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Gentry County Missouri
Accidents, Tragedies and Calamities

James Campbell
The house of James Campbell's farm, which was occupied by Israel Brooks, burned down about 10 o'clock at night, while Mr. Brooks was away from home.  No insurance.  Mrs. B. made a narrow escape with her two little children.  The loss comes especially hard on Mr. B. who loses about everything he had.
Source: The Albany Ledger, Albany, MO, Sept. 18, 1908
William Lock
Some thieves entered the smoke house of Mrs. Hinton Gibbany, south of town, and stole about fifty pounds of flour last Sunday night.  They were discovered by Wm. Lock, who was sitting up with John Gibbany, when they beat a hasty retreat.  Lock told them to stop and shot after them once, but with no success.  He followed them to the barn lot, some forty or fifty yards away, when one of them turned on him with a knife, striking him on the head and shoulders and inflicting several painful wounds.  Lock called for help, but M.H. Culp and Dock Gibbany, who were asleep upstairs, did not hear his calls until too late to be of any assistance to him.  The thieves are unknown.
Source: The Albany Ledger, Albany, MO, Sept. 18, 1885

John Rouner
of near New Castle accidentally shot himself in the arm with a double barreled shot gun last Tuesday, making an ugly wound.
Source: The McFall Mirror, McFall, MO., Feb. 23, 1894

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