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In Memoriam
Isador Gross
Bayfield, MO.
The sad news of the demise of the late Isador Gross has reached us. This staunch friend and supporter of the Advocate died in Bayfield, Mo., Aug. 27, 1901. About two years ago he was struck by paralysis, which finally resulted in dropsy, which caused his death.
A native of La Bell Alsace, Mr. Gross emigrated to this country in 1860. During the civil war he served in the 16th Illinois Infantry. He sprang from a family which gave many of her sons and daughters to the church. The late Archbishop Gross was a close relative to the deceased. His nephew, Rev. G. Gerrer, O. S. B., is at present in Rome, to perfect himself in painting and music. Mr. Gross was a well educated, affable and kind gentleman; a friend of the poor and orphans and a benefactor to suffering mankind in general. He is survived by his faithful wife and loving sister, Mrs. Carolina Gerrer, of El Reno, Okla., to whom the earnest sympathy of the Advocate is extended. May the infinite love and companion of the Divine One comfort them in their grief. R. I. P.
(Source: The Indian Advocate, Sacred Heart, Okla., October 1, 1901. Contributed by Dale Donlon)


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