Daviess County, Missouri Genealogy Trails

Marriages 1836-1855


Marriages 1836-1855

Source: “Marriage Records of Daviess County, Missouri: 1836-1855; Chillicothe, Missouri; E. P. Ellsberry, 1959”; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team member Vicki Bryan

Enoch Riggs to Ann Littlefield, 27 May 1838 by Elisha H. Groves

Jonathan Hall to Matilda Roberts, 13 February 1838 by H. W. Enyart JP

Benjamin Crandle to Rebecca Simmons, 29 April 1838 by Lyman Wright

Josiah Sumner to Betsy Ireland, 13 June 1838 by Nathan West

John McCrary to Lucinda Splawn, 22 March 1838 by James McMahan, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Robert Jobe to Margaret Atkins, 11 February 1838 by Christopher Nation MG

Andrew I. Williams to Rachel Hickman, 22 February 1838 by James Miller JP

Samuel H. O. Irvin to Spicy L. G. Dunkin by Harvey Green, Elder

Benjamin I. Grubb to Eliza Ann Liggett, 15 March 1838 by James McMahan

Elisha Trosper to Margaret Trosper, 17 November 1837 by Elija Foley JP

Henry N. Hines to Mary Blockley, 20 April 1838 by James McMahon

John Page to Nancy O’Dell, 30 March 1837 by Vincent S. Smith JP

William T. Awbrey to Martha Edwards, 9 July 1837 by James McMahan

Willis Cartwright, Livingston County to Nancy Pinkston, 27 April 1837 by James McMahan

William Baker to Catherine Bagwell, 4 April 1837 by James McMahan

William Williams to Matilda Williams, 7 September 1837 by Elijah Foley JP

Isaac Miller to Elizabeth Cope, 15 November 1838 by John Wright JP

Merrit Givins to Nancy Allen, 10 January 1839 by Philip Covington JP

Mayberry Splawn, son of Mayberry, to Frances Brassfield, 20 December 1838 by Christopher Nation

Page 6-8   25 February 1831   Kentucky – Lincoln County: Indenture between Harriet Barnet, County of Lincoln, first part and Josiah Morin of the County of Christian, second part and John H. Phelps of the County of Christian . . . said Harriet is possessed of and entitled to real and personal estate of considerable value, consisting of several tracts of land in the County of Lincoln and of slaves, debts, legacies, and money . . . Josiah Morin to Harriet Barnet, 25 February 1831, James M. Hehn, Deputy, Thomas Hehn, Clerk

Robert Wilson to Martha Ann Devaul, 2 June 1839 by James McMahan

James Vanmeter to Mary Plyman, 25 August 1839 by H. W. Enyart JP

John Hopper to Nancy McMurtrie, 18 August 1839 by James H. Wilson J D CC

John Wells to Lucinda Cummings, 6 October 1839 by James H. Wilson

Samuel Ensley to Anna Pates, 6 October 1839 by James H. Wilson

James M. Jenkins to Polly Ann Armstrong, 27 October 1839 by John Wright

Andrew I. Smith to Lucinda Henderson, 2 January 1840 by John Wright JP

John J. Hatton to Mary Hunt, 14 November 1839 by H. W. Enyart JP

Jacob B. Oxford to Mary Jane McHaney, 29 January 1840 by James McMahon

William Bones to Cilina McCrary, 13 February 1840 by James McMahan

Henry Morgan to Elizabeth Netherton, 16 December 1839 by Christopher Nation

Carroll Grant to Jane Netherton, 16 January 1840 by R. Wilson

Thomas Holliday to Elizabeth Smith, 2 February 1840 by Adam Black JP

John Cufford to Maha Frances Brown, 9 April 1840 by James Miller JP

Glenn Jameson to Miriam Mansfield, 3 March 1840 by H. W. Enyart JP

John K. Kerr to Susan M. Peniston, 9 June 1840 by W. W. Redman, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

William Hardin to Betsy Ann Munns, 9 July 1840 by William Mickels MG

James Hughes to Rebecka Brown, 18 August 1839 by William Prewitt JP

John Roberts, Jr. to Lavicy Enyart, 24 May 1840 by H. W. Enyart

William McCafferty to Cynthia Ann Welch, 30 July 1840 by H. W. Enyart

Joseph Atkinson to Lucinda Smith, 2 August 1840 by James McMahan

William Cummins to Lydia McMurtrie, 3 September 1839 by Elijah Foley JP

Nathaniel Low to Mary Gardner, 13 August 1840 by William Prewitt JP

Benjamin Taylor to Martha Cummins, 15 October 1840 by James McMahan

David Johnson to Mary McGee, 16 July 1840 by William Mickles

Levi Ninemyers to Matilda Johnson, 11 October 1840 by William Prewitt

Whitley Miller to Eveline Henderson, 13 October 1840 by William Prewitt

William A. Fox to Jane Cravens, 27 October 1840 by James Reed MG

John Plymell to Jane Waples, 14 November 1840 by H. W. Enyart

John Kemp to Olive Parman, 19 November 1840 by Isaac Jordin JP

John Banks to Minerva Crawl, 6 December 1840 by James H. Wilson JP

Dempsey Jenkins to Sarah Williams, 26 November 1840 by Caleb Odell JP

Israel Butler to Jerusha Fields, 31 December 1840 by A. B. Hardin JP

Dempsey Jenkins to Sarah Williams, 26 November 1840 by Caleb Odell

Joshua Low to Elizabeth Rise, 26 November 1840 by A. B. Hardin JP

Wesley Perman to Jane Stock, 29 October 1840 by Elijah Merrill

John Netherton to Mary Jane Jones, 6 December 1840 by William Mikels

Josiah Taylor to Catharine Koger, 12 November 1840 by Christopher

George Cain to Mary Ann Githens, 7 January 1841 by H. W. Enyart

Wiley Cope to Nancy Corner, 4 February 1841 by James McMahon

George W. Ross to Malinda Liggett, 31 January 1841 by Mathew Patton JP

Samuel Waggoner to Almira Heverly, 8 February 1841 by Mathew Patton JP

Giles Parman to Rebecka Wilson, 31 December 1840 by Isaac Jordin JP

William McCrary to Lucinda McAfee, 29 March 1840 by Philip Covington JP

John Butler to Jerusha Fields, 1 December 1840 by A. B. Hardin JP

Basel E. Freeman to Lydia Trosper, 8 March 1841 by Elijah Foley JP

Evan B. Morgan to Caroline Jones, 11 March 1841 by Adam Black JP

Basel Warthom to Nancy Groomer, 4 February 1841 by William Prewitt

Mattie Blankenship to Hannah Taylor, 7 March 1841 by William Mikels MG

William McClanahan, St. Clair County, to Sarah E. Anderson, 30 March 1841 by James McMahan

