Daviess County, Missouri Genealogy Trails

World War I Soldiers

Source: History of Daviess and Gentry Counties Missouri – (Daviess County portion by John C. Leonard and Buel Leonard – Printed by Historical Publishing Company, 1922 – Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


One Daviess Countian, Paul, Gillihan, was a member of the first contingent sent overseas in the World War. He had been in the Regular Army for several years. Others from the county in the Regular Army followed shortly thereafter,
R. L. Etter, Jr., L. T. Killam, Fred McFarland and Charles A. Shaw, attended the first officers training camp. As soon as war was declared a number of young men enlisted.
June 5th was the day set aside for the registration of all men between the age of 21 and 30, made necessary by the National Universal Service Act. Complete registration returns showed 1288 men of military age in the county. Of this number 451 did not claim exemption, while 837 gave some reason for being excused. 14 colored men and two aliens registered.

The following account is given by the Gallatin Democrat of the drawing of the first ten Daviess County men :
"The first number was drawn by Secretary of War Baker at 9:30 o'clock a. m., and proved to be 258. This is the number of Leonard E. Patterson, who fives on Route 5, east of Gallatin, and to him is the honor of being the first Daviess County young man to be called to the service of his country. The second number, 458, also calls another Gallatin man, W. H. McGee, the popular Wabash agent. The third, 854, is held by a Jameson young man. Otto McCartney, and the fourth, 1095, is the number of George Reed Netherton, of Coffey. Another Jameson boy, Henry D. French, is the fifth, with 783, and Pattonsburg scored sixth with No. 1117, held by William P. Tunnell. Jameson also got seventh, with No. 837, held by Ira C. Robinson, and Gallatin scored again with number 337, held by James Henry Ramsbottom. Jamesport's first numbers were 676, held by Earl Goodbar, and 275, held by Sherman Wright Blakely.
On August 8th, the exemption board, consisting of Dr. L. R, Doolin, County Clerk, Bert H. Tarwater, and Sheriff, J. A. Blair, began the work of passing on the eligibility of those subject to the draft.
The first group of men chosen and called into the service from Daviess County were: Leonard Patterson, Ira C. Robinson, William P. Tunnell, James H. Ramsbottom, Ashford Bowman, Marshall L. Lowery, and Daniel Lewis Collier. This contingent left Gallatin for the training camp, Sept. 6, 1917. Before their departure, a luncheon was given for them at the Y. M. C. A. At 2:30 the school children carrying flags assembled and sang patriotic songs. Headed by the local band and accompanied by several Confederate and Union soldiers, the school children and a large crowd of citizens, the boys marched to the Rock Island depot where they entrained for Ft. Riley.
On Sept. 19, 55 Daviess Countians left for camp, and on Oct. 3rd, a group of 14. From that time on to the close of the war, groups of men in varying numbers were called and sent to camps throughout the country for training. As each group left the county for camp some sort of recognition was given of the fact that they were entering the country's service and that the citizens appreciated the sacrifices they were making.
A large group of the younger registrants attended various Students Army Training Camps, located at the state university and certain colleges in the state.

Following is a list of those in the service whose home was in the county, or whose parents or guardians resided here. The list was compiled by the Daviess County Chapter, American Red Cross, and published in the Gallatin papers, May, 1919:

Francis V. Frazier
William Seller
Wallace McAfee
C. H. Roy
John Tracy
Robert Adkinson
Ray Noll
Charles Shaw
Stanley Benard
John Whetstone

Daniel Collier
Alexander Dowell
Francis McCray
Virgil Utz
Wilford Smith
William Robinson
Joseph Linville
Emmitt Downs
Lloyd Biddle
Robert C. Holmes
Bert Ayres
Othal Lukehart
Earl Weist
Elmer Oak
George Hudson

Charles McLaughlin
Frank Stapleton
Roy Stephenson
Charles Graham
Evan Edwards
Homer Venable
Henry Ramsbottom
Lloyd Welson
Leroy Spidle
Sam Graham
Charles Plymell
Ora Butcher
Frank Brown
Eddie Earl Smith
Lee Goodbar
Hobart Brown
Clyde Robinson
Ronald Ginder
Alex Stephenson
John Swafford
Homer Lunnon
Clarence Morris
Kenneth Aid
Freeman M. Buchanan
Robert P. Hoover
Arthur King
Joe H. McCormick
Ernest Mott
William P. Tunnell
James Turner
Edward Vanover
Roger W. Vipond


