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Church History
Source: Goodspeed's Franklin County History, 1888, Goodspeed Publishing Co
Transcribed by: Barb Z. © 2009

Catholic Churches -St. Francis Borgia Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1833, by Father Verhagen, S. J., with the following twelve families: From Osterkappel, Hanover, Europe, Joseph Hustermann, Gerhard Trentmann, Henry Koering, Adolph Schmertmann, Gerhard Uhlenbrock, Rudolph Uhlen­brock, John Buhr, Hermann Schwegman, Fred Blackman, Fred Riegel, Wilhelm Weber and John Edelbrock. The original priests were Father Verregdt, S. J., Father Hocken, S. J., Father Walters, S. J., Father Buckholtz, S. J., Father Meinkman, S. J., Father Eisvogels, S. J., Father Seisl, S. J. The first church building, a log structure, was erected in 1837, one mile south from where the present church building stands. The second church was of brick, built in 1845, and dedicated in 1846, by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Barron. The present church building was erected in 1868, by Father M. Seisl, S. J., and dedicated by Rev. Ferd. Coosemans, S. J., a delegate of Most Rev. Archbishop P. R. Kenrick. The church stands on Lot No. 2, Block No. 36, in John F. Mense's addition to the town of Washington. The pres­ent pastors are the Rev. Father Alexander Mathaushek, S. J., Aloysius Averbeck, S. J., and Henry Walters, S. J. Two hun­dred and twenty-five families belong to this church at the present time. In connection with the church there is a parochial school having 300 pupils; ons teacher and four school sisters of Notre Dame are employed to teach. There is also a boarding school and academy for young ladies, conducted by the school sisters of Notre Dame. The present school building, of brick, was erected and completed December 26, 1884, at a cost of $14,000. It con­tains four schoolrooms and a large hall for exhibitions. A branch school of St. Peter's, five miles west of Washington, on the Port Hudson Road, belongs to St. Francis Borgia Church. It has one teacher and twenty-five pupils.

St. Gertrude's Roman Catholic Church, was organized by Rev. M. Seisl, S. J., in 1845, the following being the original members: Fred Meisner, Wilhelm Schwegmann, George Holtmeyer, Joseph Droege, and Henry Lanse. The original priests were Father M. Seisl, S. J.. Father Benys, Father Ignatius Penkert, S. J., and Father Alexander Mathaushek, S. J. The first church building was of brick, erected by Father M. Seisl, S. J., in 1856, and dedicated by the Very Rev. D. Melcher, vicar general, November 23, that year. The present building was erected in 1809, by Father Alexander Mathaushek, S. J. It stands in Section 8, Township 43, Range 1 west. It was dedi­cated November 21, 1809, by the Very Rev. H. Muhlseepen, V. G. The present pastor is the Rev. Aloysius Averbeck, S. J. One hundred and twenty families now belong to this church. There is also connected with the church a parochial school of 100 pupils, which is conducted by the school sisters of Notre Dame. A new school building was erected in 1888, at a. cost of $10,000. The St. Andrew's School, of Clover Bottom, belongs to this church. It has fifty pupils.

St. Bridget's Catholic Church of Pacific was established origi­nally in 1841j by Archbishop Kendrick, of St. Louis, about two miles north of Pacific. The first priest was Father Grace. The building erected there was of logs, about 24x40 feet in size, and was in existence until 1886, when it fell down. It was used as a church until 1859, when the foundations of the present brick building in Pacific were laid by Father Miller, then of Kirkwood, Mo., who attended this church as a mission for a number of years. During the war the Union soldiers, in erecting a fort for protection against the rebels, commenced the demolition of the foundations of this church building, seeing which an old lady, named Mrs. Kennedy, went to the officer in command and made such earnest protestations against the work of destroying the foundations of the church that he ordered it discontinued. The church building was completed in 1867, on the foundations thus saved, by Father E. Berry. The building committee was com­posed of Henry Williams, William Wolf, Theodor Seifert, Will­iam Donohue and James Lydon. At the time of the organiza­tion of this committee it was agreed to have a picnic for the benefit of the building fund, which was held on July 4, 1867, Thomas Tobin and Henry Williams being the committee to col­lect the tickets at the dinner. The total receipts of the picnic, it was learned August 1, were $864.15, and the net proceeds $443.10. The building fund was further augmented by dona­tions in sums of various size, the larger donations being as fol­lows: Father E. Berry, $100; Bleckman & Co., $51; Dr. Calkins, $52; William Donohue, Edward Henry and James William, each $50; Daniel Kennedy, $40, and John Burns, Daniel Donohue, James Devine, J. M. Anlt, Phil. Fitzpatrick and J. H. Morley, each $25. The total cost of the church building was upward of $5,000. The building is of brick, 30x60 feet in size. The fur­niture cost $1,000, the pipe organ $600, and the bell $250. Father E. Berry remained with this church until 1872, when Father J. Doherty came and remained until June, 1874. At this time Father Berry returned and remained until November, 1880. He was assisted by Michael Walsh and L. Madden. At the time of his retirement Father Stemker came, the first resi­dent pastor of the church, and remained until July, 1881. Father John Theodore Feltmann then was pastor from July, 1881, to July, 1884, at which time the present pastor, Father John Hen-nes, of Manitowoc, Wis., became pastor. His work has been the building up of the parochial school, which he established in 1885. The building is a frame one 28x44 feet, and cost about $1,500, and the furniture cost $400. At first the school was conducted by two Ursuline Sisters from St. Louis, but at the present time it is in charge of two Sisters of St. Francis, of Manitowoc, Wis. About fifty-five children are in attendance. The parsonage was erected by Father Stemker. It is one and a half stories high above the basement, and cost $2,100, which sum was paid off by the present pastor. There are now about sixty families connected with the church.

