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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing

Source: National Archives. Submitted by Tammy Clark

Meaning of the abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
ADAMS Wilber W 37391483 SGT KIA
BATES Charles E 37408487 PVT KIA
BERRY James A 37395524 SGT KIA
BLAYLOCK Allen L 6274475 S SG DNB
BROOKS Percy L 37054300 PVT DNB
BURCHETT Archie W 37145068 PFC KIA
CUDWORTH Frank G 19019993 PVT DNB
DUCKWORTH Clark L 37406392 PFC KIA
EDWARDS Glen E 37391458 PFC KIA
ELLIOTT Carl M 37416318 PVT KIA
FRANKLIN Russel W 36199896 PVT DOW
GRAY Earl D 37393890 PFC KIA
GROGAN Wilber R 37603561 CPL KIA
HUITT Harold D 6916108 PVT DOW
KENDALL Robert L 17088464 PFC KIA
MANNING Dorse A 37417813 PFC DNB
MANNING Troy W 37183760 TEC 4 DNB
MEDLEY Merle W 37634160 PFC KIA
MEIER Roy C 37621640 PFC KIA
NELSON Marvin B 01328065 2 LT KIA
NICHOLS Ferman E 37391674 PFC KIA
NICHOLS Ray J 37632375 S SG KIA
RAULSTON William D 37059070 S SG DNB
RILEY Herbert V 37136215 S SG KIA
ROGERS Dale J 17044799 SGT DNB
SANDERS Stanley L 0-515631 1 LT KIA
SKILES Maurice F 17122160 S SG DOW
STAGNER Delbert L 37621647 PVT KIA
STAYTON Raymond W 6939150 TEC 5 DOW
STEWART Lee W 37406354 PVT DNB
STRODE James E 0-745537 2 LT FOD
SUMMERS Carl D 37631248 PVT KIA
TOURNBAUGH Jessie C 37391443 PFC DOW
WHITE Vernon W 37179068 PFC KIA
WHITEAKER Lloyd 37625793 PFC KIA
WIDNER John D 37057776 PFC KIA


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