Ramson McBrayer to Melissa Murray, 10 December 1840 by James McMahan

William Stone to Elizabeth McCrary, 14 January 1841 by James Wilson JP

Giles Bower, Caldwell County, to Mariam Nash, 3 January 1841 by James H. Wilson

Silas McCrary to Martha Allen, 25 February 1841 by James Wilson

John F. Daley to Elizabeth Gray, 7 April 1841 by James Wilson

Harvey Ellis to Hannah Jane Leggitt, 15 April 1841 by Mathew Patton JP

Jonathan Ballinger to Mary Williams, 12 May 1841 by Andrew Black JP

William Simpson to Sarah Taylor, 2 May 1841 by Caleb O’Dell JP

Thomas Kirk to Phebe King, 8 April 1841 by Christopher Nation

Nathan Harmon to Sarah Coger, 11 April 1841 by Christopher Nation

Job Davies to Mary King, 22 April 1841 by Christopher Nation

Granderson Everett to Catherine Stornbaugh, 15 April 1841 by A. B. Hardin JP

John White to Nancy Marting, 6 April 1841 by A. B. Hardin JP

Thomas Taylor to Elizabeth Michaels, 1 July 1841 by Mathew Patton

Richard Hill to Ann Gilliland, 20 July 1841 by Isaac Jordin JP

Richard Woderson, aged 57 years, to Mrs. Sabrina Allen, widow aged 35 years, 7 June 1841 by James S. Bryant JP

Norborn F. Martin to Emily Goodman, 20 July 1841 by William P. Clark MG

Henry Ballinger to Margaret Overton, 15 Aug. 1841

Gilbert Osborn to Mary Trosper, 8 August 1841 by Manuel Martin JP

Porter Hardin to Martha Clopton, 8 July 1841 by Benjamin Talman JP

Turner Baxter to Sarah Yater, 17 August 1841 by I. J. Burns JP

William Bunnington to Elizabeth Osborn, 6 September 1841 by Manuel Martin JP

John Bags to Elizabeth Graham, 18 August 1841 by Mathew Patton JP

William R. Bradley to Sarah Ann Colomine, 12 November 1841 by James A. Henderson JP

Jacob Groomer to Elizabeth Johnson, 22 August 1841 by James Reid JP

Jonathan J. Dryden to Caroline L. Dryden, 21 October 1841 by Robert Wilson

Henry F. Akes to Emily Sego, 20 October 1841 by Benjamin Salmon, Jr. JP

Carey Tate to Nancy Murphy, 14 October 1841 by Adam Black JP

James Place to Susan Culver, 21 October 1841 by James M. Teegarden MG

Delwood Fields to Elizabeth Frurrice, 26 December 1841 by Benjamin Salmon, Jr. JP

James M. Watson to Sarah Diring, 11 November 1841 by B. Salmon JP

Cornelius Murphy to Deliley Place, 27 January 1842 by James Bristow JP

Jacob Roberts to Nancy Ramsey, 21 November 1841 by H. W. Enyart

Thomas Carraway to Virginia Ellis, 23 December 1841 by Isaac Jordan JP

John A. McCubbins to Lucilla Bennett, 23 December 1841 by Manuel Martin

Lorenzo Dow Davis to Elizabeth King, 12 December 1841 by Christopher Nation

Owen H. McGee to Ealenor Donoho, 3 April 1842 by James H. Wilson JP

Joseph Galaspy to Nancy Morris, 18 January 1842 by Jonathan Smith JP

Otis B. Richardson to Sarah Bristow, 14 April 1842 by Samuel Venable MG

Philip Richard Wirt to Mary Elizabeth Cravens, 26 April 1842 by W. W. Redman MG

David Garton to Neaty Tucker, 21 April 1842 by Benjamin Salmon

Edward Z. Richardson to Tabitha Fields, 24 March 1842 by Benjamin Salmon, Jr.

Elijah Ellis to Grace Canada, 10 June 1842 by Robert Wilson

Aaron Banks to Rebecca Wooderson, 23 October 1841 by Jeremiah Lenhart

Buswell Hartwell to Susan Trosper, 10 May 1842 by Manuel Martin JP

Thomas I. Williams to Mary Jan Pary, 20 July 1842 by Adam Black JP

Gilford Hogans to Mary Jane Pary, 20 July 1842 by Adam Black JP

Tilman Edwards to Mary Spencer, 13 September 1842 by I. S. Allen

Elijah Coffee to Margaret Armstrong, 8 August 1842 by James Reid

George Cline to Mary Smith, 18 August 1842 by Benjamin F. Smith

John F. Moore to Hester Chestnutt, 14 August 1842 by Manuel Martin JP

Granderson Edwards to Margaret Spencer, 18 August 1842 by Thomas Caine

Ephraim McCrary to Rebecca Linville, 8 September 1842 by James S. Bryant JP

David Hall to Lucy Colin, 28 September 1842 by James S. Bryant JP

Morenn Downing to Lydia Ann A. Brunk, 29 December 1842 by James McMahan

Hiram Johnson to Jane Harris, 3 November 1842 by H. Fuller JP

William Mitchell to Susan Woodland, 17 November 1842 by I. S. Allen JP

William C. Allen to Temerance Flint, 19 October 1842 by John W. Brown JP

Samuel Nelson to Mary Ann Dod, 5 January 1843 by James McMahan

Henry B. Sailor to Elizabeth Ann Duckworth, 21 October 1842 by Manuel Martin JP

William McCart to Tamfey Ann Cline, 9 November 1842 by M. L. Harboard JP

William Barbee to Terliney Williams, 8 November 1842 by M. Brown JP

James Auldridge to Hannah Ellis, 9 November 1842 by James Jordan JP

William Hayes to Elizabeth Kent, 26 January 1843 by James Jordan JP

John W. Barnes to Mary Jane Elliott, 26 December 1842 by Edwin Robberson

Jeremiah W. Smith to Nancy Rowland, 3 December 1842 by Edwin Robberson

Simon Peter Cartwright to Susan Slumer, 20 December 1842 by Isaac Burns MG

Robert Clopton to Priscilla Davis, 6 December 1842 by Isaac Burns MG

William Job to Nancy Richeson, 18 December 1842 by Isaac Burns MG

Christopher Phillips to Polly Harrington, 17 November 1842 by James A. Henderson MG

