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Crawford County, Missouri
1930 - Index

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Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.

The index below is a all name list those in the 1930 Crawford County Census showing the approximate page to locate the individual on our 1930 Crawford County Census pages


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Last Name First Name Census Page
Abbott Clarence E Osage pg.13
Abbott Mary F Osage pg.13
Able Junior Knobview pg.10
Abner Bertha Osage pg.19
Abner James A Osage pg.19
Abner Mildred Osage pg.19
Abner Nancy Osage pg.19
Abner Richard Osage pg.19
Abner Rosco Osage pg.19
Abner Rosie Osage pg.19
Abney Alford L Osage pg.23
Abney Annie M Osage pg.24
Abney Bert F Osage pg.23
Abney Dollie M Osage pg.23
Abney Earl E Osage pg.20
Abney Elnoy D Osage pg.23
Abney Gerrine C Osage pg.23
Abney Harrison J Osage pg.23
Abney Hattie Osage pg.23
Abney Helen L Osage pg.23
Abney James C Osage pg.24
Abney Johnie E Osage pg.23
Abney Mable I Osage pg.20
Abney Ralph Osage pg.24
Abney William S Osage pg.24
Abrams Anna Lee Union pg.18
Abrams Christopher Union pg.18
Abrams Minnie Union pg.18
Abrem Mary Steelville pg.16
Achurch Annie Courtois pg.19
Achurch Charlie R Steelville pg.17
Achurch Connie Courtois pg.19
Achurch Dorthy L Steelville pg.17
Achurch Edward Courtois pg.4
Achurch Fred Courtois pg.19
Achurch Harold W Steelville pg.17
Achurch Helen E Steelville pg.17
Achurch Jeanette Courtois pg.19
Achurch Maggie Courtois pg.4
Achurch Mary Courtois pg.19
Achurch Stora C Steelville pg.17
Achurch William R Courtois pg.19
Ackerman Albert Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackerman Effie M Oak Hill Pg.19
Ackerman George H Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackerman Jacob G Oak Hill Pg.19
Ackerman Nellie V Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackerman Ralph J Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackerman Walter B Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackerman William J Oak Hill Pg.11
Ackley Andrew Courtois pg.1
Ackley Francis Courtois pg.1
Adair Billie Meramec pg.17
Adair Jane Meramec pg.17
Adair John Courtois pg.15
Adair William Cuba pg.15
Adam Edna Courtois pg.3
Adam Elvie Courtois pg.3
Adam Elzie Courtois pg.3
Adam Hershall Courtois pg.3
Adams Alex Liberty pg.16
Adams Allen H Osage pg.15
Adams Andrew J Liberty pg.16
Adams Anna E Liberty pg.7
Adams Anna M Meramec pg.13
Adams Annie Courtois pg.19
Adams Ava L Meramec pg.13
Adams Ben W Liberty pg.7
Adams Benj T Liberty pg.5
Adams Benj. J Liberty pg.7
Adams Benjamin F Liberty pg.17
Adams Bertha A Liberty pg.16
Adams Bertha M Osage pg.1
Adams Betty J Meramec pg.13
Adams Bob Courtois pg.19
Adams Clarence Courtois pg.19
Adams Clifford W Osage pg.29
Adams Clyde W Bourbon pg7
Adams Donald C Liberty pg.7
Adams Douglas S Liberty pg.5
Adams Ellen E Osage pg.29
Adams F Pauline Meramec pg.13
Adams George Courtois pg.11
Adams George M Osage pg.1
Adams Gladys Courtois pg.19
Adams Gladys J Osage pg.15
Adams Hazel B Liberty pg.5
Adams Jacob L Osage pg.15
Adams Jake B Osage pg.29
Adams James F Osage pg.29
Adams John Courtois pg.19
Adams Kermit Liberty pg.5
Adams Laura C Liberty pg.5
