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Crawford County, Missouri

Volunteers Dedicated to Free Genealogy!

If you have wedding announcement or information from a wedding relating to Crawford County, Missouri, you can submit it for these pages by sending it to the Crawford County host.

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Birth Date


Spouse Birth Date

Marriage Date

Mr Earl Quathamer


Miss Estella Howald


20 Nov 1912

Michael Terry Queen

abt 1944

Doris Eileen Campbell

abt 1949

6 Apr 1991

Matilda Quel


D T Dunlap


25 Mar 1852

Mr James Quinley


Miss Ora Beckham


25 Mar 1913

Mr. John R Quinly


Miss. Ida M Roberts


25 Mar 1903

Mr J V Quinton


Miss Ida M Trest


26 Feb 1914

Mr J V Quinton


Miss Josie Eaton


11 Jun 1911

James Edward Quinton

abt 1973

Shawndrea Marie Conaway

abt 1971

8 May 1992

Janet Marie Quinton

abt 1956

Steven Macks J Eckert

abt 1952

24 Dec 1988

Kenneth Edward Quinton Jr

abt 1969

Bonnie Diania Walters

abt 1972

11 Aug 1990

Patricia Kathleen Quinton

abt 1972

Curtis Charles Hayes

abt 1964

7 Jul 1990




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