St. Anthony's Catholic Church was established in 1861 by Father Marrs, with the following members: Anton Auer and wife, Louis Ketterer and wife, N. Glass and wife, Patrick Ford and wife, Thomas Larkiu and wife and his mother, Mathew Shotz and wife, Benjamin Shotz and William Borke. The first church building was erected in 1862,a log one, at a cost of about $400, to which an addition was made in 1867, also log, at a cost of about the same amount. The church is located in Township 40, Range 2 west, in Meramec Township, and was dedicated in 1802 by Rev. Father Bowhouse. The pastors have been Fathers Marrs, Sooter, Maudensheck, Bowhouse, Greer, Beaver, Rimelly, Chezawitz, Boulton, Feltmann, Hennes and Laughlin. The present membership of the church is forty.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church was established in 1849 by Father Ieseifoegel, with J. J. Noser, Rudolph Wildhadder, Henry Beferling and others as members. Henry Beferling and Henry Husterman were the trustees. A log church building was erected in 1849, at a cost of about $50, which served until 1866, when a brick church was erected, at a cost of $5,000. It is situated in Township 41, Range 1 west. It was dedicated by Rev. Father Seisel in 1867. A fine residence for the priest was erected in 1876, which also cost about $5,000, and a convent was erected in 1881, at a cost of $2,300. The ground for church, convent, par­sonage and cemetery was donated by Henry Beferling. The pastors of the church have been the Revs. Ieseifoegel, Mello, Medoucheek, Bowhouse, Peiker, Rimelly, Beuer, Boden, Fleiser and Grosholtz, and the present membership is about 350.

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church was organized by Rev. Father Peter Donnelly, who came here about 1840. The first members were Owen Casey, James S. McBrierty, Patrick Mc-Brierty, a Mr. Lynch, Valentine Summers, Daniel McAuley, Michael Galvin, a Mr. Sheerin, Thomas Brannan, Patrick Ryan and several others. The first church building was of logs and was erected about 1840, at a cost of about $100. The present church building was commenced in 1856, but not completed until 1867. It is of stone, and cost $1,500. It is located on Section 12. Township 42, Range 2 east, near Catawissa, on a lot of seven acres. It was dedicated in 1867, by Bishop Ryan, now Arch­bishop Ryan of Philadelphia, Penn. The pastors have been Fathers Hamil, Stellie, Fleming, Ward, Regan, Donnelly, O'Hanlon, Grace, Galleher and others. Father Grace remained longer than any other of the above named priests—seven years—coming to the church in 1852, and remaining until his death in 1859. The present pastor, Father E. Berry, has been with the church nearly twenty-three years. The present membership of the church consists of about ninety families, nearly all farmers. The old log building was erected by Father Peter Donnelly, near the Meramec River and convenient to the railroad bridge between Catawissa and Pacific City, on property held by Archbishop Kendrick, of St. Louis. The new rock church was commenced by Father Grace, in 1856, and completed by Father Berry in 1867. It stands on land donated by Mrs. Patrick McBrierty, and in a more central location for all the people of the parish. On April 1, 1885, the pastoral residence and the church build­ing were consumed by fire. The residence, with the furniture, was a total loss, as was also the woodwork inside the church. The work of twenty years was thus destroyed in the short space of two hours. It was a sad misfortune to the congregation, and many were greatly discouraged, but, notwithstanding this and the failure of the wheat crop that year, upon which most of the con­gregation rely for support, they all set to work, and within one year had all replaced, and services were held in the church the following Easter Sunday, and, what was still more gratifying, it was all paid for.

St. Mary Magdalen's Roman Catholic Church at New Haven was organized in 1863, by Father M. Seisl, S. J. The names of the original members were Michael Kelly, Edward Lannigan, Michael Davis, Thomas McDonald, and Laurenz Lynch. The original priests were Father Moess, S. J., and Father M. Hoering, S. J. The church building was erected in 1863, at a cost of $1,100. It stands on Lot No. 1, Block No. 9, of Hammack's addition to New Haven. It was dedicated by the Most Rev. Archbishop P. R. Kendrick, in 1863. The pastor is Father Henry Walters, S. J. The number of families now belonging to this church is about forty.

St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1874, by the Vicar-General of St. Louis. The first members were Joseph Bardot, Joseph Piliod, Theodore Neukum, F. X. Cardot, Henry Hewker, Patrick McDermot, Henry Strutman and their wives. The first church building was a frame one erected in 1874, at a cost of $1,000, and was 24x74 feet in size. It stands in Section 20, Township 41, Range 2 east. The pastors have been the Rev. Fathers Bush, Hennes, White, and Sullivan. The membership now is about seventy-five.