Adams Leona Courtois pg.19
Adams Lucile V Liberty pg.5
Adams Lula Courtois pg.19
Adams Mabel Courtois pg.19
Adams Mabel L Bourbon pg7
Adams Margaret A Liberty pg.2
Adams Marion P Meramec pg.13
Adams Mary A Liberty pg.16
Adams Maud Courtois pg.19
Adams Maurie B Liberty pg.8
Adams May Courtois pg.19
Adams May A Courtois pg.11
Adams Menessia E Osage pg.29
Adams Millie A Meramec pg.13
Adams Nellie E Liberty pg.16
Adams Nellie K Osage pg.29
Adams Neola M Meramec pg.13
Adams Norma J Bourbon pg7
Adams Opel M Meramec pg.13
Adams P Henry Meramec pg.13
Adams Richard H Liberty pg.16
Adams Terrie A Osage pg.15
Adams Treffie H Osage pg.29
Adams Unice Osage pg.15
Adams Walter E Liberty pg.16
Adams William J Bourbon pg7
Adams Willie Courtois pg.19
Aemisegger Agnes M Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Alice B Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Clara O Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Fred E Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Henry J Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Laura E Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Laura E Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Otto L Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Otto L Jr. Oak Hill Pg.5
Aemisegger Rose C Oak Hill Pg.5
Ahlemeyer Minnie H Knobview pg.6
Ahlemeyer William H Knobview pg.6
Aiple Emma J Liberty pg.10
Aiple Reinhold M Liberty pg.10
Albach Pauline M Meramec pg.20
Alcorn Alexander M Osage pg.9
Alcorn Bertha Z Osage pg.1
Alcorn Nancy E Osage pg.9
Alcorn William B Osage pg.1
Aldridge Nancy A Oak Hill Pg.3
Alexander Delma R Osage pg.27
Alexander Edward Boone pg8
Alexander Emma Osage pg.10
Alexander Erastus P Leasburg pg.1
Alexander Essie M Leasburg pg.1
Alexander Fannie M Osage pg.10
Alexander Ferd Osage pg.27
Alexander George W Bourbon pg7
Alexander George W Boone pg8
Alexander Joseph F Osage pg.27
Alexander Joseph W Osage pg.10
Alexander Labe Osage pg.5
Alexander Mary E Bourbon pg7
Alexander Maxine Boone pg8
Alexander Mollie Osage pg.5
Alexander Noel C Osage pg.27
Alexander Peggy Boone pg8
Alexander Rose Boone pg8
Alexander Roy E Boone pg8
Alexander William R Osage pg.27
Allen Annie E Osage pg.21
Allen Edith G Osage pg.21
Allen George B Osage pg.21
Allen John W Osage pg.21
Allen Ruby Osage pg.10
Allsman Philena L Bourbon pg8
Alter William H Cuba pg.16
Anderson Andrew Osage pg.28
Anderson Ethel Knobview pg.8
Anderson Floyd Benton pg.15
Anderson Kenneth Knobview pg.8
Anderson Mary M Oak Hill Pg.7
Anderson May Knobview pg.8
Anderson Mollie J Osage pg.28
Anderson Russell F Knobview pg.8
Anderson Steve Benton pg.15
Andres Anna J Oak Hill Pg.11
Andres Carolina M Oak Hill Pg.11
Andres Edward E Oak Hill Pg.11
Andres Edward E Jr. Oak Hill Pg.11
Andrew Arthur A Cuba pg.11
Andrew Elba Lee Cuba pg.11
Andrew Eugene A Cuba pg.11
Andrew Eugene A Jr Cuba pg.11
Andrew George H Cuba pg.11
Andrew Georgia E Cuba pg.11
Angerer Elizabeth Benton pg.1
Arads John A Boone pg12
Arads Oline R Boone pg12
Arads Willard P Boone pg12
Arbiter Cal Knobview pg.5
Arbuckle Donald N Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Evellelyn Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Harry N Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Mark L Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Maxine M Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Nellie S Meramec pg.5