James Johnson to Mahala Spurgin, 5 February 1843 by H. Fuller JP

Delbert Cox to Sally Cox, 26 February 1843 by H. Fuller JP

John Splawn to Rebecca Glebbins, 18 December 1842 by James Bryant JP

Corbin Speaks to Eliza Jane Bruden, 26 February 1843 by James A. Henderson

John S. Miller to Joanna Atkinson, 26 March 1843 by James H. Wilson

John Atkins to Mary Kincade, 3 April 1843 by Christopher Nation

John Bryan to Matilda Higgens, 9 April 1843

William Rine to Catherine Gardner, 17 February 1843 by Benjamin Salmon

Charles Gay to Nancy Baxter, 7 May 1843 by Isaac Burns MG

Benjamin L. Kerk to Nancy L. Kelly, 19 March 1843 by Mathew Patton JP

Milton Coy to Mariam Mahaley Brown, 16 February 1843 by M. Brown JP

Abel W. Allen to Arabella Dunkerson, 16 April 1843 by John W. Brown JP

Edward Hubbard to Sarah Bennett, 13 July 1843

Mortimer Bonpart Hails to Nancy Jane Bowers, 6 August 1843 by Manuel Martin JP

Alfred Coots to Mary O’Dell, 26 April 1843 by James A. Henderson

Harvey McCully to Catherine Cordell, 1 August 1843 by James A. Henderson

Larkin Taylor to Sally Johnson, 30 July 1843 by James A. Henderson

John Warner to Polly King, 8 July 1843 by James A. Henderson

Jackson Vanwinckle to Eliza McMahan, 25 July 1843 by Adam Black JP

John O’Dell to Elizabeth Vanwinckle, 6 November 1843 by Adam Black JP

Thomas McCaugh to Polly Corner, 3 October 1843 by Samuel Venable

Robert Caspter to Sarah Jane Kier, 5 October 1843 by Robert Terry

Samuel Hase to Mariah Seat, 8 December 1842 by Elijah Merril

Andrew Wiley, Ray County, to Lucy Higgins, 14 November 1843

Thomas W. Reed to Vorilla Jane Trosper, 17 August 1843 by Manuel Martin JP

Jacob Fluss to Mary Roberts, 4 October 1843

Adolphus McCrary to Rosa Edwards, 5 November 1843 by James Stone JP

George Mallory to Eleanor Henderson, 28 February 1843 by James Reed, Elder

Robert Harrow to Elizabeth Mason, 22 November 1843 by Christopher Nation

Bethlaham Poran to Eliza Jane Passons, 21 September 1843 by Peter Price JP

Samuel Surface to Susan Lenhart, 18 October 1843 by James McMahon

James C. Howell to Eliza F. Yale, 21 December 1843 by James McMahan

David Watson to Elizabeth Kennedy, 12 October 1843 by Benjamin Salmon, Jr. JP

Jackson Williams to Nancy Prewitt, 18 January 1844 by A. B. Hardin JP

James Merril to Jane Wright, 25 January 1844 by Peter Price JP

Elias M. Woolford to Mrs. Mariah Goodman, 2 November 1843 by James Miller

Hervey Bunch to Tabitha Tarman by James Miller JP

Samuel Runner to Susan Bristow, 10 September 1843 by G. M. Keene JP

Samuel Spurgin to Eliza Godfrey, 11 January 1844 by Henry Fuller

William E. Hails to Elizabeth Ann Foley, 26 November 1843 by Manuel Martin JP

Pleasant Baxter to Nancy Jane Allen, 16 January 1844 by H. W. Enyart JP

Buford Johnson to Cynthia Campbell, 19 October 1843 by James Reed JP

Thomas Kerr to Hannah Casper, 30 November 1843

William N. Ford to Martha Jane Thomas, 21 December 1843 by Alvira G. Burgan JP

John A. Smith to Irene Sevin, 22 February 1844 by Alvira G. Burgin JP

Richard Wooderson to Eliza Ann Allen, 23 January 1844 by Jeremiah Lenhart

Jesse Allen to Margaret Johnson, 27 December 1843 by James Burns

Obadiah H. Rainsbottom to Matilda Hermory, 15 January 1844 by James H. Wilson

Fisher R. Bennett to Sophia Trosper, 9 January 1844 by James L. Porter

John Prewitt, Ray County, to Susan Higgins, 18 February 1844 by Manuel Martin JP

Jeremiah Perry to Rachel James, 23 April 1844 by James Rhea JP

Franklin W. Seat to Runah Michaels, 8 February 1844 by Jonathan Smith JP

Thomas Mickels to Semariah Lofty, 8 February 1844 by Jonathan Smith JP

John Kemp to Ealenor Hayes, 4 April 1844 by James Miller JP

John Swader to Mary Taylor, 11 February 1844 by James Miller JP

Robert C. Williams to Eleanor Gillon, at the house of John Gillon, Esq., 30 May, 1844 by Joseph Reed, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Edwin Robberson to Eliza Cravins, 10 July 1844 by James McMahon

Elijah Hubbard to Eliza Ann Brown, 9 July 1844 by H. W. Enyart

Merdith Morse to Mahala Plymen, 20 June 1844 by Benjamin Salmon, Jr.

James Madison Oxford to Mahalia Brown, 15 July 1844 by Peter Bear JP

Hiram Wilson Perry to Eliza Mariah Compton, 5 June 1844 by Isaac Burns JP

Joseph Breeden to Margaret Hight, 4  July 1844 by Benjamin Smith

William Hoover to Mary Rigs, 23 June 1844 by James Rhea

David Macy to Caroline M. Gibson, 1 August 1844 by John L. Buren MG

Harrison Pinkston to Martha S. Venable, 12 September 1844 by James McMahon

George Rodes to Hulda Rowlin, 26 September 1844 by H. W. Enyart

William Moland to Rebecca Harris, 4 July 1844 by H. Fuller

Elijah Ogdon to Nancy Call, 17 October 1844 by James Rhea

Isham Allen to Hester Coger, 21 November 1844 by George S. Huckifer

Samuel Kelsey to Nancy Ann Bremers, 22 October 1844 by John H. Tuggle JP

Robert White to Sarah Frumy, 19 December 1844 by George Kent JP

Robert Nickels to Ann Kent, 15 October 1844 by Jonathan Smith JP

David Murphy to Jane Graham, 17 November 1844 by William G. Penninston

Samuel Brown to Elizabeth Keller, 3 October 1844 by James A. Henderson

Daniel Mathews to Mary Ann Ballinger, 18 September 1844 by Adam Black JP

William Metcalf to Mrs. Abigail Brammen, 6 October 1844 by Adam Black JP

William Bond to Isabelle McNaught, 20 December 1844 by James Rhea JP

Gibson Ensley to Julia Cravins, 1 December 1844 by H. W. Enyart

Jeremiah Shelly to Martha Williams, 16 January 1845 by William Prewitt JP

Joseph H. Mallory to Rachel M. Creekmore, 17 December 1844 by George Mallory JP

John Armstrong to Mary Guthery, 5 January 1845 by Mashen Patton JP

M. James Hartgrove to Diana Lay, 2 December 1844 by Manuel Martin

John M. Parman to Clara Wild, 15 January 1845 by Samuel K. Brown JP

John S. Johnson to Cerena Smith, 8 December 1844 by Peter Price JP

Jacob Rookstool to Lucinda Rosser, 1 January 1845 by John Nelson JP

Milton Wortman to Catherine Spencer, 11 February 1845 by John Nelson JP

William Smith to Amanda Prewitt, 21 November 1844 by James Reed

John J. Sanders to Rebecca Ann Jenkins, 2 March 1845 by George Kent JP

John Rosser to Priscilla Payne, 9 January 1845 by John A. Tuggle JP

Lock Cain to Lette Groomer, 20 March 1845 by Mathew  Patton JP

John B. Gibson to Jane Jones, 16 January 1845 by Isaac Burns JP

Charles Yates to Sarah Ann Sanders, 10 March 1845 by Leander N. Belien

Cly Cash to Nancy Belieu, 20 March 1845 by Leander N. Belien

John Chiles to Margaret Williams, 13 February 1845 by James Reed, Elder

Joseph McGee to Mary Ann Mullinax, 9 February 1845 by J. M. Keene

John Wells to Susan Runner, 16 April 1845 by James McMahan

Joseph H. Breeden to Elizabeth Jane McCully, 17 April 1845 by William Prewitt

John Curtis to Eliza Rowell, 20 March 1845 by Thomas F. Drain

Silas Miller to Matilda O’Dell, 27 March 1845 by Benjamin Smith

William Y. Yancy to Harriet McVay, 8 May 1845 by W. B. Ellington

Aaron Bales to Eunice Brown, 22 March 1845 by William Mikles

John H. Alexander, Caldwell County, to Polly Reed, 5 June, 1845 by Thomas Woolverton MG

