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Coming to Colorado in 1883, when he was but twenty-two years of age, and without capital except his natural endowment of pluck and enterprise, his clearness of vision and alertness in seizing opportunities and turning them to his advantage, Mark Choate has established himself well and firmly in this state, and is carrying on an extensive business in ranching and raising stock in Routt county on a good ranch of five hundred and forty acres, a part of which he acquired as a homestead and the rest by purchase.  His ranch is one of the best fenced and most highly improved and cultivated in his portion of the county.  It is six miles north of Yampa, and is well supplied with water from ditches belonging to it.  It was covered with wild sage when he located on it, and all that it is now in the way of improvement and productiveness is the result of his continued and wisely applied industry and taste.  Two hundred acres of the tract are tillable and in an advanced state of cultivation.  Here Mr. Choate raises large quantity of hay, grain and vegetables, and numbers of well-bred and valuable cattle and horses.  The draft stallion Prince, of the Percheron strain, which is celebrated throughout all this section, belongs to him.  Mr. Choate is altogether a self-made man, and one of the leading citizens of the county.  He was born in Dade county, Missouri, on December 28, 1861, and secured a very limited education in the common schools near his home.  Until he reached the age of twenty-three years he assisted his parents on the homestead, taking his place as a full hand on the farm at an early age and maintaining his place among the men until he left the place.  His parents, Huston and Nancy (Parala) Choate, were born and reared in Tennessee, and after farming in that state a number of years, moved to Dade county, Missouri, where the mother died in July, 1894, and the father is still living.  The father is a farmer there as he was in his native state, and he also raises stock in large numbers.  He is a Democratic politically.  He was a soldier in the Civil war and saw much service in that memorable contest wherein American valor was put to its severest test and gloriously justified all the encomiums that have been passed upon it.  Three children survive the mother, Alexander, Mrs. Amelia Faulx and Mark.  The last named was married on May 6, 1890, to Miss Anna Brown, a native of Illinois, and has three children, Ella R., Lewis M. and Anna D.
(Source: Progressive Men of Western Colorado, Publ 1905. Transcribed by Marilyn Clore)


Dade County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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