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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces
Submitted by Tammy Clark

IF you have any questions please let me know

Meaning of the abbreviations

KIA--killed in action

DOW--died of wounds

DNB--died non-battle

FOD-finding of death

DOI--died of injuries


Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
ADAY James E 37627976 PFC DNB
APPLEGATE Cletis 37051329 PFC KIA
ARNOLD Bert 37390537 PVT DNB
BARLETT Billie 39213707 PVT KIA
CANTRELL Sammy C 37392795 TEC 5 KIA
CLAYTON John B 18005562 SGT KIA
COOK Alva A 37382858 PFC KIA
COOK Ova G 37608882 PFC DOW
DOBBS Clarence E 37508064 PVT FOD
GETTYS George F 01050671 2 LT KIA
GOTT John F 37645625 PFC KIA
HAMPTON Everett A 37643064 PVT KIA
HUFFMON Lawrence V 37009156 PFC KIA
HUTCHINSON Clifford E 37415600 PFC KIA
LATHROP Fred L 37415687 PVT KIA
McDONALD Richard W 37415819 PVT KIA
McVAY Jack B 17046180 PFC DNB
NALL Otis W 37626914 PVT DOW
PAMPERIEN Charles O 37645617 PFC KIA
PETTIT Bob L 37626799 PVT KIA
PHILLIPS Gene R 37609467 PVT DNB
PRIVETT Lawrence E 17019732 1 SG KIA
QUICK Lowell I 37184244 S SG DNB
RHYNES Jimmie H 37395366 S SG KIA
STUBBS Harley L 37643063 PVT KIA
WHEELER Gene A 37375479 CPL DNB
WILLIAMS Earl E 37507338 PVT KIA
WILSON Virgil W 37603642 PFC KIA


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