Aid, Harry
Aid, Kenneth
Ayres, Allen
Akes, Elva
Alexander, L.
Andrews, Floyd
Alexander, Walter
Alexander, Preston
Ayres, Bert
Adkinson, Robert
Barnett, Corbin
Ballard, Myrl
Becker, Arthur
Becker, John A.
Blackburn, Forest
Blair, Forest
Blair, Russell
Bruce, William B.
Beck, H. Boyd
Brosius, W. L.
Butler, Ivale
Butler, Charles
Butler, Alva
Booth, Raymond
Berg, Willie,
Brady, Orville
Black, Estie
Black, Virgil
Biddle, Lloyd
Clark, Kenneth
Cole, Elgin
Chamberlain, Cyrus
Croy, Earl
Cornell, Cravens
Culver, Ernie
Culver, Luther
Cravens, Chas. Ed.
Cruzen, Richard
Chadwick, George A.
Cooper, Egner
Dunnington, Claud
Day, Frank
Day, Virgil
Dewey, Clarence
Dumm, John H.
Dumm, William
Douglas, Lloyd
Dow, John
Drummond, Ray
Doak, Edgar
Dudley, Boyd, Jr.
Earnshaw, George
Earnshaw, Steel
Earnshaw, Bert
Etter, Robert
Evans, Roy
Edwards, Evan
Davis, Harfield
Farrar, Joe
Ferguson, Julius
Fitterer, Clinghan
Ford, Edrick
Frazier, Francis V.
Foley, Oscar
Gaines, Charles
Gillihan, Paul
Gillihan, Ben
Gillispie, James
Gosnelll, Dan W.
Griffith, Howard
Griffith, Harry
Graham, Charles W.
Graham, Samuel
Graham, Leonard
Graham, Homer
Graham, Lawrence
Gilbert, James
Hockensmith, R.
Harlow, Roy
Hamilton, Ezra
Handy, Glen
Harmon, Lloyd
Hesler, Carl
Hesler, Harry
Hershberger, F.
Harris, Charles
Harris, John
Hamilton, Lewis
Hager, Everett
Harrison, Fred
Hawkins, Harvey
Hughes, Claud
Houghton, Hugh
Jackson, Alva
Irving, Robert
Ingersoll, Hulett
James, Ray
James, Oda
Ketchum, George
Kemp, Jasen
Lukehart, Earl
Lewis, Ben
Knight, Jesse
Koger, Cleo
Lukehart, Othal
Lynch, Artie
Leopard, Dean
Lunnon, Homer
Long, Homer
Lowrie, Joseph
Meade, Dudley
Meade, Feurt
Meade, Homer
Morris, Harley
Morris, Clarence
McGlaughlin, Charles
Murray, Ozier
Mann, Marion
Mann, Harry
McClure, J. C.
McAfee, Wallace
McSparrin, Wallace
McGill, Earl
Mettle, Omer
Merritt, Paul
Moss, Patton
Nichols, Otis
Nichols, Roy
Nichols, James
New, Vernon
Nida, James
Netherton, Earl
O'Toole, Tom
Osborn, Edwin
Page, William C.
Page, Marion
Page, Elvin
Payne, Elias
Poage, Grady
Place, Roscoe
Place, Otis
Pendelton, Dewey
Penniston, J. B.
Patterson, Leonard
Pilcher, Harry
Pilcher, Roy
Pierce, Lloyd
Russel, Elbert
Ramsbottom, H.
Richards, Frank
Richard, William
Rogers, Clarence
Rulon, Woody
Roach, Lewis
Runnels, Cleo
Ramsbottom, J.
Robinson, William
Smith, M. A.
Seller, William
Stephenson, Roy
Stewart, Carl
Stewart, Henry
Stapleton, Frank
Stapleton, Charles
Smith, Byron
Smith, Earl
Sullivan, John
Shipley, Leo
Smith, Eben
Selby, John
Selby, Seth
Swafford, Homer
Swafford, John
Swafford, R. E.
Sharrah, James
Thompson, Victor
Tolan, Ross
Thomas, James
Tarwater, Thurman
Teel, Claud
Trotter, Roy
Trotter, Mack
Venable, Homer
Vanable, Frank
Vanover, Edward
Vanover, Sam
Vipond, William J.
Vipond, Roger
Welden, Lloyd
Welch, Dean
Whitt, Woody
Whitt, Lando
Wood, Ray
Wynne, Justin
Wynne, Carry
Wulliams, Earl
Wynne, Kenneth
Weist, Earl
Whitt, Charles
Whitt, Jonah
Whitt, Howard
White, E. H.
Wilson, Wm. Boyd
Walton, Harvey
Williams, Milton
Williams, Vernon
Walker, Robert
Yates, Ralph
Yates, Paul
Youtsey, Frank

