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Private Cemetery
Near Washington

Alder Cemetery 383338N 0911247W
Ascension Cemetery 383035N 0910054W
Assumption Cemetery 383617N 0911431W
Bade Cemetery 383812N 0911953W
Bates Cemetery 382543N 0911740W
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery 381911N 0905239W
Bethel Cemetery 383104N 0905245W
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery 383254N 0911437W
Betts Cemetery 383953N 0912206W
Boeuf Cemetery 382340N 0912043W
Brush Creek Cemetery 381526N 0910145W
Brush Creek Cemetery 382856N 0905019W
Butler Cemetery 382712N 0911049W
Cedar Cemetery 383424N 0911411W
Coleman Cemetery 382956N 0905103W
Cove Cemetery 382126N 0905317W
Crow Cemetery 381240N 0911533W
Detmold Cemetery 383219N 0911737W
Dill Cemetery 382721N 0910252W
Drewel Cemetery 383749N 0911834W
Ebenezer Stone Church Cemetery 383042N 0911907W
Ekey Cemetery 382431N 0905720W
Fees Cemetery 382649N 0910149W
Finks Cemetery 384100N 0912036W
Finney Cemetery 382136N 0904807W
Fisher Cemetery 382149N 0905327W
Good Cemetery 382613N 0905030W
Green Mound Baptist Cemetery 382146N 0910012W
Gregory Cemetery 382413N 0911619W
Hazelrun Cemetery 382720N 0905134W
Helling Cemetery 383416N 0911914W
Helms Cemetery 381232N 0912025W
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 383144N 0910125W
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Memorial Cemetery 381301N 0910948W
Indian Prairie Cemetery 382412N 0905715W
Kallmeyier Cemetery 383808N 0911917W
Kamper Cemetery 381808N 0910034W
Kasel Cemetery 383353N 0910904W
Kohlbush Cemetery 383427N 0912000W
Laubinger Memorial Cemetery 381925N 0911254W
Leslie United Methodist Cemetery 382516N 0911325W
Lockhart Cemetery 381543N 0912119W
Martin Cemetery 381406N 0912016W
McCallister Cemetery 381904N 0911844W
Methodist Cemetery 384050N 0911849W
Methodist Cemetery 383835N 0912110W
Meyer Cemetery 382859N 0910712W
Meyers Cemetery 383502N 0911818W
Midlawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery 382501N 0905909W
Mitchell Cemetery 382440N 0904810W
Mount Calvary Cemetery 383022N 0910801W
Nauser Cemetery 383342N 0911206W
New Chapel Hill Cemetery 381353N 0905906W
New Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery 381947N 0911939W
New Haven Cemetery 383532N 0911316W
New Saint Bridgets Cemetery 382919N 0904517W
Newport Cemetery 383502N 0910643W
North Cemetery 382849N 0905017W
Nortmann Cemetery 383641N 0911447W
Oak Grove Cemetery 382034N 0905139W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 382406N 0904602W
Old Hazelrun Cemetery 382727N 0905106W
Old Japan Cemetery 381458N 0912024W
Old Saint Bridgets Cemetery 382925N 0904517W
Pacific Cemetery 382921N 0904513W
Peters Cemetery 382809N 0910321W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 382847N 0905403W
Reindhardt Cemetery 383942N 0911841W
Roark Cemetery 384122N 0912118W
Roberts Cemetery 382558N 0904843W
Roberts Cemetery 382827N 0904849W
Rommelmann Cemetery 381239N 0912119W
Saint Anthonys Cemetery 381404N 0910925W
Saint Francis Borgia Catholic Cemetery 383239N 0910057W
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Cemetery 381614N 0904910W
Saint Gertrude Cemetery 382958N 0910256W
Saint Johns Cemetery 382840N 0910147W
Saint Johns Cemetery 383927N 0912041W
Saint Jordans Church Cemetery 382534N 0910637W
Saint Paul Cemetery 382438N 0911839W
Saint Pauls Cemetery 384015N 0912010W
Saint Pauls Cemetery 382802N 0910057W
Saint Peter Cemetery 383631N 0911343W
Saint Peters Cemetery 383243N 0905924W
Sappington Cemetery 383413N 0910244W
Schall Cemetery 383314N 0910908W
Schmidt Cemetery 381718N 0911811W
Shiloh Cemetery 382457N 0904835W
Sparks Cemetery 381349N 0905015W
Stanton Cemetery 381621N 0910616W
Sunset Memorial Cemetery 382916N 0904517W
Thompson Cemetery 382532N 0904930W
Tiler Cemetery 382830N 0905013W
Trinity Cemetery 383601N 0911420W
Underwood Cemetery 381314N 0912130W
Union Cemetery 382726N 0910039W
Viedt Cemetery 383341N 0910906W
Wildey Cemetery 383254N 0910150W
Woodcock Cemetery 381738N 0904939W
Woodman Cemetery 382443N 0911408W
Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery 382730N 0910042W

Source: GNIS

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