St. Paul's Eoman Catholic Church was organized in 1874, by a few members, who had for some time previously belonged to St. George's Church at Hermann. The same year they built a frame church and schoolhouse at a cost of $1,500. The first trustees of this church were August Gatzemeyer, Philipp Behrend, Franz Schaeteli. The frame church building becoming too small, the present pastor erected a very fine new Gothic brick church at a cost of $4,000 in 1887. It stands on the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 11, Township 45, Range 4 west, at Berger Station. Itwas dedicated in the spring of 1888, by the Very Rev. Father Muhlsiepen. The pastors of the church have been the Rev. Fathers A. Schilling, Hilarius Scholz, O. S. F., Cletus Gierhasky, O. S. F., and Fulgentius Eich, O. S. F., present pastor. Thirty-five families now belong to this church.

The Church of the Holy Martyrs, Japan, Roman Catholic, was organized in 1872, and a church building erected the same year by Father A. Bauhaus, S. J. The original members were Louis Drothvamp and others. The church building stands on Section 35, Township 41, Range 4 west. Fifteen families now belong to this church.

The Church of the Holy Family, Port Hudson, was organized in 1870, and a brick church edifice erected by Father M. Seisl, S. J. the same year. It is situated in Section 2, Township 43, Range 3 west. Forty families belong to this church, which is attended from Washington, Mo.

The Church of the Holy Conception, Union, was organized December 8,1870, by Father Alexander Mathaushek, S. J. The original members were Anton Szymanski, Michael Montier and Christopher Arandt. This church, like that at Port Hudson, is attended from Washington.
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, near Neier postoffice, was organized in 1848 by Father M. Seisl, S. J. The first church building was of logs, the present church building is of brick, erected by Father Alexander Mathaushek, S. J., and dedi­cated the same year by Father Ferd. Cooseman, S. J., delegate of Most Reverend Archbishop P. K. Kendrick. The church is situated on Section 14, Township 42, Eange 2 West. The pres­ent membership consists of 1Q0 families.

Baptist Churches.—First Baptist Church of Pacific was organized April 24, 1870, in the Presbyterian Church, by J. H. Breaker, with the following members: Daniel Wintwood, Isaac B. Kennard, J.T. Fergusson, S. G. Rogers, Jesse White, E. J. Rogers, Mary J. Wintrowd, Dorcas Kennard, Mary Birkircht, Amanda Krueger, Rebecca Clegg, Sarah E. Fergusson, Emma Rogers, Lydia P. Decker, Martha N. Farmer, Augusta Giles, Sarah H. White, Louisa Ragot, Sarah Keatly, Julia Peat and Caroline Dickens. The New Hampshire confession of faith was adopted by the church. The first meeting was held in the Masonic Hall, May, 22, 1870, at which time it was resolved that, if possible, a church building should be erected, inasmuch as the only church building in town, the Presbyterian, was virtually closed against them. A committee was appointed to receive subscriptions for the purpose of securing sufficient funds to erect the building, the committee consisting of the Rev. Mr. Breaker, L. L. Seaburn, Jesse White, J. T. Fergusson, Daniel Wintrowd, S. G. Rogers, Thomas Bacon, Miss Lydia P. Decker and Mrs. Seaburn. A building committee was also appointed, consisting of Rev. Mr. Breaker, L. L. Seaburn, Jesse White, E. B. Farmer, Daniel Wintrowd and D. M. Wilson. A meeting was held on Sunday, June 26, at the schoolhouse, at which it was reported that $400 had been raised, besides the securing of a lot. Mr. White reported that a building could be erected according to the plans for $3,000, and Mr. Seaburn was authorized to locate the church and build its foundations. By August 16, 1871, a lot had been deeded to the church and the foundations of the building erected, the congregation in the meantime holding services in the lower story of the Masonic Hall. The work on the church building progressed then quite slowly for some years. A pro­tracted meeting was held in the Presbyterian Church, in Octo­ber, 1877, after which religious services were discontinued for some time. A called meeting was held May 4, 1879, at which a sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Hudson, and a committee of four was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Martin, Seaburn, Mauville and S. G. Rogers, to solicit aid to build the church. On March 25, 1882, it was resolved that the old organization of the Baptist Church be revived. Rev. O. D. Bittick was pastor for a short time, and George 0. Curry was appointed a committee to give the dimensions of the church to an architect for a draft of the same. June 11, 1882, the building committee consisted of George C. Curry and 0. D. Bittick. The corner-stone was laid Oc­tober 21, 1882, and the church building was dedicated December 20, 1883, by the Rev. Dr. Marston, of St. Louis. The Rev. T. A. Bowman was pastor of this church a short time, and the present pastor, Rev. B. L. Mitchell, commenced his labors here in January, 1887. The church now has a membership of about fifty, and a commodious brick church edifice of its own. The Sunday-school, of which Christopher Birkircht is superintend­ent, has about 100 scholars on the rolls.

The Eureka Baptist Church of Christ was organized June 5, 1871, by the presbytery. A log church building was erected the same year at a cost of $300. A frame building is at present in contemplation, which will cost about $400. It will stand on the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 25, Township 41, Range 3 west. The names of the pastors of this church have been Rev. Z. H. Smith and Rev. William Kitchen, the present pastor. The assistant pastor is the Rev. T. B. Moss. Henry H. Doyle is the church clerk. Nine members have been excluded for heresy, in having abandoned the faith and teach­ings of the Baptist Church and united with the so-called Holiness Band.

