Daviess County, Missouri Genealogy Trails


Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Muddy Cemetery 395936N 0941039W
Everly Cemetery 395930N 0935755W
Waters Cemetery 400019N 0940314W
Savage Cemetery 400314N 0941229W
Greenwood Cemetery 395527N 0935756W
Hillcrest Cemetery 395526N 0935804W
Cope Cemetery 395554N 0941139W
Craborchard Cemetery 395707N 0940150W
Frazier Cemetery 395935N 0940645W
Pilot Grove Number 2 Cemetery 400158N 0935224W
Hill Cemetery 400524N 0935235W
Creekmore Cemetery 395513N 0940326W
Civil Bend Cemetery 395921N 0940532W
Wooderson Cemetery 394854N 0940409W
Civil Bend Christian Cemetery 395918N 0940454W
Jamesport Memorial Cemetery 395848N 0934824W
Old Union Cemetery 395641N 0940533W
Reid Cemetery 395350N 0941111W
Mount Ayr Cemetery 395246N 0940538W
Winston Cemetery 395224N 0940752W

Source GNIS
This May Not Be A Complete List

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