John M. Miller to Elizabeth Ellis, 26 June 1845 by John Watson JP

Mathen W. Wilkins to Meahala Harbart, 18 August 1845 by Mathew Patton

John P. McDow to Nicy Ann Linville, 5 October 1845 by William C. Penninston

Richard C. Wassiner to Martha Ann Nosner, 26 October 1845 by Mathew Patton JP

Hugh Cooper to Elizabeth Groomer, 18 September 1845 by Mathew Patton

Stephen Noel to Susan Wells, 4 December 1845 by James McMahan

Ephraim Virston to Catharine Youtsey, 25 December 1845 by James McMahan

Rasmus Sevear to Penelopy Johnson, 27 November 1845 by Benjamin Smith

John McClain to Abby Green, daughter of John Green, 22 January 1846 by Samuel Venable

Peter Stokes to Emmy Brunk, 4 February 1846 by James Stone JP

Buford Cox to Rebecca Jane Jorden, 13 November 1845 by William C. Penniston

Charles McCrary to Lorenda Castor, 5 Mary 1846 by W. P. Ellington

William Wiser to Mary Miers, 8 March 1846 by William Prewitt JP

Allen J. Copey to Malissa Jane Osborn, 3 April 1846 by James Reed

Martin D. Hines, Caldwell County, to Hannah Artamy Osbourn, 5 February 1846 by James Reed

West Higgins to Sarah Armstrong, 8 February 1846 by James Reed

James Horfenmen to Betheny Wirt, 18 February 1846 by John A. Tuggle JP [handwritten in: James Horseman m. Bethany McHoney]

John Pain to Martha Emily Cox, 22 December 1845 by James A. Henderson

Reuben Sulps to Sarah Ann Lockwood, 20 February 1846 by Isaac Burns JP

Thomas Nelson to Gauriah Bryan, 29 April 1846 by John Nelson JP

Thomas Sherril to Mary Barcus, 29 March 1846 by James Reed

Richard Jackson Grant to Sarah Williams, 17 May 1846 by James Reed

John Mulinix to Margaret Gardner, 1 March 1846 by Peter Prin

Thomas G. Foley to Elizabeth Payne, 14 May 1846 by John W. Tuggles JP

Michael Wright to Nancy Bennett, all of Harrison Township, 12 May 1846 by Manuel Martin

John H. Trosper to Elizabeth Eveline Weldon, all of Harrison Township, 9 July 1846 by Manuel Martin

Thomas Nation to Elizabeth Mulligan, 9 April 1846 by William Mekels

William Murry to Drucilla Barnes, 30 June 1846 by John A. Tuggle JP

George W. Everman to Amanda Franklin, 29 July 1836 by James McMahan

Adam Brown to Sarah Smith, 16 June 1846 by Benjamin F. Smith

William Ogle to Lucinda Richman, 13 August 1846 by William Penninston

William Yook, Holt County, to Martha Ann Penninston, 6 Sept. 1846 by James McMahan

William J. Goomer to Sarah D. Chiles, 11 June 1846 by Zachariah Linville

Robert Lawson to Martha McMahan, 3 September 1846 by Samuel Venable

William Brown to Shela Ann Hannons, 13 August 1846 by George Flint Elder

Ancel Perry to Lydia Brown, 10 September 1846 by George Flint Elder

John Byrd to Rececca Willson, 11 October 1846 by Samuel Venable

James N. Edmiston to Susan Morgan, 23 September 1846 by Isaac Burns

Peter F. Cook to Aletha Ann Bindle, 23 August 1846 by Robert C. Williams

David Brown to Casbay Youtsey, 25 October 1846 by William Prewitt JP

Kinbrick Johnson to Eliza Brown, 29 October 1846 by William Prewitt JP

Albert Venable to Eliza Jane McMahan, 10 September 1846 by Edwin Robberson

John McMurtry to Elizabeth Ann Mullins, 15 September 1846 by Thomas Drain JP

William Patton to Mary Jane Hopkins, 5 November 1846 by W. P. Penninston

David Murphy, Jr. to Mannab Roberts, 9 September 1846 by Peter Price JP

William Curns to Emily Petty, 3 September 1846 by Manuel Martin

Moses S. Hoover to Permelia Petty, 27 January 1847 by Mr. McMickles JP

Samuel Gillerland to Elizabeth Jorden, 4 February 1847 by James McMahan

William S. Wood to Pelicha Hofman, 16 February 1847 by Thomas Drain JP

David B. Perry to Rachel Brown, 17 December 1846 by John S. Allen

John Brennen to Sarah Ann Srun, 25 February 1847 by Lewis Lynn JP

John H. Ore to Dorcas Kogar, 31 December 1846 by Lewis Lynn

William Brown to Rachel Rose, 25 February 1847 by William Penninston

David Mukes Robberson to Elizabeth Barnes, 4 June 1846 by James Reed, Elder

Isaac Hays to Rebecca Perry, 17 January 1847 by H. W. Enyart JP

John Vandener to Rachel Cain, 11 February 1847

John Brown to Frances Wild, 9 March 1847 by George Flint, Elder

Isaac Watts, Grundy County, to Zelpha Jane Kenedy, 31 December 1846 by Harold Jonston

Harry McCully to Tabitha Casper, 17 December 1846 by Peter Prin JP

James McMahan to Elenor S. Martin, 5 January 1847 by Horan Brown

James Rhea to Sarah Goodman, 4 April 1847 by George Flint

Bennett D. Pryor to Mary Ann Rhea, 22 April 1847 by John a. Tuggle

George W. Hall to Juneatta Webb, 2 June 1847 by H. W. Enyart

David Pattonsburg to ____ ____ , 28 March 1847 by William H. Cravin

Doc. William Pyle, late of Copy, Ohio, to Ann McCasserty, 12 June 1847 by William W. Penninston

James Rockhaalt, Caldwell County, to Mary Bunch, 6 May 1847 by Manuel Martin JP

Peter Stapleton to Malissa Ramy, 28 March 1847 by Peter Price JP

James Waddle to Nancy Jane Leggitt by James Oxford JP

Daniel Scheeler to Juliana Perry, 11 August 1847 by H. W. Enyart

Charles A. Cravin to Emily E. Wynne, 1 September 1847 by Edwin Robberson

John A. Tuggle to Mariah Henley, 2 September 1847 by James McMahan

Henry Potter to Lucah M. Brown, 14 October 1847 by H. W. Enyart

Jonathan Hall to Mary Ann England, 17 July 1847 by John Nelson JP

John M. Miller to Rebecca Graham, 5 August 1847 by John Nelson JP

Harold J. Cook to Elvira E. Ward, 27 November 1847

John Warren to Jane Green, 23 September 1847

Nolan Hershberger to Eliza Trosper, 3 September 1847 by Manuel Martin JP

Thomas J. Lathem to Rebecca J. Edwards, 23 December 1847 by James McMahan

Adam Clenben to Mary Jane Gillerand, 25 November 1847 by W. C. Penninston

Thomas Penniston to Cynthia Ann Brown, 18 November 1847 by Everhard Antle

David Groves to Elizabeth Myers, 25 December 1847 by William Prewitt JP

Thodore Penniston to Susan Williams, 17 February 1848 by Joseph Devlin

Jonathan Splawn to Hannah Kelso, daughter of R. S. Kelso, 10 September 1847 by Samuel Venable

