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A Rebel Reconstructed – In Bergen, Mo., the other day, a returned rebel, but partially reconstructed, entered a saloon and ordered a Lieutenant to take his blouse off, as he did not like the blue coats.  The officer refusing, the rebel fired upon him, and in three minutes was dangling from the limb of tree, past all hope of reconciliation.-
Source: Oregon State Journal, (Eugene City, OR), Saturday, October 21, 1865 Submitted by: Jim Dezotell

On Saturday, the 4th of May, at 9 o'clock in the evening, about fifty boatmen who had arrived that evening, at Franklin, (Missouri) in boats, to take supplies for the Council Bluffs, attacked the jail, and would probably have demolished it soon but for the interposition of the inhabitants.  Seventeen of the gang were immediately taken and confined in the jail, the others dispersed & could not be found. They were kept there until morning, and then liberated on the payment of a fine.  No person was confined in the jail at the time, and it appears to have been a mere act of wantonness. - N.Y. paper
Source: Gettysburg Compiler, (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), July 22, 1822, page 3, submitted by Nancy Piper, 2007

Charles Goodrich
Another shooting affray occurred at Moselle on Tuesday morning, the 1st inst., which promises to be a first class murder.  The victim, Levi L. Dunlap, was not dead at last accounts, but it is regarded as impossible for him to recover.  He was at one time in good circumstances, but by a long course of drnkenness, squandered his property and destroyed his once b rilliant intellect, so that not long ago our county court pronounced him insane.  It is said that he threatened to shoot Charles Goodrich for estranging the affections of his wife.  These threats were regarded as perfectly harmless by nearly every body, but they seem to have unduly disturbed Goodrich, and on Tuesday morning, as Dunlap entered Strattons saloon, Goodrich attacked him and shot him in the shoulder as he ran around the saloon, then turning and passing around in the opposite direction, shot him in the face as he approached, which felled him, and then beat him over the head with the pistol.  He went to squire Clark and gave himself up, saying he had shot Dunlap and intended to do so.  It is said he fired four times.  John T. Crowe went down and placed him under guard, to await the action of the Justice in binding him over.  J.W. Booth prosecuting attorney also went down to vindicate the honor and dignity of the State.
Source: Franklin County Record, Union, MO., Sept. 3, 1874

Dunlap, who was shot by Goodrich, at Moselle, on the 1st inst., is not dead yet.  After being shot, and having his nose broken, an eye knocked out, his skull broken, and his head bruised, to the surprise of everybody, is getting better, and hopes are entertained of his final recovery.
Source: Franklin Record, Union Mo., Sept. 10, 1874

Emil Schuessler, a German from Day Branch. Franklin county. Missouri, called at police headquarters yesterday and reported he had been confidenced out of $70 and some notes by Charles Shultz. Schnossler said he was a farmer and that Shultz came to his house one day and begged for work, which he gave him. Shultz finally persuaded him to sell his farm and they both went to St. Louis to look after some business and then started for Kansas City. When near this city Shultz persuaded him to allow him to carry the money, which he rather reluctantly did. In a short time he missed his friend and money and learned he had stopped at a small station a few miles out of the city. The police did not give him much hope of recovering his property.
Source: Date: 1887-01-18; Paper: Kansas City Times - submitted by Barb Z. - 2009

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