Indian Prairie Baptist Church was organized by William R. Ellette, William R. Robinson and Vinson Cheatham, in 1836. At first the schoolhouse, and afterward the houses of private members, were used. In either 1836 or 1837 a substantial frame building was erected. This building was remodeled in 1871, and well furnished at a cost of about $1,000. It stands in Sec­tion 6, Township 42, Range 1 east. The first pastor was the Rev. J. H. Thompson, and the present pastor is the Rev. B. F. Mitchel. Frank B. Allen is the present church clerk, and the trustees are William H. Moore, John Osborn and Monroe Allen. The present membership of the church is 135. A complete list of the names of the original members of this church is as follows: William R. Ellette, Vinson Cheatham, Henry Cheatham, William Beasley, Elizabeth Beazley, Margaret Wilkinson, Martin Cheatham, William E. Robinson, Sarah Thompson and Elder J. H.Thompson, the first pastor of the church.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized in June, 1858, by Elder Peter Williams. Following is a list of the names of the first members: H. C. Walton and wife, Mrs. C. A. Armstrong, Mrs. E. Davis, J. L. Bridges and wife, J. L. Davis and wife, Charles and Hiram Davis, Michael Davis and wife, Martha, Eliza and Benton Davis, Jobe Hurst and wife, Mrs. Mar­garet Coulter, J. L. Cantley and wife, Mrs. Mary Cantley and George Patton. This organization was formed of a part of Big Creek Church, and was first called Providence, with its place of worship in a schoolhouse on St. Johns Creek. Afterward they moved to Liberty schoolhouse, it being a more central point. New Hope Church was a branch of Providence Church, and took its present name on becoming a separate organization. In 1860 a log building was erected, the work on which was done prin­cipally by H. O. Walton and George Patton. A frame building was erected in 1882, standing on Section 10, Township 43, Range 4 west. It was dedicated in 1882 by Elder J. C. Armstrong. The pastors have been the Revs. J. D. Murphy, L. M. Mahanay and the present pastor, Rev. William Bridges. The present membership of the church is seventy-eight.

The New Haven Baptist Church was organized in August, 1878, by Elder R. N. Gough, with about eleven members: John Thurmond and wife, George Patton and wife, Julian Bagby and wife, A. A. Bridges and wife, Leroy Gregory and others. Julian Bagby was clerk. A union church was built in 1850, and after­wards this denomination used the Methodist Church a number of years. The present church building was erected in 1887, at a cost of about $1,800. It occupies a central position in the pic­turesque village of New Haven, is a neat frame structure, and has a handsome spire. It was dedicated the first Sunday in October, 1887, by Revs. T. A. Bowman and S. M. Brown. The first pastor was Rev. R. N. Gough; the second, Rev. J. H. Breaker, and the third and present one, Rev. T. A. Bowman.

Little Meramec Missionary Baptist Church was organized in the fall of 1849, by the Rev. Simeon B. Lewis, with seven mem­bers : Simeon B. Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Mrs. Sabert Hoff, Abraham Lemons, and Joseph Eiley and wife. The first church building was a log one erected about 1855; it was 20x80 feet in size, and cost about 3100. The same building is still used, but a twenty-foot addition has been made to it. Its location is in Section 10, Township 41, Range 2 east. Rev. Simeon Lewis dedicated the first building soon after its completion. The various pastors have been Rev. Simeon Lewis, Rev. James Williams, Rev. Will­iam McKay, Rev. Marion Pierce, Rev. " Hut" Hensley, and the Rev. Mr. Frazier. The Rev. William McKay is the present pastor, and the membership of the church is about seventy-five.

The Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized in February, 1879, by Rev. Thomas Hudson, with the following members: John Hacker and wife, E. F. Lonacre, Martha Lonacre, Cynthia Zoller, James Shannon, Martha Shannon. The first trustees were E. F. Lonacre, O. G. Wilson and James Shan­non; the first deacons, C. E. Frost and E. F. Lonacre. The church building is a frame one, erected in 1879. It is 22x42 feet, and cost about $1,000. It stands on Section 3, Township 42, Range 2 east, and has not yet been dedicated. The pastors have been the Revs. Thomas Hudson and Mr. Stevens. The members now number about twenty-five.

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1885, by the Rev. Marion Pierce. The original membership was twenty-one, who withdrew from Little Meramec Church: John Dickinson and wife, W. P. Lewis, Jr., and wife, W. P. Lewis, Sr., and wife, Wyatt Arnold and wife and son, Lydia Lewis, Stewart Tay­lor and wife. Rebecca J. Taylor, Amelia Lewis, Ella Lewis and others. The church building was soon afterward completed for worship. The pastors have been Revs. Marion Pierce, Mr. Short and Rev. William McKay, present pastor. The present member­ship is about sixty.