Squire P. Rains to Sarah Ann Deering, 2 July 1848 by H. W. Enyart

Jacob Hayes to Nancy Hayes, 4 July 1848 by H. W. Enyart

Russell Davis to Catharine Lowell, 24 August 1848 by H. W. Enyart

Moses Brown to Eliza Jane Cline, 22 July 1847 by James M. Oxford JP

Thomas Lyton to Susan M. Barnes, 11 December 1847 by James M. Oxford JP

Lewis R. Gay to Mariam Muno, 8 April 1847 by Jonathan Smith

George Bear to Angelina Seat, 23 December 1847 by Jonathan Smith

William L. McHaney to Martha Stokes, 27 February 1847 by Willis Dockery

Nelson Noah to Marilla Bacon, 16 January 1848 by Litle W. Moore MG

Joshua L. Drummond to Mary F. Rhea, 2 February 1848 by Joseph Devlin

James H. Barnshall to Sarah A. Cravins, 3 February 1848 by James McMahan

Harvey Ellis to Nancy Walls, 18 November 1847 by William c. Penninston

James Hoover to Elizabeth Dowdy, 9 August 1848 by Samuel Brown JP

Hugh Groves, Caldwell County, to Abagail Higgins, 2 December 1847 by Edward H. Haynes JP

Henry Payne to Catharine Fox, 24 December 1847 by Edward A. Payne JP

John T. Creekmore to Janet Ross, 11 March 1848 by William Prewitt JP

John R. Comer to Ann Carolyn Estes, 23 January 1848 by H. Brown MG

John Blakely to Urana Wilson, 1 May 1848 by Edward A. Payne JP

Elijah Cross to Amanda Melvina McCully, 7 February 1848 by James M. Perry JP

George W. McFer to Rachel Welker, 20 April 1848 by Thomas F. Drain JP

James Whitt to Unicy Ann McDow, 21 May 1848 by Thomas Drain

Asberry Place to Malinda Edwards, 6 April 1848 by Litle W. Moore

Elias M. Brigs to Mary Johnston, 18 May 1848 by James Reed

Samuel Ford to Catherine Feurt, 29 June 1848 by George Flint, Elder

John Smith to Elizabeth Johnson, 18 March 1847 by James Reid

Aldin Cole to Eliza Creeson, 22 June 1848 by James Reed

James Stone to Jane Nowel, 15 June 1847 by James Reed

Artus Whittington to Nancy Jane Guthry, 7 May 1847 by Jacob Stallings JP

James Miller to Mary Murphy, 7 September 1848 by James McMahan

Thomas Carter to Margaret Nickel, 1 September 1848 by Mount Nickel JP

Resin Henry to Elizabeth Ramsbottom, 2 July 1848 by S. W. Moore

Jonathan Watson to Mary Ann Lockwood, 22 June 1848

Jacob Hershberger to Caroline Pullum, 14 September 1844 by William Finn, Elder

Samuel McFee to Charlotte Lynch, 24 August 1848 by John Walker

Thomas I. Osborn to Elizabeth Owens, 31 October 1848 by Franklin Groves

William J. Pawsey to Nancy Stackes, 8 October 1848 by John A. Tuggle JP

Kindrick Johnson to Elizabeth Campbell, 17 October 1848 by William Prewitt JP

Jeffrey Bartlett to Adaline Denereale, 12 November 1848 by Jeremiah Lenhart

Cyrus Lenhart to Lydia Strong, 11 January 1849 by Jeremiah Lenhart

Jacob Creeson to Patsy Creeson, 4 February 1849 by William Penniston

Franklin Ellis to Polly Brown, 25 January 1849 by John Watson JP

Charles Netherton to Caroline Godman, 8 February 1849 by William Penniston

Carey Tate to Margaret Angeline Grant, 5 April 1849 by James McMahan

Nathen R. Stapleton to Martha Ramey, 11 January 1849 by William Penninston

Isaac Allen to Catharine Lynch, 23 March 1849 by Samuel McLain JP

David Groomer to Frances Pain, 28 January 1849 by Hanly Webb JP

Samuel Cox to Mrs. Mary Cox, 1 February 1849 by Joseph Devlin

Mark F. Trotter to Rebecca Campbell, 13 March 1849 by Thomas Campbell MG

Reuben Campbell to Mary Jane Shrumb, 28 December 1849 by Thomas Campbell

John Riggs to Barriba Allen, 8 March 1849 by William Fine, Elder

John W. Jeffries to Mariah L. Brown, 15 May 1849 by James B. Callaway MG

Joseph B. Hopkins to Rhoda A. Estes, 21 December 1848 by Lewis B. Lynn

William Woolverton to Martha Reed, 24 May 1849 by Eli Keene, Elder

Soloman S. Cole to Emeline Brown, 15 March 1849 by William N. Edmiston

McLain Wilson, Ray County, to Abigail Green, 18 May 1849 by James McMahan

John D. Blanton to Sophrina Davidson, 1 April 1849 by Jacob Stallings JP

John Walker Fullerton Downing to Hannah B. Gilbert, 11 June 1849 by William Penninston

Christopher Myres to Olive Cole, 21 June 1849 by John Nelson

George Nicholas to Elizabeth Acord, 22 April 1849 by Mount Nicholas

Robert F. Owens to Margaret C. Osborn, 16 August 1849 by Thomas Woolverton

Samuel Meal to Zellah Covington, 30 August 1849 by Lewis B. Lynn JP

Thomas Feurt to Elizabeth Glaze, 5 July 1849 by Joseph Devlin

Arthur McCroskie to Martha Coger, 23 August 1849 by Ben F. Smith MG

Thomas Patton to Lydia Coger, 5 September 1849 by B. F. Smith MG

Robert Kirkpatrick to Judy Mills, 20 September 1849 by B. F. Smith

Alexander Lerpth to Emily Ann Venable, 27 September 1849 by James McMahan

Elisha Coger to Matilda Groomer, 2 October 1849 by James Reeder, Elder

John M. Lowery to Charlotte Murphy, 26 October 1849 by James M. Taylor MG

William Brody to Eliza Morrison, 24 October 1849 by Jacob Stallings

William Sharp to Elizabeth Gardner, 27 August 1849 by John Nelson

Sinclair Kirtley to America Smith, 4 October 1849 by William H. Braxton MG

Aaron Fox to Martha Gardner, 6 December 1849 by H. W. Enyart

John W. Riggs, Linn County, to Adaline Rowland, 27 December 1849 by Thomas Woolverton

