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DeKalb County Missouri
1860 Mortality Schedules
Source: Missouri Pioneers County and Genealogical Records, Volume 3
by Nadine Hodges, Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff; 1968
transcribed by:
Genealogy Trails Transcription Team.


DeKalb County, Missouri

The "Mortality Schedules" are records of persons who died in the twelve months prior to the taking of the census on June 1st.  Therefore, the schedule for 186 would cover deaths from June 1st, 1859 to May 31st, 1860.  The census taker was supposed to make a record of these deaths at the time he obtained the census information.  It is known that most of the mortality schedules are incomplete, many deaths not having been reported, but they do give us a record of many deaths.

The counties given here are those whose courthouses were destroyed by fire, resulting in the loss of most of the court records.  For the sakeof space,deaths of children under ten years of age are not listed.

Name Age Married or Widowed Where Born Month of death Occupation
William Thomas 17 -- Mo. Jan. Farm labor
William H. Stout 16 -- Mo. Mar. Farmer
Alta Estes 19 M Ky. Apr.  
Andrew Jasper 84 M S. C. Aug. Farmer
William M. Bell 12 -- Mo. Oct.  
Hannah Livingston 50 M Ky. Oct.  
Charlotte Snethen 59 M Ky. Jan.  
Nancy Y. Kincaid 20 -- Mo. Apr.  
Alexander C. Gentry 24 -- Ind. Jan. Farmer
Jacob Coon 39 M Ohio May Farmer
Franklin M. Hudson 16 -- Mo. Jan.  
Catherine Morgan 42 M N. C. May  
Joseph Baxter 53 M Tenn. Aug. Farmer
Jane Morgan 64 M Tenn. Aug.  
Matilda Sherman 29 M Va. Mar.  
Jane Rogers 39 -- Ind. Aug.  
John M. Word 24 W Ky. May Farmer
Emily F. Hannah 27 M Ky. May  
J. G. Hardwick 23 -- Mo. Feb. Druggist
James Morrell 35 M Canada Oct. Engineer
James T. Flint 11 -- Ky. Mar.  
James B. Kerr 51 M Ky. Aug.  
Robert R. Bush 56 M Ky. Apr. Bricklayer
Edward Trotter 81 M N. C. Jan. Farmer


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