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Civil War Union Roster

(Daviess County portion by John C. Leonard and Buel Leonard – Printed by Historical Publishing Company, 1922 – Transcribed by Veneta McKinney]

The following list of Union soldiers is taken from the 1882 history of Daviess County:
Company A.
This company was mustered into service Feb. 3, 1862, at Gallatin, Mo., by Capt. T. B. Biggers. This company was commanded by Capt. Joseph H. McGee, of Gallatin ; First Lieutenant Meredith Morris, of Pattonsburg, and Second Lieutenant McLain Wilson, of Monroe Township. On April 3, 1863, Joseph McGee was promoted to major; March 26, 1863, Meredith Morris succeeded him as captain; Benton Miller as 1st lieutenant, and McLain Wilson holding his position as 2nd lieutenant. Captain Morris was dismissed April 26, 1865 ; Lieut. Miller was mustered out Feb. 11, 1865, and McLain Wilson resigned April 23, 1864.

Bear, Martin L.
Blenkenship, Benjamin F.
Blenkenship, Alfred
Browning, Alfred.
Browning, William R.
Barber, Elisha
Bartlett, John
Brown, Solomon
Crawford, Benj. R.
Cutshall, John R.
Clore, George W
Dutcher, William R.
Downing, William.
Downing, Thomas.
Doll, John H.
Flemming, Thomas J.
Flemming, William H.
Frazier, Levi.
Fields, Stephen.
Frazier, Samuel.
Gray, James
Gentry, John A.
Gentis, David.
Grantham, John E.
Garrison, Benj. F.
Gray, William A.
Handel, Isaac I.
Harrah, James C.
Hughes, John S.
Holmes, Henry.
Haver, John.
Hughes, Joseph.
Hayes, Thomas F.
Hines, James A.
Harter, George W.
Jones, John R
Johnson, Eleazer.
Leard, Alfred C.
Leard, Robert J
Leard, William A.
McGee, James
McCrary, John W.
Marshall, Dennis.
Moore, Robert N.
Netherton, James C.
Poe, Jonathan
Powell, George W.
Powell, William C.
Persinger, John.
Royston, William H.
Royston, James M.
Royston, Benj. F.
Reed, Orange.
Roney, William.
Smith, Martin.
Sweaney, Andrew.
Snider, Lewis.
Schaffer, David.
Shriver, Nathan.
Shipley, James H.
Travis, Charles.
Utterback, Ferdinand.
Whitman, Thomas W.
Woodey, Nathan.

Transferred :
Kenney, Patrick S., first sergeant.
Groomer, David, first corporal.
Cope, John, prive.
Frazier, William, private
Frazier, Henry C.
Hilton, William H
Leard, Alfred C.
Lewis, Jacob.
Lewis, Joseph P.
Hamm, John,
Jeffries, Martin P.
O'Neil, Thomas.

Discharged for Disability:
Bear, Peter, second sergeant.
Tipton, George W., fifth sergeant
Stone, George W., third sergeant.
Grantham, Robert H., sixth sergeant.
Peniston, Thomas, bugler.
Miller, Seamon, private.
Leard, James G., private.
Everly, Samuel H., private.
Field, Riley, private.
Grantham, William D., private.
Miller, William F., private.
Sweaney, George, private.
Sego, Charles B., private.

Died of Disease.
Handel, Edward W.
Dale, Thomas J.

Non-Commissioned Officers - Sergeants.
Benton Miller, orderly sergeant.
W. V. McGee, quarter-master sergt.
William C. Gillihan, company sergt.
Benjamin F. Poe, first sergeant.
David E. Youtsey, second sergeant.
William L. Powell, third sergeant.
Lewis Heaston, fourth sergeant.

Corporals .
First, Isaac H. Wilson.
Second, Daniel Johns.
Third, Joshua Brown.
Fourth, James Browning.
Fifth, George T. Netherton.
Sixth, Charles W. Lake.
Seventh, Wiley W. Stone.
Eighth, John W. Hancock.

Company G. –
Company G was organized March 27, 1862, with John Ballinger as captain. The original roll of the company could not be found, but the roll of the company when mustered out was preserved by Lieut. David Groomer.