John Call to W. Ann Prewitt, 31 January 1850 by Robert C. Williams JP

Elias Webb to Prudence Ann McCollum, 27 January 1850 by James Perry JP

John R. Bailey to Cynthia Amantha Cox, 5 January 1850 by J. C. McCroskey

Henry Dearing to Margaret Hannah, 13 March 1850 by William Prewitt JP

William Allen to Nancy L. Barnes, 24 February 1850 by James Faulkner JP

Robert F. Osborn to Mariah Osborn, 14 March 1850 by Thomas Woolverton

Martin M. Dowell to Harriet Smith, 21 March 1850 by George Flint, Elder

Benjamin Jones to Polly Stanton, 18 February 1850 by James Reed

Orin Cole to Manerva Noah, 5 January 1850 by James Reed

William H. Creekmore to Mary Jane Youtsey, 14 April 1850 by William Prewitt

George Mallory to Elizabeth Brown, 4 May 1850 by William Prewitt

Noah Brown to Mary Ater, 28 March 1850

Elisha Manning to Mahelda Owen, 20 July 1850

Samuel J. Cox to Mary Ballinger, 7 July 1850 by J. B. Callaway

George Mulinix to Rebecca Smith, 9 May 1850 by Joseph Stallings

Freeland Bayer to Elizabeth Stephens, 25 August 1850 by Jacob Harper JP

Peter Youtsey to Sarah Jane Myres, 29 October 1850 by John F. Robberson JP

John W. Sheets to Martha R. Casey, 30 October 1850 by James McMahon

Patterson McCracken to Elizabeth Frazier, 9 August 1850 by John Walker

James McGee to Elizabeth Culbur, 25 August 1850 by James Walker

John Armstrong to Elizabeth Sherril, 31 October 1850 by John Walker

Samuel Ramsbottom to Almeda Place, 14 August 1850 by Jacob Stallings

Thomas Rubey to Madgalene Patton, 31 October 1850 by Robert Slomm MG

John Dowell to Sarah Ater, 20 November 1850

Isaac Smith, Jr. to Margaret L. Dowell, 21 November 1850 by Hadley Brown JP

Chesley Smith to Elizabeth Brown, 24 November 1850 by Hadley Brown JP

Francis Payne to Elizabeth Rogers, 21 November 1850 by James McMahan

Frederick Westthling to Margaret McCully, 14 November 1850

William Goldfery to Jane Davidson, 26 September 1850 by Lewis Brown JP

Franklin Jordin to Nancy J. Ballinger, 5 December 1850

David L. Thomas to Arminey Cox, 24 December 1850 by James E. Drake

Erasum Breeden to Malinda Pyles, 6 October 1850 by Vincent Pyles

James F. Black to Sarah Jane Wood, 27 October, 1850 by J. B. Wilson

James Wood to Martha J. Osborn, 26 December 1850 by J. B. Wilson

Henry Cline to Eunice L. Brown, 12 December 1850 by Hadley Brown JP

William Brown to Polly Besser, 30 October 1850 by Anderson Smith JP

Hiram Smith to Mary Hines, 31 December 1850 by Anderson Smith JP

George L. Karns to Matilda Watson, 10 November 1850 by Thomas Drain

George McMurtrie to Luticia Slagle, 2 January 1851 by Owen H. McGee JP

Calvin B. Lay to Elizabeth Davis, 2 January 1851 by Manuel Martin JP

William Gibson to Elizabeth Vanover, 9 January 1851 by David Youtsey JP

John Mann to Charlotte Splawn, 28 December 1850 by Vincent Pyles

William Acord to Salina Armstrong, 16 January 1851 by Mount Nicholas

Charles Goodman to Susan Yates, 16 February 18512 by George Flint, Elder

Jacob Taylor, Dekalb County, to Rebecca Drake, 24 April 1851 by Thomas Woolverton

Lewis Snyder to Catharine Blakely, 27 February 1851 by James Faulkner JP

Joseph Delley to Mary Ann Rodes, 17 April 1851 by H. W. Enyart

Ely Walls to Catharine Netherton, 6 March 1851 by Jonathan Smith MG

Henry Lee to Hannah Ator, 6 April 1851 by Jonathan Smith MG

William Ares to Jane R. Netherton, 3 March 1851 by Vincent Pyles

Reid Brown to Nancy Ann Brown, 20 March 1851 by Vincent Pyles

Josiah Brown to Polly Affield, 22 May 1851 by James Faulkner JP

Abijah Golthamee to Elizabeth Davidson, 17 April 1851 by Lewis Brown

John McGlaughlin to Frances Mann, 18 May 1851 by David Youtsey JP

John Wilson to Eliza Fine, 24 June 1851 by William Hines JP

Dailee H. Coffee to Catherine Hardard, 29 April 1851 by John Nelson JP

William Mulligan to Martha Easter, 15 May 1851 by John Nelson

John Reglin, Sr. to Cynthia Ann Maupin, 24 May 1851 by Owen H. McGee

William Donaldson to Eliza George, 3 March 1851 by James Peery JP

Flew R. Grant to Josephine Williams, 16 June 1861 by Vincent Pyles

Fletcher E. Venable to Elizabeth T. Wilson, 3 September 1851 by James McMahan

James McFerren to Emilee Lewis, 29 May 1851 by Samuel Venable

John Kelso to Mary Moore, 28 August 1851 by Samuel venable

Jackson Long to Mary Ann Johnson, 1 October 1851 by John F. Robberson

Silas Hammons to Lydia Grant, 6 November 1851 by Lewis Brown JP

Robert Foster to Jane Wall, 20 November 1851 by Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Barnett to Isabelle Foley, 12 October 1851 by George Flint

John Ledderwood to Colen Walker, 12 November 1851 by Robert B. Taylor JP

Sampson Alley to Susan Kilman, Recorded 12 October 1851 by Robert B. Taylor JP

James Frazier to Emilee Creekmore, 11 August 1851 by John Waler

Monroe Gray to Susanna Morgan, 16 October 1851 by H. F. Enyart

James Woren to Elizabeth Burns, 24 September 1851 by Nathan Wheeler MG

William A. Whitchuch to Nancy Frazier, 10 June 1852 by Anderson Smith JP

James Murphy to Phebee Kard, 19 August 1852 by John Nelson

Hugh K. Grant to Josephine Williams, 15 June 1851 by Vincent Pyles

Jane Groomer to John Rice, 7 October 1852 by H. W. Enyart

John G. Wilson to Margaret J. Green, 4 November 1852 by James McMahan

Jonathan Eads to Mary Catherine Barnes, 23 September 1852 by William O. Eads JP

James Culva to Elizabeth Givens, 25 May 1852 by Owen H. McGee JP

Robert McDow to Tabetha Woods, 4 July 1852 by Owen H. McGee JP

Timothy Culver to Jane Ramsbotton, 4 July 1852 by Owen H. McGee JP

Joel Culver to Savannah Galphin, 22 February 1852 by Litle W. Moore

James Er to Nancy Matheny, 29 January 1852 by William Fine

Samuel J. Dervey to Amanda H. Mann, 9 September 1852 by James McMahan

Richard Grant to Elizabeth Morgan, 10 May 1852 by Vincent Pyles

Daniel Snyder to Mary Osborn, 29 March 1852 by Manuel Martin

John Tolyer to Martha Owens, 26 September 1852 by Anderson Smith

E. C. Kelso to Margaret Ann Lee, 26 September 1852 by Anderson Smith

David H. Coulson to Elizabeth I. McPrayer, 6 June 1852 by Litle W. Moore

George Lewis Nickerson to Nancy Frances McKinney, 15 April 1852 by John Nelson JP

Washington Marean Bennetrt to Abagail T. Early, 14 October 1852 by Manuel Martin JP

George Hand to Mary Lee, 24 May 1849 by H. W. Enyart

Robert Perry to Mary Hammon, 5 August 1852 by Lewis Brown

Martin B. Hines to Sabrina Black, 29 May 1851 by Thomas Woolverton

Cornelius B. Lucas to Rebecca Black, 22 April 1852. The said Lucas of Dekalb County by Thomas Woolverton