Athy, James Roy
Aimes, Floyd, H.
Brown, Neal
Baker, James A.
Barnett, Fallis
Baker, Albert B.
Brown, Grover
Brown, Colbert
Bond R. E.
Buzard, R. L.
Caldwell, George A.
Caraway, Levi E.
Caraway, Sidney
Coberly, Oscar L.
Coberly, Orville S.
Dowell, Ray
Dowell, Alexander
Drummond, Kerry
Drummond, Glesner
DeVorss, Wm. Earl
Doty, J. E.
Evans, George H.
Evans, Wm. Charles
English, John M.
Fletcher Ernie
Goodbar, Earl
Goodbar, Charles L.
Goodbar, Rolling
Gildow, O. L.
Gildow, John F.
Gott, Loyd
Griffith, Bert
Gillilan, Frank
Foster, Charles
Harding, Orville
Hampton, Homer N.
Hill, Wilbuer
Hill, Leon
Haley, James L.
Havet, Cecil E.
Hill, Joseph Carl
Hill, Thurman, L.
Harrah, Mark
Houston, LeRoy
Harris, Paul W.
Hallem, A. J.
Justus, Harry
Jenkins, A. Lee
Johnson, Walter B.
Kelly, Edward C.
Kingdon, Howard
Kelley, Albert
Lunnon, Homer
Layson, Manly G.
Lawrence, Webster
Langford, Lowell
Langford, Ross
Lockridge, Frank
Lent, Fred
Lumpkin, Harold
Lankford, Thomas
Lankford, Leslie
Lankford, Wilbur
Mann, Gordon
McGahey, Glenn
Markham, Claud H.
McMahan, Fern H.
McClung, R. Earl
McCrary, Robert F.
McAllister, Harry
McAllister, Arthur
Martin, James R.
Martin, Adger
Miller, Claud
Miller, Harry
Marks, Arthur E.
McCue, Robert
McCollum, N.
McVey, Clarence
Nighswonger, John
Nolle, Ray
Nolle, Earl
Nickell, Gay
Nighswonger, Jesse
Owens, Ray E.
Osborn, Claud N.
Pliley, Wm. L.
King, Albert
Prior, Paul Dewill
Pogue, Grady
Poe, Forest
Ray, James Ivan
Riley, John F.
Richmond, Forest
Roy, C. H,
Robinson, Clyde
Robinson, Harvey
Richardson, Nathan
Reed, Harvey
Reed, Perry
Reed, Rolla
Ruble, Franklin J.
Somerville, George
Sharrah, James B.
Stephens, Eddi B.
Shaffer, Gordon L.
Scott, James A.
Scott, James, J.
Smith, Eddie Earl
Songer, Herbert L.
Smith, Lee H.
Stoller, Clifton H.
Shaw, Boyd Scott
Scott, Roy
Shaffer, Gordon
Truitt, James
Thomas, Howard
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Earl V.
Ward, John D.
Ward, Vess J.
Whittaker, H. R.
Wynne, Allen F.
Whitley, A. E.
Wilks, Presley H.
Witten, Ralph
Witten, Herbert
Wiles, Ralph J.
Wiles, William A.
Wells, Clarence
Woods, Otis
Wheeler, Harry C.
Winbar, Ivan C.
Ware, Orville R.
Wills, Clarence L.
Ware, Noble O.
Williams, Harry

Brookshire, R. O.
Brookshire, H. L.
Boucher, Earl
Blakely, S. W.
Bennett, Enid A.
Burton, Vernie
Coberly, Oscar Lee
Coberly, Orville S.
Cox, Lewis L.
Drummond, W. L.
Egbert, Archie Lee
Hise, Earnest L.
Herbert, Charles E.
Harvey, Karl
Huffman, Roy
Jordin, Charles
McCollum, Joe
Minnick, James P.
Minnick, Ben F.
Minnick, Earl R.
Mason, Ray
McCrary, Chester
Sloan, O. W.
Smith, Thesler J.
Ranes, Virgil A.
Ragan, Virgil D..
Tague, Vernie
Wilson, Drury
Wilson, Harry
Wade, Clarence C.
Wade, Raymond V.
Wade, A. B.