Christian Churches.—The New Haven Christian Church was organized in 1850, by Elder Drennan. The original members were John T. Thurmond and wife, Lucy Miller (widow of Philip Miller, after whom Miller's Landing was named), S. C. W. Miller and wife, Amos Maupin, Sr., and wife, Mrs. Hannah Orchard, Mrs. Naomi Bamsey, Mrs. Rachel A. Thurmond, Miss Lucy J. Thur­mond and Mosias Maupin. The first officers were: Elders, S. C. W. Miller and G. C. Ouster; deacon, Amos Maupin, Sr. A frame church building was erected in 1856—a union church, open to all denominations. The same building is still in use. The pas­tors have been Elders Drennan, D. M. Grandfield, I. N. Porch, D. M. Frost, J. H. Smart, J. H. D. Thompson, J. I. Hopkins and Joseph M. Davis. The present membership is about ninety. Thomas McBride, of Harwood County, organized the first con­gregation of this denomination two miles south of New Haven in 1819.

Stanton Christian Church
was organized in 1886, by Rev. John Glover, with the following membership: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Criswell, Mrs. Thurmond, Mrs. Cadle and daughter, Mrs. Elliott, and John Glover, pastor; James Crockett, clerk,-and Frank Sarrell, deacon. A frame church was erected in 1886, at a cost of $450, standing on Section 24, Township 41, Range 2 west. It was dedicated in 1887 by Rev. John Glover, the first, present and only pastor. The membership of the church is now about seventy-five.

Lutheran Churches.—St. Jordon's Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized about 1856, by August Fink and John Fessmer, with the following members: August Fink and wife, John Fessmer and wife, Daniel Schuler and wife, ---------- Hartlein and wife, Adam Legler and wife, Frank Lothmann and wife, Luke Schreiber and wife, and Fritz Overmeyer and wife. In 1856 a weatherboarded log house was erected, which was dedicated by Rev. Lugsinger. There have been twelve different ministers in this church, the present one being the Rev. Oscar Wagoner, and the present membership of the church is about forty-five.

St. Peter's Evangelical Church (Washington) was organized in 1845, by Rev. Edward Arcularius, with twenty-five members. The trustees were Mathias Thias, Frederick Dierking, William Stumpe, D. D. Roehrig, and Dr. Charles Ruge. Two of the founders of this church, Mathias Thias and Henry Thias, are yet active members. The first church building, erected in 1845, was a frame one, and cost $2,000. The second, erected in 1852, was a brick one, and cost $3,500, and the present one, erected in 1868, also a brick structure, cost $15,000. It is situated on Lots 10 and 11, Block No. 1, Mense's addition to the city of Washing­ton. It was dedicated by the Rev. Jean Rehsteiner and Fred­erick Mandely, in 1808. The pastors have been the Revs. Edward Arcularius, Franz Stiebolt, H. Kliugsohr, Dr. Rudolf John, August Kiess, Jean Rehsteiner, F. Downer, Edward Voss, E. F. L. Gauss, W. F. Bek, August Berens, and F. Holke, the present pastor. The membership of the church is now about seventy. A parochial school is connected with the church, which is at present taught by the pastor.
An Evangelical Church was organized May 18, 1878, with eighteen members and three officers. A frame building was erected, at a cost of §500. It stands on Section 22, Township 44, Range 2 east, and was dedicated by Revs. P. Berger and M. Laupp. The pastors have been the Revs. C. Smidt, 1878 to 1883; G. Eisen, 1883 to 1885; H. Walz, 1885 to 1887, and W. Fritsch, 1887 to the present time. The membership is now about twenty-one.

The German St. Petrus Church was organized August 10, 1879; the first trustees were F. Wehrmann, Christ. Becker, David Ernst, and Max Eimbeck. A brick building was erected the same year at a cost of §2,000, and stands in the city of New Haven. It was dedicated November 2, 1879, by the Rev. W. Bek. The present pastor is the Rev. A. Schroeder, who commenced May 20, 1881. The church was incorporated June 30, 1887, and the present membership is fifty.

The Lutheran Immanuel's Congregation at Washington was organized in 18G2, by Rev. F. W. G. Mathuschka, with eight members. A brick building was erected the same year. The present brick building was erected in 1882, at a cost of about $8,000. It stands on Fifth Street between Elm and Jefferson Streets, Washington. The pastors have been the Revs. F. W. G. Mathuschka, 1802 to 1804; F. Kleist, 1864 to 1880; A. G. Grimm, 1880 to 1887; S. T. Richter, present pastor. There are about sixty male members over twenty-one years old voting members.

The German Evangelical Lutheran Ebenezer Church was organized September 1, 1846, by Rev. J. C. Roland, with Messrs.Lueker, Kohrmeyer, Birkmann, Blane, Holtgrewe, H. Breckenkamp, P. Kraemer, H. Lefmann, H. Haase, P. Walkenhorst, H. Scheer, H. Bohle, H. Schroeder, G. Arnold, F. Pelster, C. Plack-mann, H. Depperman, F. Osick and H. Temme as members. About 1847 a log church building was erected, which was afterward sold to W. Kraemer, and is still standing oa his farm. The present church edifice was erected in 1862-63. It is a frame building, inside a (so-called) German structure. The pastors have been the Revs. J. C. Roland, 1846; Waldhauer, 1847; Grote, 1848; Dr. J. F. Stibolt, 1849 (now editor of the Davenport Democrat); Wolf, 1850-51; J. M. Hahn, 1855; F. W. Besel, 1856 to 1862; W. Dorn, 1862 to 1867; W. Sandvoss, 1868 to 1877; M. Martens, 1877 to 1880; and A. W. Frese, since 1881. In all, about sixty families belong to this church, and there are fifty-four members entitled to vote. When this church was first organized the St. Johannes and Bethlehem congregations belonged to it. This church sustains a denominational school, which is attended by from fifty to sixty scholars, and is taught by the pastor the first four days in each week, who educates the pupils in religion as well as in the ordinary common branches. The pastor of this church was educated at high schools in Germany, and completed his theological studies at the Evangelical Lutheran Ooncordia Seminary, at St. Louis, Mo. He served as missionary in Nebraska from 1868 to 1881, organizing in that State twelve congregations, in nine different counties, these congregations each now having their own pastors.

