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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Adkins Cemetery (a.k.a. Shiloh Cemetery) 40.3863810N -94.4605149W Bogle Township
Berlin Cemetery 40.0466648N -94.3502325W Miller Township
Bulla Cemetery 40.2591629N  -94.2946785W Athens Township
Carmack Cemetery 40.24416N -94.42651W Carmack
Carter Cemetery 40.3074961N -94.2635668W Howard Township
Cooper Cemetery 40.1886045N -94.5494051W Cooper Township
Cranor Cemetery 40.15440N -94.50830W Ford City
Davidson Cemetery 40.2188858N -94.2852336W Athens Township
Depriest Cemetery Albany
Duncan Cemetery Athens Township
Enyart Cemetery
Ernst Cemetery 40.1969419N -94.2693997W Athens Township
Fairview Cemetery 40.07797N -94.29832W McFall
Finders Cemetery 40.3436026N -94.5619063W Wilson Township
Ford City Cemetery 40.11150N -94.45547W Ford City
Fore Cemetery (a.k.a. Old Friendship Cemetery) 40.1483304N -94.3291223W Miller Township
Gentryville Cemetery Gentryville
Grandview Cemetery 40.2597179N -94.3296791W Athens Township
Granor Cemetery 40.1544387N -94.5085700W Jackson Township
Grantham Cemetery Alanthus Grove
Green Ridge Cemetery
Gribble Cemetery 40.1822183N -94.3694012W Cooper Township
Groom Cemetery
Half Cemetery 40.2424937N -94.4710703W Huggins Township
Hall Cemetery 40.2424937N -94.4719037W Huggins Township
Hammer Cemetery King City
Heath Cemetery (McFall) Route T go N on 130 St 1/2 mile on west side.
Henton Cemetery 40.29985N -94.32558W Albany
High Ridge Cemetery (a.k.a. Stanberry Cemetery) 40.22675N -94.54575W Stanberry
Highland Cemetery 40.2594400N -94.3324569W Athens Township
Hugginsville Cemetery 40.28252N -94.44914W Hugginsville
Hussey Cemetery 40.22000N -94.49966W
Jennings Cemetery Alanthus Grove
King City Cemetery 40.05349N -94.50737W King City
Knox Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Knox Cemetery) 40.37218N -94.40467W Worth
Liberty Cemetery
Lone Star Cemetery 40.3427738N -94.2485665W Howard Township
Long Branch Cemetery 40.1881190N -94.4492480W Cooper Township
Magee Cemetery 40.2991627N -94.2824561W Howard Township
McFall Cemetery McFall
Meeker Cemetery 40.1480490N -94.5971839W Jackson Township
Millen Cemetery (a.k.a. Taylor Cemetery) 40.3861059N -94.2896783W Howard Township
Mize Cemetery 40.3602727N -94.3041231W Howard Township
Mize II Cemetery Jacksonville (Hwy 169, W on BB 4.5 mi. S side) Private
Moulton Cemetery (a.k.a. Owl Creek Cemetery) Miller Township
Mount Calvary Cemetery 40.22738N -94.54591W Stanberry
Mount Zion Cemetery (a.k.a. Brushy Creek Cemetery) Miller Township
Mount Zion Cemetery West Cooper Township
New Friendship Cemetery Gentry
Newby Cemetery Miller Township
Old Brick Cemetery Albany
Old City Cemetery (a.k.a. Albany City Cemetery) 40.24210N  -94.33543W Albany
Old South Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 40.33435N -94.53822W Enyart
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery N of Alanthus Grove
Rodes Cemetery 40.2336064N -94.3757909W Athens Township
Rouse Cemetery 40.2030508N -94.4094022W Cooper Township
Saint Patrick Cemetery 40.1480506N -94.4613468W Jackson Township
Sandville Cemetery (a.k.a. Hardin, Kurtright Cemetery) 40.2088850N -94.3469012W Athens Township
Seven Dolors Cemetery Enyart
Shepherd Cemetery 40.2305516N -94.3307901W Athens Township
Sloan Cemetery (a.k.a. Boatright Cemetery) 40.1838847N -94.3852348W Cooper Township
Snider Cemetery 40.3577706N -94.4349588W Bogle Township
Watkins Cemetery 40.3788804N -94.5096825W Wilson Township
Wayman Cemetery

Albany Township
Wheeler-Hardwick Cemetery (a.k.a. Freedom Cemetery)
Wilson Cemetery 40.3586059N -94.3107899W Howard Township
Wright Cemetery 40.1658315N -94.2505101W Miller Township



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