Nathan Case to Manah Walker, 29 April 1852 by Daniel H. Booth

James Colison to Rebecca Gillilan, 31 March 1852 by W. Ketron

Jeremiah Belsher to Temperance Herrald, 25 January 1852 by Robert B. Perry JP

Fletcher E. Venable to Elizabeth J. Wilson, 2 September 1851 by James McMahan

Sanford N. Tiffey to Lydia Salman, 25 March 1852 by H. W. Enyart

John F. Hudgins, Livingston County, to Agnes B. Green, 19 April 1852 by James M. Peery JP

Hanson Hamilton to Elizabeth Hill, 6 January 1853 by R. C. Williams

George Youtsey to Martha Ann ____ , 4 November 1852 by David Youtsey JP

William D. Crathen to Mary Jane Benton, 7 November 1852 by Robert A. Laird MG

Freeland Peugh to Sabrina Creekmore, 6 January 1853

Andrew Jackson Tibbett to Mary Jane Williams, 9 January 1853 by Samuel Prewitt MG

Israel Stout, Caldwell County, to Sarah Ann Reynolds, 20 October 1852 by Jeremiah Lenhart

George McMurtrey to Betty Splawn, 28 October 1852 by Jeremiah Lenhart

William Williams to Amanda Webb, 29 December 1852 by J. C. McCroskie JP

David J. Mathews to Elizabeth Collyer, 28 December 1852 by Jacob Harper JP

John L. Labaree to Sarah M. Cox, 9 March 1853 by Samuel Venable

Edward Dairs to Martha Miller, 24 February 1853 by Thomas Drain

William N. Vallandingham to Eliza Thornhill, 24 February 1853 by Samuel Venable MG

Richard Hill to Nancy I. Hill, 3 February 1853 by James McMahan

Mason Johnson to Teressa Leard, 17 March 1853 by Anderson Smith JP

James W. Ward to Ruth Nichols, 29 April 1852 by Mount Nichols JP

Benjamin Blankenship to Emilene Shrane, 24 March 1853 by David Watson JP

A. W. Whitfield Mann to Zelda N. Prewitt, 14 July 1853 by Robert Leard

Samuel Brown to Mary Morris, 8 May 1853 by A. Smith JP

George W. Walls to Ann Eliza Mann, 1 September 1853 by David H. Leard of the Separate Baptist Church

Montique Kent to Chaney Chaney, 14 July 1853 by William Ketron

Robert Williams to Minerva F. Frazier, 26 June 1853 by William McConnan JP

James J. Graham to Martha Ann Prichard, 28 August 1853 by James McMahan

William Bristow to Sarah L. Brathon, 4 September 1853 by James McMahan

David Murphy to Polly Raglin, 11 April 1853 by Owen H. McGee

Riley Morgan to Julia Ann Harral, 3 August 1853 by H. W. Enyart

John H. Gardner to Eliza Railey, 18 August 1853 by H. W. Enyart

Richard Isaac, Platte County, to Ruth Netherton, 21 June 1853 by Jonathan Smith MG

Reuben G. Black to Elana Cope, 3 June 1853 by Thomas Overton

George F. Noah to Lydia Nickerson, 7 July 1853 by James Reed

John H. Alexander to Elizabeth Reed, 5 June 1853 by James Reed

William Miller to Charity Mantz, 23 June 1853 by Robert Leard

William Brown to Eliza Brown, 7 April 1853 by David Youtsey JP

Elijah Smith to Eliza Brown, 3 April 1853 by Robert Leard MG

William Brown to Mary Ellison, 20 January 1853 by David Youtsey JP

R. L. West to Mary E. Osborn, 24 March 1853 by Thomas Woolverton

John G. Casey to Mary E. Cligan, 13 September 1853 by James McMahan

Thomas Walter Reed to Mrs. Abigail McClure Wood, 29 May 1853 by Manuel Martin JP

Zeperiah Sperns to Elizabeth Lockwood, 29 March 1853 by John Lotz JP

Benjamin L. Kirk to Emilene Thomas, 3 April 1853 by James M. Peery JP

Benjamin Nickerson to Eliza Ann Nickol, 20 March 1853 by John Nelson JP

Coarman Carlile to Jane Reynolds, 8 January 1853 by Jeremiah Lenhart

John Cain to Elizabeth Cooper, 24 February 1853 by T. C. McCroskey MG

Joseph Snyder to Cynthia Osborn, 20 February 1853 by Manuel Martin

William Everton Hale to Susan Virginia Cool, 7 April 1853 by Manuel Martin

Francis Chinn to Eliza Jane Gillispie, 28 July 1853 by John Kelso

R. H. Hall to Amanda Snyder, 8 September 1853 by Thomas J. Drain

Ervin Clay to Mary Luckhart, 28 July 1853 by Vincent Pyles

Meredith Shockey to Nancy Linville, 10 December 1853 by Litle W. Moore

Cary Murphy to Catharine Middleton, 15 December 1853 by Vincent Pyles

Edward Williams to Amanda Johnson, 2 December 1853 by Samuel Prewitt

George W. Williams to Martha W. Grandhan, 15 December 1853 by James McMahan

Joseph Christy to America Brewer, 23 December 1853 by Benjamin Wheeler MG

Andrew Broughton to Eliza Scroggin, 23 December 1853 by George H. Rogers JP

Daniel Bartlett to Ann Buzzard, 22 February 1854 by Franklin Calison JP

William J. Cravens to Mary R. Bryan, 23 February 1853 by James McMahan

John R. Middleton to Elizabeth Breeden, 4 December 1853 by Vincent Pyles

James Grant to Amanda Overland, 12 February 1854 by Vincent Pyles

Andrew Blakely to Demi Drane, 8 December 1853 by David Enyart MG

Elijah Trosper to Mary E. Hole, 3 November 1853 by Manuel Martin JP

James M. Tool to Abigail T. Hale, 1 November 1853 by Manuel Martin JP

Oliver Dresser to Susana Bower, 14 April 1853 by Jeremiah Lenhart MG

Henry Campbell to Sarah Ann Brinnon, by Anderson Smith JP

Wiley Potter to Mariah Enyart, 7 December 1853 by H. W. Enyart

Jacob Ramey to Mahaly Jane Harbert, 1 December 1853 by H. W. Enyart

Charles H. Cuddy to Mary F. Brown, 22 December 1853 by H. W. Enyart

Benjamin Gray to Mary Leret, 29 March 1853 by H. W. Enyart

Y. W. Stone to Eleanor Jane McDow, 31 January 1854 by Litle W. Moore

Isaac Splawn to Elizabeth Lingo, 31 January 1854 by Litle W. Moore

John Wesley Smith, Buchanan County, to Emily Jane Enyart, 9 November 1853 by Manuel Martin JP

Francis McCrary to Sophrenia Culver, 31 January 1854

Peter Godman, Livingston County, to Sebi Regs, 22 January 1854 by Jeremiah Lenhart

