Gasconade County Missouri
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Gasconade County Missouri
1828 Tax List
Source: "Missouri Pioneers, County and Genealogical Records," Volume 2;
compiled by Mrs. Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John Vineyard,
Mrs. Howard Woodruff, 1968; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team


The following list was taken from the Pulaski section of the "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Mo.," published 1889 by Goodspeed.

In 1828, when Pulaski was a part of Gasconade County, William Coppedge, the assessor of the latter county, certified on August 4th to a "Residents' Tax List," which was received by David Waldo, the county clerk. This was a large county. The names of the list are given complete, with the assessor's spelling retained. Of these, only twenty-eight owned land.

Thomas Apling

John Adams

Benjamin Allen

James Arthur

Barnabus Arthur

William Arthur

Jacob Anderson

Samuel Abbot

Michael Alkire

John Breeding

Adam Bradford

Isaac Bradford

John Baldridge

Alexander Baldridge

Joshua H. Buckhart

William Bradford

William Baker

James Bates

James Boyd

Matthew Bates

Samuel Brown

Nancy Brown

Moses Brown

Jeremiah Brown

Isaac Brown

William Bowles

James Benton

Abram Benton

Abel Benton

James Ball

Elijah Benton

Mark Benton

Jesse Benton

Mark Benton, Sr.

Wilbourin Britton

Frankey Britton

Bedford Britton

William Britton

Mathias Baker

Jesse Baker

Jesse Ballew

Alfred S. Bone

John Blize

William Bumpass

Thomas Bittick

Frederick Barbarick

Samuel Burchard

Thomas Basket

Willis O. Bryant

William Bell

Margaret Butler

Joseph Butler

William Brown

James Burns

Sanford Baccus

Hugh Bartlett

John Burchard

George Burchard

Elijah Breeding

George Boulware

Thomas Bales

Frances Carman

Gabriel Chinoweth

Absolom Cornelius

James Collens

William Cornelius

Alexander Coppedge

George Coppedge

George Cole

John Carter

Zandy Carter

Washington Carter

Robert Clinton

Jonathan Clinton

Alexander Castleman

Jonathan Cane

James Campbell

Moses Campbell

Thomas M. Casebolt

Jacob Casebolt

James Coyle

Mannen Clement

William Clement

Andrew Clement

Abram Clement

Daniel Crider, Sr.

Joseph Crider

Daniel Crider, Jr.

Henry Cowen

Joshua Cox

Thomas Cox

Andrew Cox

Mary Cox

Lindsey Coppedge

William Coppedge

Dianna Coyle

John Coyl

Immanuel Case

Nancy Caldwell

William Cason

Pemborter Cason

Seth Cason

Edmond Cason

Frederich Capehartt

Nichless Clark

Stephen Combz

William Careley

John Costly

James Carely

John Capehartt

Henry Carely

Thomas Capehartt

Isaac Christman

Stephen Christman

William Christman

David Davis

Bazeel Drolett

John Decoursey
Joseph Dickson

John Dunlap

Henry Duncan

Harrison Davis

Isaac Davis, Esq.

John Day

Farmer Doyl

Lewis David

John Duncan, Sr.

John Duncan, Jr.

Bowls Duncan

Samuel Duncan

John Duncan, Esq.

Thomas Dulon

William Dodds

Ledford Eastis

Leonard Eastwood

Jesse Evans

George Evans

James Eastis

Hugh Eastis

John Eades

Nancy Eades

Benjamin Eades

Peggy Flatt

Nelson Grogan

John Givens

Thomas Gibson

William Gillaspy

James Gillaspy

Alfred Givens

Samuel Glover

Abraham Gibson

James Glasgow

John Gibson

James Gibson

Samuel Gibson

John Grady

Battest Grassaw

Patience Howard

Joseph Holbert

Newel Hayden

Thomas Hightower

John Honsinger, Sr.

James Harrison, Esq.

Charles Helm

Peter Hobaugh

William E. Hawkins

Bartlett Harris

George Hinson

John Humphrey

John Honsinger, Jr.

Acra B. Hurt

Joseph Hays

Jonathan Humphrey

Joel Humphrey

John Hinchy

Ezekiel Hinchy

Uriah Hinchy

Henry Holder

John Hobaugh, Sr.

Audrey Hobaugh

Alexander Hill

George Hill

Bilberry Hinchy

David Hoops, Esq.

David Hoops, Jr.

