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Amity Cemetery 395134N 0942603W Amity
Bethel Cemetery 399481N 9426175W Weatherby
Botts Cemetery 395809N 0942442W Wood
Butler Cemetery 395946N 0942443W Wood
Christian Chapel Cemetery 395120N 0941347W Winston
Clarksdale Cemetery 394922N 0943412W Clarksdale
De Kalb Cemetery 394702N 0943033W Clarksdale
Delano Cemetery 394723N 0941345W Winston
Greenridge Cemetery 395757N 0941800W Maysville
Irwin Cemetery 395419N 0941858W Maysville
Jones Cemetery 394511N 0941252W Winston
Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery     Stewartsville
Memorial Park Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 395124N 0941801W Fordham
Norwegian Cemetery 395752N 0941651W Maysville
Oak Lawn Cemetery 395332N 0942200W Maysville
Ogle Grove Cemetery 395642N 0943452W Union Star
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 394915N 0943003W Clarksdale
Redman Cemetery 395223N 0941652W Fordham
Schambaugh-Cope Cemetery 395350N 0941508W Maysville
Schuchman Cemetery 395608N 0941827W Maysville
Sharp Cemetery 395425N 0943002W Union Star
Silvers Cemetery 394848N 0943202W Clarksdale
Smith Cemetery 395853N 0942324W Wood
Stone Cemetery 394859N 0943408W Clarksdale
Thomas Cemetery 395414N 0941743W Maysville
Thornton Cemetery 394705N 0943553W Clarksdale
Todd Cemetery 394631N 0943440W Clarksdale
Union Chapel Cemetery 395406N 0943448W Union Star
Walnut Grove Cemetery 395545N 0941511W Maysville
Wamsley Cemetery 394924N 0941440W Winston
Winslow Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wood Cemetery 395730N 0941932W Maysville

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