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Hoover a Missourian, a Dade County Man's Murder Causes the Cheyenne Trouble

Miles City Mont. June 3 John Hoover the sheep herder who was killed by the Cheyenne, Stanley and about which the present Indian trouble started was the son of Monroe Hoover who resides at Everton Dade County, Mo. He was a young man who had but recently come to Montana. His body was buried where it was found. Sheriff Gibb returned last night from the Cheyenne agency. he says the Indian situation is very grave, indeed. he reports 200 or more Indians off the reservation and scattered the hills. Their war hoops can be heard frequently and the dancing continues. Old settlers look for trouble................

Date: Thursday, June 3, 1897 Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Volume: 17 Issue: 258 Page: 1 

Widow Kills Missouri Youth Son of Former Sheriff of Dade County Urged His Attentions, Woman Said
Son of former Sheriff of Dade County Urged His Attentions, Woman said
Springfield M. July 20 James Miller, 27 years old, son of former sheriff Morris Miller of Dade County, was shot and killed today by Mrs. Alice McMasters, a widow, when the latter resisted the alleged attentions of  Miller. The shooting occurred at the home of Mrs. McMasters in Dadeville, northeast of here when Miller came to her home and is said to have forced his attentions upon her. She ordered him out of the house, Mrs. McMasters says, and when he hurled a chair at her from the porch, she opened fire, striking; him near the heart.  He died forty minutes later.

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 1914  Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO)  Volume: 77  Issue: 173  Page: 1 

Wanted Back in Dade County
Jefferson City, Mo., May 5.—Governor Marmaduke today granted a full pardon to A. A. Hayes, who was convicted at the October term, 1883, of the Dade county court of having as township trustee embezzled $400 of the school funds, and was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Petitions signed by 127 persons in the township where he formerly resided, by ten of the jury who tried and the certificate of the circuit clerk that the other two are now non-residents of the state, and by 241 persons from other parts of Dade county; also strong letters from the prosecuting attorney and the circuit judge who tried him saying that he was technically rather than really guilty; also a statement signed by most of the county officers of Dade county and a large number of well known and respectable citizens, saying that Hayes would "be welcomed back to Dade county as an honest man justly entitled to the right of citizenship," were sent to the governor and influenced him in granting the pardon.

Date: Wednesday, May 6, 1885 Location: Kansas City, Missouri Paper: Kansas City Times Article type: Newspaper Article

Death of Judge M.A. Tolbert Services for Pioneer Resident of Dade County, Missouri Today
Judge Mason A. Tolbert, 79 years old, died yesterday at his home In Greenfield, Mo. Judge Tolbert was born in Dade County Missouri, and had been a resident of Greenfield all his life. He is survived by a son, Henry Tolbert of the home address, and four daughters, Mrs. Charles Parr and Mrs. Charles McLemore, Billings, Mont, and Mrs. Mary Davis and Mrs. Clyde Whaley of the home address, and a sister, Mrs. J. W. Bell, 2506 East Forty-second Street, Services will be at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the home in Greenfield.

Date: Friday, June 27, 1919 Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO)  Volume: 82  Issue: 153  Page: 8

Dade County  Jury Finds Father: Guilty. Frees Son.
Greenfield, Mo.—A jury in Dade County circuit court last week convicted Henry Martin, 48, of second degree murder in connection with the death two months ago of Alva Shaw. 50. and acquitted Martin's son. Marvin, on the same charge. The jury recommended ten years imprisonment for Henry Martin. Both men were charged and tried jointly.
Arkley W. Frieze. Dace County prosecutor, charged that the Martin invited Shaw into the younger Martin's motor car. beat him and pushed him from the car after a quarrel Shaw died of a fractured skull. The defendants admitted Shaw was in their motor car but denied that they beat him   They said he jumped from the moving car.
W. R. Blackwell. defense attorney, said he would file, a motion for a new trial for Henry Martin after the verdict was delivered. The jury deliberated twenty-two and one-half hours.
The Martins live on a farm five and one-half miles northwest of Greenfield. Shaw lived on a farm nine miles north of Greenfield.

Date: Wednesday, April 16, 1941 Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Page: 3 

Frank Perry  Escapes From Greene   County Jail (By the Associated Press.) Springfield, Mo- May 17.—Blood-hounds today were on the trail of Frank Perry. 29. who escaped from the Greene County jail here early this morning, and officers believe. abandoned a stolen car and fled on foot through wooded country twenty miles west of here.
Perry and Ernest Aspinwall, 31, held here for Dade County officers, made their break for freedom at 2 o'clock this morning, after calling Jailer Jim Hall to their cell with a plea for aspirin.
When Hall opened the door of their cell, the two men pushed it against him. knocking him down and gashing his head. Hall shot Aspinwall wounding him slightly and preventing his escape, but Perry fled after taking Halls keys.

Date: Saturday, May 17, 1941 Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Page: 3 

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