Arbuckle Norma G Meramec pg.5
Armstead Beulah Union pg.17
Armstead Laura Union pg.17
Armstead Olive Union pg.17
Armstead Ralph Union pg.17
Armstead Roy Union pg.17
Armstead Roy M Union pg.17
Arndt Clara J Steelville pg.16
Arndt Jacob E Steelville pg.16
Arndt Jacob G Steelville pg.16
Arndt Robert L Steelville pg.16
Arnett Edna M Steelville pg.7
Arnett Missouri A Steelville pg.7
Arnett Myrtle E Steelville pg.7
Arnett William F Steelville pg.7
Arnold Frances R Oak Hill Pg.1
Arnold Mary A Oak Hill Pg.1
Arnold Thomas E Oak Hill Pg.1
Arnold Thomas J Oak Hill Pg.1
Ash Chas Courtois pg.14
Ash Elsis Courtois pg.15
Ash Emma Courtois pg.15
Ash George Courtois pg.15
Ash Gladine Courtois pg.15
Ash Irene Courtois pg.15
Ashwort George Meramec pg.2
Ashworth Celeste C Steelville pg.15
Askins Ada P Osage pg.7
Askins Artie Osage pg.1
Askins Dora M Benton pg.2
Askins Dorathy A Osage pg.7
Askins Ellen H Osage pg.29
Askins Frances A Osage pg.7
Askins Frank Cuba pg.13
Askins Frank Osage pg.1
Askins Frank Sr. Benton pg.2
Askins James I Osage pg.7
Askins James L Osage pg.29
Askins Jeptha J Osage pg.29
Askins Marvin M Benton pg.2
Askins Mary C Cuba pg.13
Askins Melvin P Benton pg.2
Askins Mildred L Osage pg.29
Askins Minnie F Osage pg.29
Askins Norman R Osage pg.29
Askins Patricia J Cuba pg.13
Askins Raymond Osage pg.1
Asplin Buddie Boone pg17
Asplin Earnest W Boone pg17
Asplin Frank H Boone pg17
Asplin Mabel Boone pg7
Asplin Nancy C Boone pg16
Asplin Newton Boone pg16
Asplin Pauline Boone pg7
Asplin Pete Boone pg7
Asplin Wilbur O Boone pg17
Atchinson Albert Union pg.14
Atchinson Billie Union pg.14
Atchinson Bonnie Union pg.14
Atchinson Flossie Union pg.14
Atchinson Halbert Union pg.14
Atchinson Mac Union pg.14
Atchison Artzene Union pg.21
Atchison Cecil Union pg.21
Atchison Delores Union pg.21
Atchison Eura Union pg.21
Atchison Geneva Union pg.21
Atchison P E (Phillip) Union pg.21
Atkins Henry Boone pg3
Atkins Mary Boone pg3
Auderlik Edward Cuba pg.15
Auphmueller Anna Cuba pg.16
Authur Frank Union pg.10
Avery Beulah Courtois pg.5
Avery Bryan Courtois pg.5
Avery Curtis B Courtois pg.5
Avery Flossie E Liberty pg.11
Avery Frank R Liberty pg.11
Avery Josephine H Liberty pg.12
Avery Leslie M Liberty pg.11
Avery Margret L Liberty pg.11
Avery Marie L Liberty pg.11
Avery Pearl Courtois pg.5
Avery Russell J Liberty pg.11
Avery Russell W Liberty pg.11
Avery Virginia B Liberty pg.11
Ayers Clarence Courtois pg.12
Ayers Clifford Courtois pg.12
Ayers Clifford Jr. Courtois pg.12
Ayers Clinton Courtois pg.12
Ayers Clyde Courtois pg.12
Ayers Essie Courtois pg.12



You are welcome, encouraged even, to browse the information on these pages and at the many links provided to garner the data needed to continue your research into your family history. However, Please remember that this information, in many cases, represents years of painstaking research on the part of myself, or the many generous volunteers who have donated their information to this site. You can show your respect for these efforts by not taking things to use on other websites and/or to claim as your own.

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