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G. B. M. Williams For Taft.
Writes Interesting Letter of Conditions at His New Home in Washington.
The many friends of G. B. M. Williams who until the time of his leaving for Washington, was a member of the Dallas County Republican Central Committee, will be pleased to hear from him and to learn that his is still strong in the Republican faith.
Turner, Wash., July 16, 1912
Editor Reflex:
I take the pleasure to write a few lines to the Reflex. We left Dallas county the 9th day of April and landed in Dayton, Wash., the 13th at 1:30 p. m. We got a livery rig to take us nine miles out to our sister’s and I will not try to tell you all that happened when we go there, but is good to meet a sister that one hasn’t seen for twenty or more years, to say the least. It was an enjoyable time. We were most worn out by being on the train for five days and nights, but we soon were rested. The next morning we walked upon one of those high hills. We could see snow on the mountains a few miles away to the south. This is a fine country. A man can make lots of money here and can spend it as fast as he makes it, if he will. The farmers are in good spirits this year for the crops are fine. Wheat is good, barley is excellent, alfalfa is fine, hay is all cut. In most parts there will be a good crop of fruit. The crop of small fruit is being cared for now—cherries and raspberries of all kinds. This is a wonderful fruit country and it is grand to look over those large fields of wheat and barley that has a golden hue that shows it is most ready for the harvesters. There is a great demand for work hands here. We are living in Turner, Wash. It is a small railroad town. We don’t know how long we will stay here. We like the country fine, but it is hard for a person to get a farm here as land is so high. It is selling for $100 to $200 per acre, but this land will grow from 30 to 40 sacks of wheat and barley per acre. But what is this great country without protection and my policy is vote for Taft for President. Would liked to have voted for Hadley and it isn't too late for that, if we live, for 1916 will be her by and by; but stick to Taft and J. P. O’Bannon for congress. That district can’t get a better man that knows the needs of the people of that district. and now, boys of the Republican party, stick together for we can see what man’s ambition will lead him to by some things that occurred at the National convention. Let us so act and vote that the smiles of an Allwise Creator will be on us as a Nation. With love and best wishes to all, and a hurrah for Taft and three cheers for Hon. J. P. O’Bannon, we say good bye to all.
G. B. M. Williams.
[Buffalo Reflex, 1912. Submitted by Debra Burgess]



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