German Evangelical Protestant St. John's Church, is situated two and a half miles north of Union. It was organized in 1843 with the following members: Henry Stumpe, John Brekmeier, John Holman, Louis Kruel, Casper Suve, Frederick Nirmeier, Henry Heidbrink, Henry Mause, Henry Hase, and William Kortjohann, the latter of whom is the only one now living. Meetings were held for some time at his house, but in 1846 a log church building was erected, which was used by the congre­gation until 1875, when the present church edifice was erected on the same site as that occupied by the log building. It is a fine brick building with a stone basement, the lower story being used for school purposes. The cost of the structure was $3,300, and the pipe-organ therein cost $425. For the first ten years of this church's existence it had frequent changes of ministers, but from 1853 to 1883 it had but one minister—the Rev. Fred Mantels. He was succeeded by the Rev. John Simons, and he by the Rev. Joseph Gruess, neither of whom remained long. The present pastor, the Rev. Albert Muecke, commenced his labors here in October, 1886. The school connected with the church was established at the same time with the church. It has now an attendance of from thirty to forty pupils, and is taught by the pastor, the German language being used in the school. The scholars attend only until they are fourteen years old, when they are confirmed as members of the church. The membership of the church is forty at the present time.

St. John's German Evangelical Church was established in 1850 by the Rev. H. Grote, with one member, Casper Johanning. The Rev. Mr. Grote became dissatisfied with the conduct of some of the members of his congregation and withdrew. After holding services in his house four years, he, in 1854, erected a frame church building on Section 7, Township 43, Range 2 west, and himself conducted the dedicatory services. After him the ministers have been the Revs. William Schuenemann, George Maul, M. Kruse, F. R. Frankenfeld, W. Baehr, William Bek and D. Behrens. Fifty-three families at present belong to this parish.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1852, with the following members: Frederick Osick and wife, JEL A. Kleinebecker and wife, John Bente and wife, Henry Kampschmidt and wife, Frederick Biest and wife, William Kampschmidt and wife, William Hottmer and wife, William Stump and wife, Jurgin Dierking and wife, and others. A log church building was erected in 1852, which was used until 1876, when the present brick church, having a seating capacity of about 200, was erected at an expense of about $2,000. It stands in Township 43, Range 3 west. The first preacher in the old build­ing was the Rev. Adolph Picker, and the first in the new house was the Rev. John T. Catinhusen. The full list of pastors is as follows: Rev. Adolph Picker, E. A. Elf eld, H. Holtgrew, G. Briigmann, Jacob Lusher, F. Eshenfeld, John T. Catinhusen, and the present minister, A. W. Mueller. The present membership of this church is thirty-seven; it is in a prosperous condition, and has a school in the same yard, having an average attendance of thirty-five pupils.

The German Evangelical Church of Pacific City was estab­lished in 1882. Among the first members of this church were the families of C. H. Roemer, Peter Robinson, John Koehler, besides whom there was a number of others. Services were held in the Presbyterian Church. The ministers have been the Rev. Mr. Smith, from Oakfield, who preached for about two years; the Rev. Mr. Eisen, from Oakfield, who also preached some two years, and the Rev. H. Walz, who preached about one year, residing in Pacific, but who retired from the pulpit in the fall of 1887. The present membership of the church is about twenty-five, and there is a Woman's Society connected with the church of neariy the same number of members.

Methodist Churches.—Mount Olive Methodist Episcopal Church, first called " Little Calvey," was organized about 1837, in which year a church was built, 20x30 feet in size. Some of the original members were Martin Alexander, class leader; Mathew Cole, Thomas Boyd, Noah Fitzwaters, William Wilson, Caleb Johns, Samuel Pepper, M. E. Kinsey, John Duncan, John Wade, and their wives. The log church building cost about $100, exclusive of the work of the members. The pastors have been Revs. Mr. Marble, Mr. Dolan, Mr. Mellise, Samuel Whitehead, Mr. Shoemaker, Isaac Entwisle, William Sellers, T. H. Hagerty, E. B. Rodgers, G. W. Durment, T. A. Beggs, P. Ballaine, T. H. Hagerty (the second time in 1882), N. E. Boyce, I. W. Cowden, J. F. Currington, F. M. Stickney, C. R. Wade, and J. R. Pim-lott, present pastor. The present church building was begun in 1875, and was ready for worship January 1,1878. It cost $1,500. It is a frame building, 30x45 feet. The present membership is about thirty-five.

