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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces
Source: http://www.archives.gov/research/arc/ww2/army-casualties/
Submitted by Tammy Clark

Meaning of the abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries


Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
ATHAY Clyde A 37001100 PVT DNB
AYERS John E 37015107 TEC 4 KIA
BEDFORD Benjamin F 37377329 SGT DNB
CAIN Virgil G 37135745 SGT KIA
DUFFEY Charles W 37704904 PVT KIA
FOSTER Charles E 17076242 SGT KIA
GILLIAN Lee R 37530370 PFC KIA
HARMON Edward M 37138334 PFC KIA
HUSTON Russ L 37187772 TEC 5 DNB
LATURNO Charles E Jr 0-748692 2 LT DNB
LOLLAR William M 37138295 CPL KIA
LYON Floyd H 0-743044 2 LT KIA
McQUEEN Denver C 37491003 PFC KIA
METTLE Harold A 37007350 PFC KIA
MILES Cline C 37015330 CPL DNB
NICHOLSON William L 37452511 CPL DNB
OSBORN Jewel D 37239722 PFC KIA
PLACE Robert J 37215746 S SG KIA
RENO Paul D 37515411 PFC KIA
REYNOLDS Ralph E 6731598 S SG DNB
SAVACOOL Victor R 0-453742 CAPT DOW
SETZER Thomas E 01059636 2 LT DNB
SMITH Clarence W 0-670178 1 LT FOD
SMITH Jack D 37001105 TEC 4 KIA
SMITH Loye D 37734224 PFC KIA
SMITH Marion E 37246688 PVT KIA
TERRY Darrel M 37138417 PVT KIA
TUCKER Herbert 37138289 PFC KIA
WELDON Howard C 37514891 CPL KIA
WELDON Lloyd H 0-663972 1 LT FOD
WEST Charles F 37241766 PFC KIA
WHITT Donald L 37008607 S SG FOD
WILMOT Donald G 37135734 KIA
WORLEY Hartford B Jr 37745180 PVT KIA

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