly                     Courtois9

Madalia Amstead        Meramec30

Alfred Anderson          Knobview10

Allen G Anderson        Knobview10

Augustus Anderson     Meramec18

Caldona Anderson       Boone21

Clarke Anderson         Meramec18

Clementine Anderson  Boone21

Columb C Anderson    Meramec2

Daisy Anderson          Meramec18

Edward Anderson        Meramec18

Elizabeth Anderson     Union23

Elizebeth Anderson     Boone21

Ethel Anderson           Meramec32

Eveline Anderson        Meramec18

Frank Anderson          Boone21

George Anderson        Benton25

George Anderson        Boone21

Grace Anderson          Meramec18

Halagan Anderson       Knobview10

Hiram Anderson          Meramec6

Hiram M Anderson      Knobview10

Imogene Anderson      Meramec32

Isaac Anderson           Benton25

Jacob Anderson          Union23

James Anderson         Benton25

James Anderson         Courtois11

James Anderson         Union23

John Anderson            Meramec17

John J Anderson         Meramec27

Leeann Anderson        Benton25

Louise Anderson         Benton25

Luster Anderson         Knobview10

Mahala Anderson        Meramec18

Malinda Anderson       Meramec26

Marcus Anderson        Meramec18

Margaret Anderson      Benton25

Mary Anderson           Meramec26

Mary Anderson           Meramec32

Matilda Anderson        Meramec27

Millard Anderson         Meramec6

Minnie Anderson         Union23

Nancy Anderson         Meramec18

Nancy Anderson         Meramec18

Nancy Anderson         Meramec26

Nettie Anderson          Meramec29

Newton Anderson        Meramec18

Noah Anderson           Meramec18

Olivia Anderson           Knobview10

Otway Anderson         Meramec18

Pierce E Anderson      Knobview10

Rachel Anderson        Meramec6

Rhoda Anderson         Meramec2

Robert Anderson         Meramec18

Sarah Anderson          Boone21

Smith Anderson          Benton25

Stephen Anderson      Meramec26

Stephen Anderson      Meramec27

Susan E Anderson      Benton25

Sylvester Anderson     Meramec26

Thomas Anderson       Meramec2

William Anderson        Meramec18

William Anderson        Meramec18

William Anderson        Meramec2

Cora Andrews             Osage4

Eliza Andrews            Osage4

Gilbert Andrews          Osage4

Louise A Andrews       Osage4

Lucy F Andrews          Osage4

Martha L Andrews       Osage4

Mary A Andrews         Osage4

Munroe Andrews         Osage4

Sarah Andrews           Osage14

Sarah E Andrews        Osage4

William D Andrews      Osage4

William H Andrews      Osage4

A Amanda Angle         Union6

A Margaret Angle        Union6

F John Angle              Union6

J William Angle           Union6

M Eliza Angle             Union6

M Evaline Angle          Union6

N Maud Angle             Union6

P Alfred Angle            Union6

S Ellis Angle              Union6

W George Angle         Union6

Eveline Angles            Meramec18

Julius Anke                OakHill10

Kate Anke                  OakHill10

Jonas M Anthony        Liberty22

Alison Archer              Osage3

Pamelia Archer           Osage3

Fanny Archey             Courtois21

Ann Armstead            Meramec31

Charles Armstrong      Courtois28

Clara L Armstrong       Boone5

Harriet A Armstrong    Boone5

James Armstrong        Boone5

James Armstrong        Boone5

Nancy Armstrong        Boone5

Charley Arney             Union12

Franklin Arney            Union12

M Ann Arney              Union12

Riley Arney                Union12

Thomas Arney            Union12

Adelaide Arnold          Knobview6

Albert Arnold              Knobview6

Hugh E Arnold            Knobview6

Jacob Arnold              Benton4

Menerva Arnold           Knobview6

Minnie E Arnold          Knobview6

A Bernattie Arthur       Union11

A Gemima Arthur        Union11

A Jackson Arthur        Union11

Anna L Arthur             Courtois30

B Elias Arthur             Union11

Charles H Arthur         Courtois30

E John Arthur             Union11

Elizabeth Arthur          Courtois30

Elizabeth Arthur          Union11

Gertrude Arthur           Meramec24

J Eliza Arthur              Union11

Julia A Arthur              Meramec21

M Francis Arthur         Union11

M Granville Arthur       Union16

Marion Arthur              Meramec21

Marshal Arthur            Meramec24

Otis E Arthur              Meramec24

S Eliza Arthur             Union16

S Lavonia Arthur         Union11

Sarah Arthur               Union16

Walter Arthur              Meramec24

William H Arthur         Courtois30

Willis B Arthur            Courtois30

Leroy Asburn              Courtois27

Charles Asher             Courtois8

Dienna Asher              Courtois8

Eliza J Asher              Courtois8

Sarah E Asher            Courtois8

Sarah E Asher            Courtois8

Wesley Asher             Courtois8

Agnes Ashley             Courtois12

Ameal Ashley             Courtois12

Amiel Ashley              Meramec22

David Ashley              Courtois12

Ellen Ashley               Courtois12

Ida Ashley                  Courtois12

Malinda Ashley           Courtois12

Oliver Ashley              Courtois12

William Ashley           Courtois12

William Ashley           Meramec25

John Ashworth            Meramec22

George W Askins       Benton16

George W Askins       Benton17

Harvey Attleberry        Knobview12

Alonzo Austin             OakHill10

James Austin             OakHill10

Rebecca Austin          OakHill10

Henrietta Avery           Liberty2

James Avery               Liberty2

James F Avery            Liberty2

Martha Avery              Liberty2

Martha C Avery           Liberty2

Nancy Avery               Liberty2


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