James Peery to Sarah Armstrong, 15 December 1853 by John Watson

William Bunnell to Elizabeth Tallaid, 2 February 1854 by John Nelson

William Barlow to Mary Ett Barney, 12 February 1854 by William G. Eads

Nathaniel Smith to Caroline Scott, 22 December 1853 by William G. Eads

John Young to Phebe Peaveley, 5 January 1854 by David Yousey

Frelin Dower to Elizabeth Creekmore, 12 January 1854 by David Youtsey

Thomas McGee to Elizabeth Miller, 19 January 1854 by W. B. A. Carter

James J. McCling to Mary Graham, 22 June 1854 by James McMahan

Fielden Coffee to Sarah Jane Chapman, 6 April 1854 by H. W. Enyart

John H. McDaniel to Eliza Elliott, 30 May 1854 by Abraham L. Collins MG

John Caster to Almeda Venable, 6 April 1854 by Jeremiah Lenhart

Cyrus Bane to Armina Cox, 25 February 1854 by Mount Nicholas

John G. Vennaman, Caldwell County, to Margaret Henry, 6 April 1854 by R. C. Hill

Joseph Coger to Elizabeth Meddleston, 6 April 1854 by Benjamin Wheeler

John Burton to Catharine Spyers, 9 Mary 1854 by Benjamin Wheeler

Alexander Benerson to Bethena Spyrs, 24 March 1854 by Benjamin Wheeler

T. J. Edwards to Sophrania Nelson, 18 April 1854 by Litle W. Moore

John Reynolds to Elizabeth Creason, 11 April 1854 by Jacob Harper JP

John Stokes to Mary Jubenall, 5 Mary 1854 by Owen H. McGee JP

Porter Ward to Susan Broughton, 28 March 1854 by Owen H. McGee JP

James McClary to Mary Lynch, 1 May 1854 by Owen H. McGee JP

Aaron Johnson to Lucreta Smith, 11 June 1854 by M. Smith JP

William H. Brown to Elizabeth Kent, 2 August 1854 by Hadley Brown JP

David Groomer to Elizabeth Rowland, 27 July 1854 by Thomas Woolverton

Isaac N. Thomas to Eliza S. Higgins, 24 August 1854 by Lewis Brown JP

Thomas B. Smith to Terndroke Campbell, 13 August 1854 by Lewis Brown

John Leopold to Susan A. Cravens, 19 September 1854 by James McMahan

Evan P. Wynn to Hanna Bird, 14 September 1854 by W. Ketron

John C. Williams, Jr. to Martha Grant, 24 August 1854 by John Vincent MG

John S. Edwards to Martha McCrary, 13 August 1854 by Litle W. Moore

Reuben L. Payne to Nancy Cope, 29 August 1854 by Litle W. Moore

James Culver to Martha Jane Linville, 14 August 1854 by Litle W. Moore

James Wynn to Sarah Buren, 28 September 1854

Lewis Williams to Sophrenia Frances Lee, 8 August 1854 by Samuel Prewitt

Richard W. Odye, Caldwell County, to Hannah Johnson, 15 October 1854 by William B. Johnson JP

Washington Diley to Elizabeth Cain, 15 October 1854 by James M. Peery JP

George Kinkade to Margaret McDonald, 10 August 1854 by George C. Crow MG

Joseph Peistoe to Elizabeth Snyder, 25 December 1854 by Philip Covington JP

Lewis M. Garbin to Elizabeth J. Storey, 10 January 1855 by Mount Nichols JP

Richard Wycoff to Rebecca Smith, 9 January 1855 by Owen H. McGee JP

Garrett Bunch to Mary C. Wilson, 17 February 1855 by Owen H. McGee

John Daniels to Mahala Oxford, 22 February 1855 by William Smith JP

Nathaniel Morris to Mary McMillison, 4 March 1855 by John Nelson JP

Isaac McCully to Polly Frost, 8 March 1855

Henry Black to Sarah E. Scriver, 25 March 1855 by George Flint

George Hereld to Mary Jane Garrett, 5 April 1855 by T. Sims MG

John Whitt to Lucy Ann Mikels, 8 April 1855

John Nickerson to Maria Trotter, 19 October 1854 by Daniel Root MG

James T. Turner, Linn County, to Rebecca Fine, 12th instant 1854 by Philip Covington

John L. Grant to Mary Elizabeth Meadows, 25 January 1855 by Thomas Drane

Abraham Campbell to Sarah Ann Fisher, 19 December 1854 by William D. Trosper JP

Edmund L. Darlington to Mary Lockridge, 23 January 1855 by Daniel Root MG

Enoch Nation to Christena Jones, 9 December 1854, at the house of William Harrah by William B. Johnson JP

Samuel Kirkpatrick to Catharine Smith, 1 March 1855 by William B. Johnson

Isaac O. Faulkner to Mary Gillilan, 26 December 1854

John Myres to Nancy Kinkade, February 1, 1855 by James Henderson

Owen Roberts to Polly Ann Holcum, 18 March 1855 by Owen H. McGee JP

Soloman Minemier to Mary Brinnon, 15 April 1855 by Owen H. McGee JP

Ezekiel B. Hobbs to Lutitia Massingale, 3 April 1855 by Owen H. McGee JP

Joseph Smith to Martha Hart, at the house of James Hart, 3 May 1855 by William B. Johnson JP

Stropher M. Nickel to Rebecca L. Terrill, 20 August 1855 by Philip Covington JP

John A. Roads to Abiah Johnson, 3 April 1855 by Philip Covington

Chesley Smith to Nancy Gardner, 3 November 1854 by Lewis Brown JP

Jesse B. Creekmore to Amanda Baber, 3 June 1853 by David Youtsey

Alphonza L. Martin to Rachel McCue, 30 August 1855 by R. Marshall

Benjamin Franklin Grimes to Mary E. Cobbs, at the house of Elisha A. Hobbs, 27 September 1855 in the presence of William G. Eads and Elijah Rader by William R. Hobbs

William W. VanDike to Triphena Burton, 1 July 1855 by Owen H. McGee JP

David Peak to Elizabeth Leckwere, 3 September 1855 by David Youtsey

Henry Jones, Harrison County, to Mary Brown, 27 November 1855 by L. Smith MG

James Brown to Phebe Frost, 6 September 1855 by James Kinkade JP

Edward B. Carson to Matilda Jane Griffin, 23 September 1855 by Franklin Gray

Hugh Cooper to Sarah Walker, 5 August 1855 by John Watson JP

Daniel Bowers to Sabrina Givens, 23 September 1855 by Jeremiah Lenhart MG

James W. Behart to Zerenda Reid, 28 October 1854 by James Reed, Elder

Simon Hinebaugh to Elenor Red, 10 June 1855 by James Reed, Elder

Maxwell Salley to Elisa Jane McIntosh, 20 December 1855

John H. Miller to Caroline J. Allen, 8 January 1856 by Timothy Morgan

James R. Pritchet to Martha B. Meadows, 15 November 1855. The said Pritchet of Ray County, by Timothy Morgan

Joshua Brown to Susanna Smith, at the house of Joshua Smith, 27 November 1855

Jacob Harmon to Amanda Campbell, 31 February 1856 by James Kinkade [sic]

Levi Frazier to Ann Laird, 14 October 1855 by Anderson Smith JP

Archibald W. Nance to Susan Evaline Prewitt, 11 November 1855 by Anderson Smith JP

Lanzy Mallory to Elizabeth Ann Baber, 2 December 1855 by Anderson Smith JP

William Rader to Hennitt Faulkner, 13 December 1855 by William T. Eads

David Youtsey to Lydia Smith, 2 March 1856

Robert Wilson to Ellen McKinney, 25 December 1855 by John Nelson

Jacob Groomer to Frances Brown, 1 November 1855 by T. Sims MG

Moses Orr, Caldwell County, to Margaret Eliza Brink, 13 December 1855 by Philip Covington

George W. Balisus to Mary E. Casey, 13 December 1855 by Daniel Root MG

James Walden to Elizabeth Gillilan, 25 December 1855 by Daniel Root MG



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