Bell, Henry
Bell, Orlando
Bell, George
Boyer, Clyde
Brown, Earl
Estes, James
Fleming, Claud
Frazier, Elra
Frazier, Wm. F.
Ginder, Ronald
Ginder, Roger
Huff, Jonathan
Hibbs, Ward
Lee, Victor
Shaw, Charles
Palmer, Macey
Snyder, David L.
Snyder, Charles

Bristow, Frank
Doll, Earl
Fuller, Earl
Gilbert, James W.
Hosman, Floyd
Johnson, Clarence
Kirchofer, Reo
Kirchofer, George
Lee, Jesse
Linval, Joseph
Morrow, Earl
McBrayer, Carl
Newby, James
Newby, Ray
Neel, Charles
Peters, George
Short, Stephen H.
Short, Tinsley
Snow, Carl
Snow, Walter
Williams, Earl

Barnes, Arthur
Bernard, Donald
Brewer, Emmitt
Boyd, Erskine
Bowman, Millard
Bray, Porr
Bray, Carl
Blankenship, F.
Best, Guy
Becket, Paul
Becket, Maurice
Brannan, Robert
Burns, J. L
Buck, Roscoe
Bernard, Stanley
Burk, Alva
Butcher, Oma
Butcher, Ora
Creekmore, Lloyd
Clevenger, Jerry
Campbell, J. C.
Carter, E. S.
Cruits, Fred D.
Carter, David
Caster, Glen
Dix, Robert
Devers, Claud
Elam, Leslie
Elam, Merlin
Ferguson, J. L.
Ferguson, Joe
Fisher, Delbert
Fitts, Isaac McCord
Francisco, Walter
Graham, Darius G.
Graham, C. B.
Groomer, Louis D.
Groomer, Logan, Jr.
Gambill, Esquire
Gardner, Ezra
Gotchel, Owen
Croetecke, James
Guilkey, Floyd
Hart, Arthur
Heath, William
Heath, John
Hedges, Frank
Hurley, A. R.
Hooper, W. H.
Helms, Frank
Horton, Joseph
Harris, Elmer
Huff, Jonathan
James, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Lowrie, Marshall
Lipps, Orval
Lear, Albert
Lambert, J. C.
Maupin, Curtman
Murphy, Wayne
Morris, Carl
Morris, Floyd
Morris, Robert
Morris, Herman
Morris, Meredith
Mott, Ernest
Meyer, Ashley C.
Markham, Roy
Martin, Clark
Nolle, David
Newman, Harry
Newman, Clyde
Newton, Hue
Persinger, Roscoe
Phillips, Bartley
Phillips, Houston
Price, Lloyd
Price, George
Price, Rupert
Rogers, Elmer
Roberts, M. Henry
Reed, Crafton
Reed, Frank
Rice, Harley
Royston, Cecil
Royston, Jerry
Royston, Albert
Royston, Emil
Royston, Homer
Savage, Edward
Shepherd, James
Smith, Herman
Sadler, Emil
Salmon, George
Sweany, Lee
Stalbert, Frank
Smart, Thomas L.
Taylor, Harve
Thompson, Kenneth
Tunnel, Harve
Tunnel, William
Tunnel, Charles
Trotter, Clarence
Thompson, Marvin
Utz, Virgil
Vanness, Fred
Williams, Sam
Williams, Charles
Weldon, Moss E.
Walker, Ray
Wade, ------
Webb, C. E.
Wyrick, Lucian
Wyrick, Stephen C.
Warford, John V.
Warford, Lester
Warford, Charles
Webb, Lester
Yost, Earnie