The Washington Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was organized about 1855, but it can not be ascertained by whom. A brick church was erected in 1858,at a cost of $6,000, which was dedi­cated by Rev. E. M. Marvin, afterward Bishop Marvin, in 1859. During the war the building was occupied by the Union soldiers, by whom the records of the church were destroyed, hence the paucity of information regarding the originators of the church itself. Previous to the war, however, Washington had been a preaching point for several years, and during this time the pres­ent commodious church edifice was built, mainly through the liberality of William A. Lack. The membership before the war never exceeded ten or twelve. The pastors have been since the war: Revs. J. E. Godbey, E. F. Chew, B. K. Thrower, J. E. Tredwell, E. T. Tidwell, S. W. Emory, S. A. Mason, G. W. Nollner, J. E. Eddlemon (present pastor).

The Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church of Pacific was organized by Rev. Mr. Haggerty, of St. Louis, Mo. In 1883 Rev. Albert Jump preached for this congregation in the Presbyterian Church, on the fourth Sunday of every month. This arrange­ment ran on until the winter of 1883-84. In October, 1884, a meeting of the members was held to consult in reference to the building of a church, and a building committee was appointed, consisting of Dr. William J. Dunn, E. M. Peck and L. Davison. All necessary preparations were made that fall, and in March, 1885, the foundations were commenced. The contract for the erection of the building was let to Smiley & Bro., for $2,250. The church stands on St. Louis Street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets, and cost when completed about $3,500. The first pastor was the Rev. Price A. Crow, who remained until 1886. The pul­pit was then supplied by pastors from St. Louis for about a year, and in the fall of 1887, the present pastor, Rev. John E. Pimlott, took charge of the church. The membership now is about thirty-five. The Sunday-school, of which T. A. Deela is superintend­ent, has about sixty-five scholars enrolled, and has nine officers and teachers.

Salem Methodist Episcopal Church
was organized in 1871, by Rev John Meyer, with the following members: Franke Stolte and wife, F. Boemer and family, C. Twelker and wife, William Hannemann, wife and son; Henry Krueger, wife and his father; F. Berminn, wife and son; F. Schmidtkamp and wife; P. Bonankamp, and Hermann, Frederick and Henry Hokemeyer. The stone church building, owned by this congregation, was erected in 1871, and stands on Section 7, Township 43, Range 2 west. It was dedicated by the organizer of the church, Rev John Meyer. The pastors have been the Revs. John Meyer, H. Brinkmeyer, John Wanner, John Aslink, Henry Faust, Henry Diener, Henry Flotminn, Henry Schlueter. This church had its origin from the following circumstances: Rev. Benjamin Link, a Presbyterian and a schoolteacher, while engaged in his profession as teacher, was, on several occasions, invited to the homes of his patrons to hold prayer-meetings in the evening. On such occasions the neighbors would come in to spend the evening. Among them were members of the Evangelical Church. The preacher of this church was much displeased and complained bitterly; and when one of his church members, P. Schmidtkamp, died, the remains were refused admittance into the church. Upon this refusal Rev. John Meyer mounted the wagon on which lay the corpse and paid the last tribute of respect for the dead. Feeling their religious freedom outraged by the pastor of the Evangelical Church, those who had attended the prayer meet­ings of Rev. Benjamin Link came together and organized the Salem Methodist Episcopal Church.

Zion Methodist Episcopal Church was organized about the year 1843, by Rev. William Schreck, with the following as original members: Henry Kamf er, William, Frank and Fred Horthmann, Deiderich "Voss, Henry Aufenkamfer and Kasper Sittermann. In the same year as that in which the church was organized a log building was erected which served the purposes of the congrega­tion until 1860, when a stone building was erected, at a cost of about $850. It stands on Section 35, Township 43, Range 3 west. This building was dedicated in 1861, by Rev. John F. Meyer. The pastors of the church have been Revs. William Schreck and Charles Kenige.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church -
Argo Cumberland Pres­byterian Church was organized in 1861, by Rev. James B. Bra-ley, the first members being Anna E. Bell, J. F. Braley, George Tyre, Daniel Tyre and Thomas Mitchell. Thomas Mitchell was trustee and George Tyre, elder. A log building was erected a short time previously, in anticipation of the organization of the church, which cost $50 in addition to the labor performed by the members of the future society and the neighbors. It was 24x22 feet in size. The present church building, which stands on Section 2, Township 40, Range 4 west, was erected in 1884. Upon this building, as in the former case, the labor was performed by the citizens, and the cost outside of this was about $300. The church building was dedicated in 1885 by Rev. James B. Braley, the same man that had dedicated the little log building some twenty-four years before. The pastors have been Revs. William Rodgers, J. B. Campbell,---------- Hawkins, W. M. Bell, Joseph Rowland, J. F. Braley, Walter Lockhardt, Levi Naugle and Mr. McPherson. The present membership of this church is about seventy-five, the original membership having been about twenty-five. A Sunday-school is held in this same church building.