Brown, David.
Blakely, Andrew C.
Caldwell, James H.
Crowder, James M.
Cope, John.
Endicott, Jacob I.
Frazier, William.
Frazier, Miles.
Fansler, Thomas.
Fansler, William.
Fitts, Jackson.
Galbreath, Squire.
Hilton, William H.
Hill, David.
Hindman, John U.
Jeffries, Martin P.
Leeper, Joseph.
Mitchell, John T.
Morgan, Asa.
McBride, Sylvester K.
McBride, James.
Miller, George W.
Oram, James.
Peugh, George W.
Reynolds, John M.
Shriver, Francis W.
Shriver, Nova Zembia.
Sabens, Thomas B.
Smith, Jeremiah.
Dilley, Barnett.
Splawn, John R.
Splawn, Isaac N.
Smith, John M.
Jeffries, George W.
Walker, Albert G.
Ham, John F.
Hines, Benj. F.
Miller, Michael.
Harris, Seth H.
Orr, Jasper N.
Payne, Ebenezer.
Way, Charles A.
Orr, Moses.
Rowhuff, James.
French, Jesse N.
Day, John M.
Osborn, Carlow B.
Simms, Thomas.
Allen, Charles W.
Bailey, Jasper N.
Benedict, Moses.
Cope, Wiley.
Cope, William B.
Cain, George L.
Duskins, William F.
Elliott, Gilford.
Gilkey, Robert T.
Grindstaff, Julias.
Johnson, James G.
Jacques, Gabriel M.
Hall, George W.
Lewis, Joseph P.
Miller, John H.
McClure, James.
McClure, David.
Owen, Richard.
Payne, Reuben L.
Pilcher, Francis L.
Rop, James L.
Rowland, John D.
Rhoades, Charles W.
Sabens, William M.
Stout, William S.
Starr, William M.
Starr, James,
Stephens, Wiley.
Wright, John R.
Wheeling, Harrison.
Worley, William T.
Wilson, Matthew.

Killed in Battle,
Lewis Jacob, bugler, killed Aug. 9, 1862, at Panther Creek, Mo.

James, John.
Clevinger, Pitman A.
Place, Peter.
Gillihan, Benona H.
Fitts, George W.
Orr, Patrick M.
Pennington, William J.

Risdon, John, drunkenness.
Jordan, James, drunkenness.
Harmon, Jacob C.
Harmon, Richard M., disability.
Harmon, David, disability.
Murphy, Thomas, drunkenness.
O'Neal, Thomas, disability.
Shadwick, Levi, disability.
England, William, disability.
Fields, Thomas, disability.
Brown, Joel R., disability.
Keene, Joseph B., disability.
Place, Richard J., disability.
Knight, Thomas, disability.
Brown, Joel R., disability.
Dilley, Barnett, disability.
Splawn, John B., disability.
Smith, John N., disability.
Splawn, Isaac N., disability.
Smith, John N., disability.
Jefferies, George W., disability.
Walker, Alfred G., disability.
Ham, John T., disability.
Hines, Benj. F,, disability.
Miller, Michael, disability.
Harris, Seth H., disability.
Orr, Jasper N., disability.
Payne, Ebenezer, disability.
Way, Charles A., disability.
Orr, Moses, disability.
Rowhuff, James, disability.
French, Jesse N., disability.
Day, John M., horse stealing.

Moore, James.
Stephens, John E.

Non-Commissioned Officers - Sergeants.
Alfred R, Leard.
Joseph Dilley.
Benj. H. Hines
David K. Eeads.
Charles M. Rogers.
Eli McClure.
Davis Lewellyn.
Isaac Summers.
David M. Heath, discharged for disability.
Nathan Johnson, discharged for disability.
James Johnson, died at home, Daviess County Nov. 3, 1862.