Bartlett, Carl
Bell, Harvey E.
Bowman, Ashford
Brown, Curtis
Brown, Earl H.
Black, Virgil
Burgert, Alfred
Baldwin, Harry
Crowder, Cleo
Carey, William
Campbell, Dennis
Caster, Cleo
Croll, Frank
Clapper, Ernest
Clapper, Roswell
Dean, Lawrence
Downs, Emmitt E.
Downs, Benjamin
Edwards, Victor F.
Dunlap, John Carl
Dunlap, Rudin
Gould Clem
Gibson, Crval
Hangley, Jay
Hangley, H. S. G.
Haley, James L.
Huffman, Marshall
Hudson, Lester
Hudson, George
Kelso, Thomas
Loop, John
Loomis, Neil
Lehr, Ashel
Loomis, Wilber
Miles, Bernley
Osborn, Charles T.
Potter, McKinley
Potter, Theron
Potter, Lewis
Parmley, Thomas
Manring, Carl
Manring, Glen
Manring, Earl
Morrison, Harvey
Norton, Elmer
Steel, Herbert
Steel, Ralph D.
Peters, George R.
Reid, Lloyd
Reid, Clyde
Reid, Conley
Schuele, Phillip.
Schuele, Henry
Smith, James B.
Smith, William W.
Shaw, Floyd
Strong, Morris
Stewart, Howard
Trotter, Lewis
Thomas, Scy Milton
Uthe, Jurd
Willis, Walter
Woody, James P.
Wise, Chester
Worrel, Adeson H.
Wooden, Maurice

Andrews, Harold
Barlow, George
Briner, George
Brown, Frank
Cox, Elbert
Contrail, W. J.
Carter, Marion
Day, Roy
Estes, James
Feurt, Cleo
Feurt, Charles
Feurt, Vernon
Feurt, James
Gains, Roy C.
Gisebert, Walter
Gisebert, Charles
Harrington, John R.
Hankins, John E.
Hoyle, Grover
Irwin, Howard
Jenkins, Virgil
Jobe, Charles .
Landes, Carl
Knecht, William
Knott, Wood
McKenney, Jett L.
McDonald, Allen
McGee, Paul
Mikes, John
O'Brian, Chas. R. P.
Pugh, Samuel
Reed, Lan
Pugh, Allen
Robertson, Ira
Sabens, Earl
Scott, Henry *
Schaffer, Homer
Shemwell, Bishop
Smith, Wilford
Walls, Cecil

Abbott, Walter
Bartlett, Garland
Bolar, Albert
Chambers, Poe
Chambers, Ray
Cunningham, Jas.
Davisson, David
Elkins, Vile
Gear, Walter
Glaze, Perry E.
Hathaway, Earl
Harrington, Chas.
Harrington, Roscoe
Holcomb, Harley
Hoover, Henry H.
Hoover, Jacob A.
Hoover, Robert P.
Hampton, Earl
Iddings, Eddie
Kinkade, Kinnish
Martin, Charles H.
Patton, John
Parrett, Charles
Plymell, Charles D.
Plymell, Emil
Prindle, Ralph
Pugh, Hasset
Roland, Harry
Scott, John T.
Smith, Floyd
Snyder, Everett
Snyder, Roy
Stitt, Herman
Stretch, Omar G.
Thompson, Toney
Tracy, John
Witten, John F.

Banks, Roy
Barkdoll, Victor
Boyd, Grover
Brassfield, Leonard
Campion, Fred
Cornelius, Vern
Cook, John W.
Cook, Willis
Deany, Wilford
Drake, Marion
Duffey, Earl
Faw, Sarvey
Faw, Aaron
Foltz, Filmore
Foster, Carney
Grove, Paul
Hendricks, Roy
Kemp, Henry
Kuebler, Leon
Kuebler, Roland
Lindsey, Fred
Patton, Herbert
Pierce, Robert
Roper, Lester
Snyder, Loren
Stephenson, E. F.
Stephens, John J.
Stephens, Leonard
Stephens, John
Stephenson, Ellis
Tedrick, Orson
Wathen, Clarence
Youtsey, Charles

Alexander, Earl
Cox, Ralph
Davis, Toney
Miller, Carl
Puckett, James
Spidle, Forest L.
Spidle, Samuel
Townsand, Charles
Townsand, Willard
Townsand, Frank
Taylor, Peter
Townsand, Glen
Rogers, Sherman
Reed, George
Trosper, Roy
Trosper, Nicholas
Tuggle, Leslie

Lambert, J. C.
Nigh, J. W.
Wade, H. L.
Whetstone, John
Smith, George
Yost, Harvey
Hart, Clarence
Bland, Earl
Davis, Ray
Chappell, Paul
Morris, Clyde
Kerns, Charles
Gromer, S. A.
Blankenship, Arch
Williams, Walter
Carter, Lawrence
Shackelford, E. U.
James, Floyd
Armstead, Harry
Williams, Joseph

Findley, Ben
McClary, Leslie
Lewis, Clarence
Scott, Roy
Palmer, Macy
Trotter, Lyle
Foster, Charles
Dunn, Chas. W.
Turner, James
Murry, Ozar D.
Gustalson, Carl
Beck, Boyd
Hansher, Roy
Gould, Robin P.
Francisco, Walter

The Distinguished Service Cross was awarded to three Daviess County boys:
Ora Lee Butcher, John W. McAfee, and Charles A. Shaw.

