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File No. 2621
Wood Township
Jane Cooper
Female White Widowed
Occupation - Housewife
Spouse Milton Cooper
Date of Birth May 1847 91 years, 6 months, 6 days
Born in Lafallet Town, TN
Father [BLANK- see note]
Mother [BLANK see note]
Date of death Oct. 6, 1937
From Infirmities of old age
Burial at Clifty Hall Cemetery on Oct. 8, 1937
Informant E.J. Cooper, Prior, MO

[NOTE: Form filled out incorrectly. On side says father, but line says name. Jane Cooper was entered. On side says mother, but line says maiden name. Jane Housley was entered]
Submitted by Carrie Tuck -09

File No. 17685
Milton Cooper
Wood Township
Male White Married
Occupation - farmer
Spouse [BLANK]
Date of birth - Jan. 2, 1840 85 years , 5 months, 0 days
Born in Jacksbaro, TN
Father Peter Cooper born in TN
Mother Selma Ridenour born in TN
Date of Death Jun. 1, 1925
From Hemorrhage of brain
Burial at Clifty Hall Cemetery on Jun. 2, 1925
Informant Ora Penner [?] Prior, MO
Submitted by Carrie Tuck -09

File No. 28898
Felix Gundy Rutter
[unreadable] Township
Male White Widow
Occupation Farmer
Spouse Alice Austine Stone
Date of Birth Jan. 28, 1832 87 years, 9 months, 4 days
Born in KY
Father Edmund Rutter born in KY
Mother Unknown
Date of death Nov. 2, 1921
From pneumonia
Burial at Cothem Cemetery on Nov. 3, 1921 [see Note]
Informant Edmund Rutter, Mountain Grove

[NOTE: This individual is buried at Lone Star Cemetery, Wright Co, MO. At the time of his death it MAY have been known by another name.] Submitted by Carrie Tuck -09


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