William G. Stow.
Bailey Webb.
Harvey Dilley.
William H. Elliott.
Carl R. Lord, discharged for disability.
Joseph P. Lewis, discharged for disability.
Ira C. Tuttle, discharged for disability.
Henry C. Frazier.
Willis Dilley.
Daniel Pilcher.
Henry Dilley, discharged for disability.
George W. Hall, discharged for disability.
John L. Shriver, discharged for disability.
Luther Ferrington, deserted on May 16, 1863

Company B. –
The original roll of this company was lost. The following list is as nearly correct as possible.

Alexander, John.
Allen, Isaac.
Atwell, ------
Brown, William.
Baker, Guy.
Baker, Harvey.
Bashford, Cline.
Butler, Francis.
Butrick, William.
Butrick, G.
Bender, James.
Bender, Robert.
Bender, John.
Blessing, Henry.
Critton, Erve.
Critton, James.
Cole, Harvey.
Collins, Thomas.
Sactor, J.
Castor, Benjamin.
Castor, William.
Castor, C.
Critton, Joseph.
Charles, C.
Daniels, C.
Daniels, James.
Elmore, -----
Enyhart, Richard.
French, J.
Fulcher, -----
Fannon, William.
Fannon, Joseph.
Gipson, Thomas.
Harolson, -----
Henderson, -----
Harmon, J.
Hoover, Isaac.
Harmon, ------
John, B.
Keene, Gabriel.
Knight, J.
Laswell, John.
Laswell, A. J.
Landers, Joseph.
Leber, Isaac.
Lewis, Sylvester.
Mann, Adam.
Morris, John.
Miries, -----
Myers, S.
McFarland, Marshall.
McGarvin, David.
McGarvin, Dennis.
McCarty, Dennis.
McCarty, David.
McClure, John.
Matthews, David.
McKinney, Arthur.
Nichols, D.
Norton, J.
Noah, Uriah.
Nichols, Joseph.
Nichols, Rhodes.
Nichols, John.
Nations, Edward.
Ohar, M.
Place, F. A.
Paxton, Doc.
Reader, Robert.
Renn, William.
Rhodes, N.
Snider, Henry.
Snider, Henry, Caldwell County.
Shanks, Michael.
Story, G.
Story, Mounce.
Story, John.
Sego, Lemuel.
Sitch, Perry.
Savey, William.
Savey, L.
Tracy, D.
Woodson, Richard.
Wilson, Adam.
Ward, James.
Webster, Hiram.

Non-Commissioned Officers.
Daniel Lebow, sergeant.

Forty-third Infantry, Missouri Volunteers.

The Forty-third Regiment was organized, September 22, 1864, under the command of Chester Harding, Jr., of St. Louis as colonel. Only one company was partially organized from Daviess County, under the captaincy of William F. Flint, whose address was given as Bethany, but who, after the war became sheriff of Daviess County. A portion only of the names can be given and all of these were not from this county. They were in active service in the Central Missouri District and were mustered out of service June 30, 1865.

Brown, Joel E.
Bowyer, William
Hendick, T. J.
Hendrick, John
Herndon, Isaac
Irwin, Joseph
Daniels, Richard
Frazier, Joseph
Bolin, William
Eads, WiUiam
Rader, John
Cline, John
Robb, James
Foster, Andrew J.
Terry, David
Terry, Aaron
Terry, David T.
Miers, William
Poe, James
Smith, W. T.
Smith, John E,
Wright, James
Royston, Powell
Yost, Cornelius
Chapman, Alonzo
Chapman, C.
Sarrah, Jacob
Henderson, John
Endicott, Jacob
Greenwood, F. L., drummer
Flint, Larkin S., fifer

Non-Commissioned Officers - Sergeants.
First, Nathan E. Reed,
Second, Silas H, Hammond,
Third, L. L. Terry,
Fourth, William Tibbies,
Fifth, Hugh Sharon, discharged,
Fifth, Robert S. Terry, promoted

Corporals :
First, Isaac N. Goodwin,
Second, James O. Frisbee,
Third, John F. Silby,
Fourth, Philip Higgins,
Fifth, Joseph H. Knott,
Sixth, Sideon Smith,
Seventh, John Hendricks,
Eighth, Corydon Hart.
There were in the above company fifty-five more privates whose names could not be secured, and part of them were from Daviess County.

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