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State of Missouri, County of Douglas
Now this day come before the undersigned Judge of the Court of said County, MARION L. GRAY and RUBY MAY PEACOCK, who are applicants for a license to marry, to be issued by the Recorder of Deed of said County, and said parties having produced evidence before the undersigned Judge of the existence of an emergency necessitating the immediate issuance of said license, and said Judge being fully satisfied as to the existence of such emergency, and being fully satisfied that said parties are otherwise competent to obtain said license. Applicants state that they have fully complied with the provisions of Section 3364, R.S. of Mo. 1939, as amended by the laws of 1943, and that the public interest will be served by the issuance thereof.
It is ordered by the undersigned Judge, that the said Recorder be directed to issue said license without waiting for the application therefor to be on file for Three (3) days, as ordinarily required. This order being made in pursuance of the statutes of the State of Missouri in such cases made and proved.
Judge of the Probate Court
Douglas County, Missouri
Submitted by Carrie Tuck -09

Douglas County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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