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Mother and Daughter Receive Burns Which Will Cause Death.
Richville, Mo., Jan. 16.—Mrs. Charles Walker and her grown daughter were fatally burned during the day as a result of an explosion of gasoline, and Charles Walker, the husband and father, was seriously burned while trying to extinguish the flames. Mrs. Walker poured some gasoline into a kettle of boiling cloths, believing that it would soften the water and add to the cleanliness of the cloths. Some of the gasoline came in contact with the fire and the explosion followed. The daughter, in trying to rescue her mother, set her own clothing ablaze, and, frantic with pain, fell to the floor, striking a protruding axe helve and receiving a fatal wound.
Source: Bismarck daily tribune, January 17, 1903. Transcribed by the Alberti's.

Mrs. J.S. Cude
and daughter Iola are expected to arrive from Ava, Missouri next Monday night.
Source: The Liberal Democrat, Liberal, KS, June 2, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Winton Jefferson
and son who have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barnes of Poplar Grove left on Saturday morning for Ava, Missouri.  Mr. Jefferson has bought a ranch at Ava and will reside there for the future.
Source: The Gazette-Times, Heppner, OR, Feb. 19, 1920

Mrs. F.A. Jones
formerly of Socorro, but later of Albuquerque, in now at Ava Missouri, where she will remain until May or June.  Mrs. Jones many friends here will be sorry to learn that her health is not the best.  She is accompanied by her daughter, Miss Theta and her son Frank.
Source: The Socorro Chieftan, Socorro, NM, Sept. 1907

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