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Crawford County, Missouri
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Due to the sometimes illegible writing found on older documents such as the census, and the mistakes made by those recording the original information, some errors may be found.

The 1890 Census was destroyed, so we have included the Veterans Census.

When information is ready, clicking on the link below will open a page showing those listed in that years census alphabetically, for the indexes, or a page by page transcript of that census.

1830 Index 1830 Transcript
1840 Index 1840 Transcript
1850 Index 1850 Transcript
1860 Index 1860 Transcript (by township)
1870 Index 1870 Transcript (by township)
1880 Index 1880 Transcript (by township)
1890 Index (Veterans Only) 1890 Transcript (Veterans Only)
1900 Index 1900 Transcript (by township)
1910 Index 1910 Transcript (by township)
1920 Index 1920 Transcript (by township)
1930 Index 1930 Transcript (by township)
1940 Index - Coming Soon 1940 Transcript (by district)


You are welcome, encouraged even, to browse the information on these pages and at the many links provided to garner the data needed to continue your research into your family history. However, Please remember that this information, in many cases, represents years of painstaking research on the part of myself, or the many generous volunteers who have donated their information to this site. You can show your respect for these efforts by not taking things to use on other websites and/or to claim as your own.


Last up-dated 04/16/2012

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