Presbyterian Churches
.—Boeuf Presbyterian Church (O. S.) was organized June 12, 1859, by a committee appointed for that purpose by the presbytery. The first elders were Squire Fitz­gerald and Joshua M. Boston, and the first deacon, Edward Fitz­gerald. Following is s full list of the original members: Squire Fitzgerald, Eliza Fitzgerald, Joshua M. Boston, Emily Boston, Ann Fitzgerald, Edward Fitzgerald and Mary E. Fitzgerald. The trustees were Squire Fitzgerald and G. W. Fitzgerald. The first church building was a log one, erected during the winter of 1858-59, at a cost of $400. It is situated in Section 11, Township 42, Range 4 west. It still serves the purposes of the congregation, having been put in repair in the fall of 1887. Its dedication occurred June 12, 1859, by J. F. Fenton, minister, as­sisted by Dr. I. G. Chiles. The pastors have been the Rev. A. V. Tippe and I. B. Rubey, and the stated supplies have been Rev. J. F. Fenton, H. F. Albright, John W. Gilbreath, William H. Parks, W. A. Shaw, James Morton, S. W. Mitchell, S. M. Wat­son and A. W. Fismer, and the present minister, who is supplying the church once each month, is the Rev. William H. Parks. The present membership of this active little church is forty.

The Presbyterian Church of Pacific City
was organized July 17, 1864, with the following members: Mrs. Nancy Vorhees, Mrs. Mary P. Robertson, Mrs. Ellen Williamson, Dr. W. A. Leffingwell, Mrs. Nancy M. West and Mrs. Lizzie J. Smith. Dr. W. A. Leffingwell was elder, and Dr. Leffingwell, Charles S. Barrett and Rev. J. F. Fenton were the trustees. The church was organized by Rev. J. F. Fenton, who was the first pastor, and who remained until 1867, when he was succeeded by Rev. O. L. Rathburn, who remained until 1871, when Rev. C. A. Poage be­came the pastor. He resigned October 13, 1872, from which time the church was without a pastor until July, 1874, when Rev. Shepherd Wells came and remained until November 24, 1877, when he was succeeded by Rev. C. E. Schaible. Rev. Mr. Schaiblewas pastor until November 23, 1879, when Rev. A. B. Martin came, and remained until June 13, 1880. v Rev. George Booth became pastor July 5, 1883, and remained until March, 1884. Rev. A. W. "Wright became pastor November 23, 1884, and re­mained until January 1, 1886, from which time the pulpit was supplied by various pastors until the Rev. F. E. Armstrong became pastor of this church and of those at Union and Moselle. The church held services at first in the schoolhouse, then in the old Masonic Hall, and finally in the stone church, which was at first erected as a union church, but which came into the posses­sion of the Presbyterian Church, in 1867. It is about 30x50 feet in size, and cost $4,000. It stands on St. Louis Street. The Sun­day-school contains about 100 scholars. H. F. Lynde is the superintendent, and there are nine teachers in the school.

The Presbyterian Church of Washington, Mo., was organized June 24, 1850, by Rev. W. W. Robertson and Rev. Joseph F. Fenton. The first members were Dr. Benjamin F. Burch, Frances E. Burch, Mrs. Catherine R. Stone, Mrs. Margaret H. Fenton, Mrs. Sophia Garns. Dr. Burch was elected, ordained and in­stalled ruling elder. Mrs. L. Beaty was received into the church on examination. The church building was erected in 1853. It was of brick, and cost about $2,000, including furniture and pul­pit. It stands on the corner of Fourth and Market Streets. The pastors have been Revs. Joseph F. Fenton, John F. Cowan, James K. Burch, E. P. Cowan, I. H. Clark, Shepherd Wells, C. E. Schaible, A. B. Martin, George Booth, A. W. Wright and S. C. Bates. The membership at present is thirty-two. The church was divided in 1862, thirty members withdrawing and forming themselves into a separate church, a Southern Presbyterian Church, and erected another church building. This church is now, however, disorganized, and the members worship with the original church.

Bethlehem Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, located in the town of Union, was organized December 1, 1845, Revs. Joseph Fenton and John Gilbreath, and David Bishop, elder, officiating. The following persons comprised the original con­gregation: John H. Toerner and wife, John H. Hollman and wife, George H. Hollmann, John H. Wiemann and wife, Mathias Gronefeld and wife, Mrs. A. Heiyer. The following officers were elected and ordained: John H. Toerner and George H. Hollman as ruling elders, John H. Wiemann and Mathias Gronefeld as deacons. George H. Hollmann gave ten acres of land on which to build a house of worship. The first building was but a com­mon log house (now an old stable), and was used for dwelling and meeting house. Rev. Philip Heier was the first minister who lived and preached in it. In 1846 the congregation built a two-story frame house, the upper story for the congregation to worship in, the lower for the minister's dwelling; its cost was $534. The present church building, erected in 1866, was built of rock. It is 28x40 feet; with steeple and bell its cost is $2,300, and including furniture, $3,000. The following ministers have served the Bethlehem congregation from its beginning: Revs. Philip Heier, Wm. Grote, John Shible, Henry Blanke, R. Scheide, A. Elfeld, Jacob Schwartz, Mathias Wittenberger, H. Stauss, John Bardil. The present minister, Rev. Wm. F. Goess-ling, has served since August 15, 1883, as stated supply. The present membership is forty-seven in number, with the following officers: Wm. Hollmann and George Hollmann, elders; Henry Niebruegge and Chr. Hollmann, deacons. Services are held every Lord's Day, and also Sabbath-school and a young folks' meeting.

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