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Civil War Confederate Roster

(Daviess County portion by John C. Leonard and Buel Leonard – Printed by Historical Publishing Company, 1922 – Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Civil War Confederate Roster
Confederates. - Although a large number of men from the county went into the Southern army and while many of the non-combatants were Confederate sympathizers, the county was at all times under the control of the Federal authorities. Little can be learned of the activities of the Confederates. Major McGee mentions a company raised by Dr. C. C. Hogan. The recruiting service of John D. Casey, Will Jordin, Logan Enyart and others are occasionally referred to. It was necessary, with the Federals in control, to proceed secretly. After evading the local authorities, the danger of crossing the Missouri river to join the Southern Army was yet to be encountered. Some were turned back, but it is estimated that more than 300 from Daviess County were in the Confederate Army. Efforts have been made to compile a list of these soldiers, but it is far from complete. Names of Confederate soldiers who were not residents of the county at the time, but have at a later date lived here are also included for several reasons. In the first place, it is not always possible to be sure whether the soldier was living in the county during the war. Second, since no concerted effort has been made until recently to collect records of these soldiers, it may be of value to those interested to have the record, even though he served in another state.

Thanks are due Mr. N. A. Baker, Mrs. Mary Cruzen, Mr. George Williams and Mr. Samuel Sperry, Sr., for assistance in compiling the list.

H. E. Acton,
Frank Abcock,
J. H. Abcock,
George P. Allen,
William Anderson,
Lut Ashby,
N. A. Baker,
Noah J. Black,
A. C. Ball,
Alfred F. Barnett,
Blizzard, -----
W. S. Beard,
L. M. Best,
Thomas Bradshaw,
James A. Bowen,
W. H. Bray,
Joseph Breeden,
James Brosius,
Thomas B. Brookshire,
Nathan Broughton,
Calvin Burge,
John W. Burge,
J. C. Byrd,
John D. Casey,
Richard Childs,
William Childs,
Henry Clothier,
Pit Cloudas,
John B. Comer,
Jerre C. Cravens,
Dr. John Cravens,
John Cravens, Jr.,
William Cravens,
Jesse A. Creekmore,
Nathaniel G. Cruzen,
William Cruzen,
William Darr,
Edward Davis,
Dr. F. M. Davis,
Josiah Davis,
William Davis,
James R. Dehring,
Jesse Dehring,
A. L. Deavers,
Arthur Dever,
Jim Dever,
J. T. Dunn,
Harve Ellis,
L. A. Elhs,
Logan Enyart,
Rev. ---- Enyart,
James W. Estes,
George D. Ewing,
Hiram Faulkner,
Mat Foley,
T. R. Ford,
Thos. Gee,
Dick Gilkey,
Press Githens,
Doute Githens,
Pack Githens,
John D. Gillilan,
Mathias Gillilan,
N. B. Githens,
Charles Goben,
J. T. Green,
Jack Haines,
Henry Harnes,
A. N. Harper,
Cap Harper,
Hardin Hartley,
Jacob Haynes,
Dave Hays,
Patrick H. Hawkins (?)
T. B. Head,
Frank Hicklin (?)
Tom Hicklin, ( ?)
Dr. John Hillman,
Dr. C. C. Hogan,
George Hopkins,
J. Houghton,
James M. Hunter,
John Hyatt, (?)
John Irving,
Richard Irving,
William Irving,
T. B. Jackson,
Thos. Jennings,
James Jordin,
William Jordin,
H. H. Justus,
Daniel Kessler,
John Kessler,
Joseph Kirk,
James F. Knight,
James Lamey,
Thos. Lathrop,
Dee Lawson,
William Ledgewood,
John Lile,
Henry Lockwood,
Sam Lowrey,
Gus. A. Lynn,
David Martin,
John Middleton,
Wm. Mead,
George McCartney,
William McCartney,
Wm. Henry McClung,
R. J. McClane,
Sam McClane,
M. B. McClung,
J. W. McCullough,
Frank McCue,
George McCue,
James McCue,
Paul McCue,
R. M. McCue,
Archie McDaniel,
Martin McDaniel,
William McDaniel,
Dock McDonald,
Jno. McLauglin,
James McMillion,
John A. McNeel,
John H. McNeill,
William S. McNeill,
John Macrander,
M. T. Mallory,
Alexander Mann,
Independence Mann,
Jacob Mann,
Dr. J. B. Marley,
Alphonso E. Martin,
Gabriel May,
James W. Miller,
John H. Miller,
Robert Miller,
Alfred C. Minnick,
Tim Murray,
Davis Nance,
J. W. Neill,
William N. Nickell,
G. I. O'Ferrell,
W. T. Osborn,
Bob Owens,
Jacob Oxford,
Asa Payne,
Henry Payne,
Francis Peniston,
H. C. Peniston,
John Perry,
Wm. Perry,
B. F. Pugh, ( ?)
Lute Powell,
John Pryor,
J. A. Scott,
John Sheeler,
Bootes Shultz,
Edward Shultz,
Peter Shultz,
Sidney Shultz,
Tom Shultz,
Dick Shutluth,
Emanuel Small,
George C. Smith,
George H. Smith,
I. V. Smith,
Stephen Smith,
Jack Sperry,
E. W. Stafford,
Joseph Stamper,
Cap Stone,
W. T. Stovall,
Maro Thomas,
John Taylor,
Obediah Taylor,
J. E. Tomlinson,
Milton Tye,
Thomas Tye,
Richard Vallandingham,
Monroe Ware,
Joseph Weldon,
Nick Weldon,
Martin Weldon,
George W. Williams,
Monroe Williams,
Roger Williams,
Samuel Wilson,
Jason Winburn,
Charles F. Witten,
William F. Witten,
John H. Wood,
Bob Woodring,
Colley Woodring,
Asa Worrell,
Hill Workman,
John Workman,
James Wynn,
John Wynn,
M. W. Yeager,

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