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Census Records

Census Transcriptions

These were all transcribed by Dave McCormick

1830 Index

1830 Transcript

Index of Names in 1840 Census

1840 Transcription

1850 Index

1850 Transcript

1860 Index

1860 Transcript (by township)

1870 Index

1870 Transcript (by township)

1880 Index

1880 Transcript (by township)

1890 Index (Veterans Only)

1890 Transcript (Veterans Only)

1900 Index

1900 Transcript (by township)

1910 Index

1910 Transcript (by township)

1920 Index

1920 Transcript (by township)

1930 Index

1930 Transcript (by township)


1940 Transcript (by district)

Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.

The 1890 Census was destroyed, so we have included the Veterans Census.



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