Soon after the signing of the armistice, the men in camps were sent home. On January 1, the first of a series of "Welcome Home" receptions was given in Gallatin, The reception was in charge of the Canteen Service of the Red Cross. By the middle of the summer a large number of those overseas had also returned. It was then decided by the Red Cross to give a "Welcome Home" celebration on July 4th to the 725 Daviess Countians who had been in the service. An address of welcome was given by ex-Governor A. M, Dockery, followed by responses by Henry Ramsbottom and Frank Gildow and an address by Col, Ruby D. Garrett of Kansas City, Gold pins were presented as souvenirs on behalf of the Red Cross to each soldier. Mrs. James Manring was awarded a prize for having more sons in the service than any mother present. Prizes were awarded the prettiest babies whose fathers were in the service, the prizes being awarded to Gretchen Etter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Etter, Jr., and Walter William Colbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Colbert, Various communities also gave recognition of the return of the soldiers and sailors.

The following figures show the contributions made by Daviess County to Liberty Loan Campaigns, War Charities and Welfare organizations:

Chairman, Hon. Floyd S. Tuggle, Gallatin. Secretary, Dean E. Handy, Gallatin. Simon Arnold, Jamesport; Dr. G. M. Wooden, Winston; Dr. S. L. Hardinger, Pattonsburg; R. E. Maupin, Pattonsburg; I L. Wade, Lock Springs; Mrs. Chas. Arnold, Jamesport.

Benton - R. C. Maupin, O. P. Meadows, W. A. Warford, Geo. N. Groomer, Raleigh A. Utz, M. E. Pangburn, Geo. N. Frazier, E. A. Martin, Mrs. Ben A. Yates.
Colfax - C. H. Bryant, L. Hudson, C. W. Shreckengaust, V. E. Foxworthy, A. C. Triem, E. W. Manring, Dr. D. M. Claggett.
Grand River - R. A. Daniels, George Goodbar, John F. Wilder, G. W. Case, James Barnett, Virgil Gaines, S. C. Shaffer, Forest Everly.
Jamesport - S. E. Arnold, Joseph Foster, D. H. Robinson, Sam Gant, S. B. Currin, W. L. McClure, C. L. Hampshirt.
Liberty - Dan Fisher, W. P. Griffin, H. E. Posten, Amos Steigers, M. T. Lankford, E. G. Urban, T. L. Sturgeon, W. E. Hathway.
Monroe - F. E. Mueller, W. D. Statler, Jas. O'Toole, E. T. Lankford, E. J. Harlow, S. J. Dunlap, E. W. Foley.
Daviess - Frank Kissinger, W. M. Bristow, W. S. Sailor, Lewis Doll, Grant McCleary, S. A. Gaines, J. W. Morrow, W. W. Edwards.
Union - W. R. Handy, W. C. Pogue, Penn Love, R. B. Moss, Roy Whitt, Charles Hemry, R. J. Ball, Glenn Smith.
Harrison - J. G. Lawson, W. B. Trosper, B. W. Patrick, Gates Woolsey, Lynn Newman, Jacob Treon, John Boyd, J. W. Goins.
Jackson - I L. Wade, M. R. Weed, A. C. Buckingham, E. H. Greenwood, S. L. McClure, Ezra Hamilton, R. W. Burge, Rev. Orr, Iva Drummond.
Lincoln - J. R. Baker, R. D. McCray, E. R. Leigh, R. C. Griffith, B. F. Bedford, Albert Springs, Elmer Wickizer, M. F. Ward.
Marion - J. H. Haver, Harve Zentz, Mrs. J. H. Henderson, John J. Johnson, Chas. Snider, Orvy Schriver, Mrs. John Shaw.
Salem - W. Guy Welden, Robt. D. Kincade, J. E. Gotschall, Harper Butler, J. F. Holmes, W. T. Siple, J. A. Burtch, J. A. Chambers.

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