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George Counts
The assassination of Weeks in Reynolds county, the killing of Philip Schall in Madison county, because he shouted for Grant, and the shooting of George Counts in Dent county, are three political events of last Saturday, all occurring with forty miles of each other.  Counts was a relative of Callahan, and his offense had the extent of keeping the latter over night, after he had been disciplined by the Ku Klux.  And yet Gov. Brown would have us believe that the bloody moon is on the wane in Missouri.--Missouri Dem.
Source:   (The Andrew County Republican., Savannah, Missouri, Friday, September 6, 1872; Transcribed by SallyH)
W.C. Guild
Dent Convict Pardoned. W. C. Guild Guilty of Receiving Stolen Property
Jefferson City. Mo., Nov. 15. - Governor Stephens to-day pardoned W. C. Guild of Dent County, confined in the penitentiary for five years for receiving stolen property. The evidence showed that Guild had been imposed upon. Trial Judge Evans. Senator Hohenschild and other citizens asked for executive clemency.
Source:  [Friday, November 16, 1900, St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) Page: 5]


Thomas Johnson
Pardons were granted to the following convicts yesterday:  Thomas Johnson, Dent county, forgery, 8 years.
Source:  (The State Journal., Jefferson City, Mo., Friday, January 23, 1874; Transcribed by SallyH)


Warrant Against M'Cumber. Charged with Killing Mrs. Smith. Officers Reticent
Sheriff Kerth. Prosecuting Attorney Hiedorn and the other officials of St. Louis County who caused the arrest of John McCumber of Salem, Dent County, on suspicion of being implicated in the murder of Mrs. Elisabeth Smith of Glencoe, are still reticent regarding the nature of the evidence they have against him and the manner in which it was discovered. When questioned yesterday, the Sheriff said hat the tip was obtained from a man living in Eureka and that afterwards several incriminating—letters were received by a Dent County physician. The sheriff would not give the names of either of the persons. The officials declare, however, that they have made an important arrest and that others may still be expected. A warrant charging murder in the first degree was issued against McCumber yesterday by Justice Greensfelder upon application of Prosecuting Attorney Heidorn. The information was sworn to by Public Administrator Thomas F. Arkerman of Glencoe, who is a member of the Citizens' Committe that subscribed a $500 reward for the capture of the murderer or murderers. McCumber stills denies the charge, and says he will prove an alibi by a keeper of a gambling house in Mattoon, Ill., where he claims to have been on the night that the murder was committed. McCumber admitted having served four terms in the Dent County jail for fighting. McCumber will be arraigned before Justice Greensfelder this morning. He has engaged Senator B. L. Matthews to defend him. Meantime, a report has reached Clayton that there is danger of the jail being attacked by a mob from Meramee Township, and the Sheriff and his deputies are on the alert.
Source:  [Saturday, October 6, 1900 Paper: St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) Page: 2]
Robert Reddick
Timber Cutter Arrested
Deputy United States Marshal McCuna arrived to the city Tuesday from Dent County, having in custody Robert S. Reddick, who is charged with cutting timber on government lands in Texas County, Reddick yesterday had a preliminary examination before Commissioner Crawford, who bound him over to await the action of the Springfield District Court, which has jurisdiction in the territory where the offense was committed. [Thursday, March 27, 1890, St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO)Page: 6]
The Governor pardoned under three-fourths rule: Ben. Shook convicted for two years of grand larceny from Dent county.
Source:  (The State Journal., Jefferson City, Mo., Friday, October 15, 1875; Transcribed by SallyH)
Claiborne H. Skaggs,
of Dent county has been pardoned under the three-fourths rule.
Source:   (The State Journal., Jefferson City, Mo., Friday, October 15, 1875; Transcribed by SallyH)
John Wilson
SATURDAY, May 30.--Sheriff Young, of Dent county, delivered to the Warden of the Penitentiary to-day John Wilson, convicted ef grand larceny, and sentenced for 2 years.
Source:   (The State Journal., Jefferson City, Mo., Friday, June 5, 1874; Transcribed by SallyH)

Dent county is little, but she is some on crime.  At the last term of Circuit court two murder, three rape and one incest case were disposed of.
Source:   (Lexington Weekly Intelligencer., Lexington, Missouri, Saturday, November 20, 1875; Transcribed by SallyH)

Dent County, Mo., Jail Burned
Salem, Mo. March 8 - Dent County is without a jail to-day. The structure caught fire this morning from a defective flue and was burned to the ground. Four prisoners were in the jail at the time of the fire, but were liberated and are now being; guarded by the Sheriff. County court will meet to-morrow and perhaps some action will be taken to rebuild. The county will lose about $3,000.
Source:  [Monday, March 9, 1896; St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) Page: 3]


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