George Hoops

Jonathan Holloway

Jacob Halloway

Hugh Hetherly

John Huffman

William Hughes

Joseph Hughes

Henry Hall

Drury Hall

John Hughs

John Howard

Henry Hull

William Howard

William Howard, Sr.

Willis Hensley

Willis Hensley, Sr.

James Inglis

James Johnson

William Jordon

Dull Johnson

Susannah Jamison

Thomas Johnson

Luke Jefferson

William James

James Jett

William Jarvis

John Johns

Samuel King

Obadiah Key

George Kitchens

Hardy Keene

Barney Lowe, Esq.

James Landsell

Lewis Letney

David J. Long

John Lewis

John Lamb

James Luster

Robert Law

William Laughlin

John Laughlin

Benjamin Laughlin

Jeffrey Lively

Jesse Lively

Anthony Larue

Charles Lane

John Lewis, Sr.

Camarro C. Lane

James Loftin

Merriman Loftin

David Lenox

William Laughlin

Lewis Leplant

John Martin

Paul McDenowey

Battest McDenoway

Luisong McDenoway

Lewis McDehat

Francis McDenoway

Charles Miscal

John McFerson

Stephen Mason

William Morrison

Hiram Morrison

John Mercer

James Massie

Samuel Massie

William Miller

Macaijah Morris

William Morris

Ellis Matlock

Nathaniel McKean

Thomas Matlock

Reuben Melton

Robert Montgomery

Bryant McClenden

John Montgomery

William Montgomery, Esq.

Walter Maxey

Katherine McGee

William Margrave

Anthony Margrave

Joseph M. Morrow

William Massay

David Massay

Tarlton Massay

David Massay, Jr.

Gideon P. Norman

Merit Nobles

Stanmore Nobles

Zephiniah Nobles

James Newberry

Aaron Night

Spencer O'Neal

Henry Ormsby

John Ormsby

William Owens

Nicholas Ownsbay

William Parker

George M. Perry

John Pettis

Stephen Pettis

George Poynter

Jeremiah Potts

Thomas Patterson

Asa Pinnell, Esq.

Newman Pounds

Levi Perkins

John Poyter

Robert Pryor

James Parsons

David Perkins

William Pryor

Hiram Perkins

John Pryor

Daniel Pryor

Joanah Poynter

Jesse Patterson

John Patterson

Phillip Patterson

Ephraim Perkins

John Phillips

Isaac Perkins

Alexander Patterson

Cyrus Patterson

Robert Patterson

Charles Rail, Jr.

Charles Rail, Sr.

Amos Reed

John E. Robertson

Amos Richardson, Jr.

Amos Richardson, Sr.

Hiram Robertson

William Reed

Mary Reed

Robert Rollins

Leonard Reed, Jr.

Leonard Reed

Washington Revis

Alexander Rattles

James Renfro

Bartlett Renfro

Joel Robertson

Thomas Robertson

William Robertson

William Roark

James Roark

Thomas Roark

Abner Starret

Fountain Self

Jacob Snowden

Henry Stuart

James Stuart

Jacob Stuart

James Skaggs

Parmer Sinclair

William Spear

Reuben Sparks

James Stark

Josiah Stills

Aaron Spann

Thomas Stark

Charles Stuart

Andrew Skaggs

John Stevens

Henry Skaggs

John Skaggs

Mark Sullivant

George Snodgrass

James Snodgrass

Joel Starkey

Isaiah Shockley

James Snelson

Thomas Shockley

Daniel Shockley

William Shivers

John Scott

James Sullivant

Elizabeth Shobe

Moses Simpson

Daniel Simpson

Samuel Shobe

Solomon Shobe

Robert Shobe

John Strain

Uriah Shockley

William Truesdall

Otis Turner

Job Throckmortin

George Tilfore

John Timmons

William Twitty

Josiah Tigert

John Turpin

Josiah Turpin

Samuel Travis

William Tanzy

Thomas Taylor

William Tuckett

Phillip Tuckett

John Tuckett

John & Reuben Vest

Reuben Vaughan

John B. Waldo

James D. Watkins

James Wright

John Williamson

James Williamson

James Wilson

Willis Wilson

Rola Williams, Sr.

Elias Williams

Rola Williams

Greenberry Williams

Peter Walters

Samuel Woods

John Wyatt

James Wyatt

Nancy Watson

Edward Watson

William Ware

Robert Wright, D. D.

E. W. Waldo

Moses Welton

Lewis Welton

Joseph Waldo

William West

Davis Waldo


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